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  • Sorry for the wait dude, a few things came up.

    Yeah, it's a shame to see; the shops were always so active a few years back, loved that part of the site. But I get ya dude, eventually life's gotta drag us away from a Kingdom Hearts forum, hey?

    I'm doing pretty great atm man, uni (though I'm on break atm) and my mates are keeping me occupied most of the time. What about yourself?
    You're absolutely right dude, I went by Bonechill years ago, when I was some annoying kid.
    I've been trying my hardest to remember what names you would've gone by back in the day since I saw your friend request, but you were involved in the Graphics Shop scene right?

    Happy to hear that the site's still got a few of its older members around the place.
    It's not so much that I haven't been RPing. Just sort of fell out of it here. Been knocking some ideas around for a return; getting back to my roots could prove beneficial.
    I’m sorry for the delay and you being ignored, it wasn’t intentional. You can post in Apocalypse. I’m sorry again for the delay. *gives you your favorite snack/drink/food as apology*
    And all he did was wake up, and there he was at a tea party, poor Riku.
    I could never really find a Riku pic that would be good for an avie, I did come across some during the way that were pretty nice. :)
    I just need to tell you that that is one of the best Riku pics I've ever seen that is your avie and I'm so glad you made it that because I'm in tears of laughter and by its beauty. xD
    Sweet. I'm so ready to have a super battle in this rp where I go hand and foot against spells.

    Topsy's gonna be half naked, and super lit.
    Dude, I literally have read some of my old templates, laughed about em and then just thought....oh no!!! I was "Dan" Panging all over the place. That was when I started to detail simplify and compress my powers. Pfft, that just scared people even more
    Yes, yes!!! Litrally bruh, I basically used Topsy Kretts from Fragments but nerfed him lol. magicedd was so confusing and kind of complicated with explanations that I had word everything perfectly. So basically I'm straight melee in this bitch. And hawt as ever <3
    Hah, eyy mang. Literally, I got bored and logged on here, joined an rp, got Renn scared and am finishing a flashback.[Topsy Kretts goin h.a.m]
    I can at least understand that feeling when it comes to something like that. :3

    Yup, I do really love it! And yeah, that does sound right when it comes to fitting the avatars and signatures to the right size. I'd like to reach Platinum one day.. xD
    Oh, really? I honestly think you should get back to it; it's a skill that's in handy these days. :3

    WOW! :D These are amazing! I'm so keeping them on! :D

    Also, I'm sorry that I missed the chance to use their work but I joined here too late. I think it would have been cool to rock their stuff and get to know them the way I do with you here. I believe I've found someone to ask for like this. XD
    Ooh! Vacation time!! :D That does sound fun to go to Maryland. Here's hoping you'll have a safe trip there and back. :3

    Thanks! I do have an idea what I'd like, but do you draw or not? I mean like artist draw or nah? It'd be cool coming from you and it'd be something straight out of Persona: Icebound. Yup, avatar and signature of Chloe Bennett. :3

    Technically speaking I do have Rise for that, but it'd be cool though. xD
    Hey, Cause! :D

    How are you doing? I can't remember or not if I ever talked to you here, but anyway here am I. Anyway, I'm glad we're still together in Persona: Icebound after all those times..

    Although, I seem to remember you doing some avvy/signature stuff from earlier on the past few years. Are you still doing that? The reason I ask is I'd like to change around, but wasn't sure if you were still into that or not and it'd be cool coming from you. :3

    Hope I didn't overdo it here. xD
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