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  • Probably when I'm done with Persona 5, I believe.

    Lol, it was too complex for me with that stuff; All I wanted to do was just steal some Treasure and do some social links. xD Though, I'd agree with you about Naoto. I'd think she and Yu would be a good match, regardless. As for my character, Minato, I'm debating which is which for him and so far, the two choices are Makoto or Ann.
    Yay!! :D

    I have not beaten Persona 4 at all.. I will though one day! :p Probably when I'm done with Persona 5, I believe.
    Hey, SH. :3 How are you doing these days?

    You know, despite me being deaf and don't really care much for music, but I can't help to 'hear' the theme during the opening intro before actually loading the save date to pick up where I left off. I think I'd like Jazz, that's for sure. It delves into the very soul of who we are and what we go through in everyday life. :D
    oh shiiiit now I remember. How DO I remember? Pfft. Anyways, good to see an old face! I think only one other guy from back then is still around but dayum. How's you? Still doin RPs?
    That's good. Thunderstorms are pretty nice and it seems to make me feel sleepy yet content at the same time. :D

    Lol, I'm glad you saw that. It just struck me that all of our characters are similar in some ways with the cast of Persona 4 and I thought to point that out to everybody. Of course it was intentional for you and me with our girls being like Naoto and Rise.. Just amazing, really. In matter of fact, I know it's very early in the roleplay here, but I already have some idea for romance for Chloe and I don't know if you thought of it as well, but those two seems to click together (at least in my mind, lol. Head canon is canon).
    I don't think we ever spoke outside of RPs, so I thought to introduce myself to you a bit better. So, how are you doing?

    I am bit excited to see where this goes with our roles in Persona: Icebound. It seems we'll be getting to know each other overtime and that's cool with me. :D
    oh my goooooooood that brings back some memories. that was a good...8 or 9 years ago.

    Ya back in KHI's hay day of brilliant rps it was up their with them. I just did, and honestly it sort of makes me happy to see it remembered in its former fun x3. I actually finished what's up so far a few minutes ago. Hence the apology as I can as clear as day how unrefined that part was by my hands so not because I thought you wanted one, but because you deserve one for letting it slide... and for putting up with my chaotic nature back then XD.

    Indeed like a fool Artem was still at the end reckless XD. Reading it was like taking a step back in time I hope you see it all the way through x3. I know I'll read it to journeys end.
    Honestly though you are right it was in extremely bad taste how Artem got away, and though the younger... impulsive me would argue that I was in the right... the older and more experienced writer knows as a rper what I did was wrong. So I in full honesty apologize for my past wrong doing to you as a fellow rper.
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