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  • Latest post in the fanfic features you and #10, hope I did the 3 year past version of you some justice!
    Cool, if you don't mind, I"m actually going to be giving your character his memories. I think I have an idea for him. Think you can roll with me? :D
    Hey I'm gonna VM you my ideas on your char. I have a few. As your character dreamed himself here, would you want him to still follow the memory rules? If not, I'd kind of like to have your guy as a sort of anomaly within the game, something that REM would want eliminated out of his perfect system. If so, I was wondering, what if your character was in a coma? And dreamed himself there while in a coma in the real world? A lot of the other frags are dead or missing, but yeah? Let me know, and we can expand. Also, do you want me to do your memories for you?
    Still no response yet from EWS in the OOC, but if anything I can post to accommodate you to at least get you started.
    Been feeling pretty good man! Tav and everybody from the NY crew would love to hear from you! Do you have FB Twitter, etc?

    You can find my fb at /darien.crippen
    Twitter: @cause4commotion
    IG: @cause4commotion
    -blinks, stares and pokes.- Is that really you? Been a while since I've seen you around. Umm. This is Darkfyre/Bleeding Soul/umazak only with a name change.
    Hey! It's going great, man. We've reached the third installment in the game and we're currently going for a fourth now. We put in the long awaited elemental system, revamped pets, added a fixed crafting system and improved numbers on broken STAT areas that were once broken here. How's everything on your end?
    Hey what's up bro? Long time no talk .-. How's everything been? There's a new RPG Inferno out now that Igshar, Rae, Stark and myself have created. You'll find lots of familiar faces there as well. Let me know if you're interested in playing again.
    Let's just say he does for the sake of it. I'll try to incorporate it in future posts. I always can't start rps off right.
    Lol one would assume that the teachers live at the schools. They ARE bourding schools and huge. Quite easily large enough to accomodate the teachers and students. Also because if the teachers didn't live there who would watch the kids...

    In any case if you'd like there can be an exception for your character.
    Hmm.. It's either using Iron Scraps or Cruzle Brass to make it. I think you need 10 or 15 of them. All you have to do is have them then talk to Jack. You'll be able to combined them then.

    Also, a little while after completely the quest, you can get jack as your ally. I recommend getting him as an ally till you have enough Munny to get a pet. He's actually amazingly strong. Even moreso then the pets. His stats just can't be moved which really makes him slightly weak. But he does come at max level already. I suggest fighting in Atlantica to make munny once you get him. Theres an area where you can fight just Screwdivers and Aquatanks. It gives great munny and lots of shards. Battles aren't that hard either. Fighting in Bile Pool might be easier for munny when you're at a lower level though.
    Alcohol? You mean Rum? You need to give him Wood and Spirits. You get those from the General Store. This quest will break your pockets. Good Luck. If you need more wood, come to me. I have plenty.
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