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  • KHInsider has finally become the destiny island and us the Riku. This forum(world)...is just far too small.
    #staybalanced #darkness #dissent
    I did move but not far just with a friend to save money for a big purchase I want to make soon.
    Thank you for the permission to comment on your poetry, Cause4Commotion! :D Btw, what does your username stand for? Or why did you pick it? (If it's okay to ask. :D)

    I didn't know Eminem dissed Trump recently. :O When did that happen? When you point out all of the terrible things that have been going on for so long, I can see why you'd be exploding with things to write. And it's really brave of you to write from personal things too. It's something I struggle with because, I fear my feelings are too obvious or out there for the world to see. xD I haven't heard of K.Flay before. Is he a rapper? Oh wow, you like Imagine Dragons too?! They're so awesome! :D I have a few favorite songs from them, such as Radio Active, It's Time, Demons, and the one in your signature that I can't spell at the moment. lol. I'm sorry you got a really crazy schedule btw, but I'm glad you get some free time! Also, it's really cool to hear you went to a live performance. Those are the best!

    I hope you're doing well!
    Woah woah woooah! That sounds like it was awesome!
    I've been doing nothin but work work work lately, and I'm still looking for even more work haha.
    Student loans are real, yo
    Hi! I saw that you were writing some poetry! I wasn't sure if you wanted me to comment on it at all, so I thought I should ask first. xD
    Oh snap, just now seeing this.

    What it is what it do, man? It's pretty cool, seeing old faces pop up here and there.
    Yeah. I don't pop in around here as often as I used to (even just lurking like a had been). Been keeping busy with work and such. How have things been for you lately?
    Oh wow that's great to hear that you applied to it to business! Hopefully it goes well for you, what all kind of stuff will you be doing in the company? Is there a website I can check out for it?

    Yeah having a daughter or a kid in general is pretty fun and I like it alot. It's always fun when you can get them into stuff that you used to like as a kid lol Right now her and I have been playing the first Kingdom hearts and she likes all the characters but of course she likes the disney princesses the most haha

    What have you been up to in your free time when you're not handling your agency?
    She is good, she is about to be 6 so she takes up alot of my free time when i'm not working. What have you been upto?
    Yeah for real, I miss everybody! do any of them still come here? It's hard to tell with everyone changing their usernames lol
    Yo D, do you remember me? We both used to make tags here in like 2007-2010ish. Hope you are doing well, I miss all my old friends on here
    This is like 3 months late lol, sorry, but no! I actually don't use DevArt anymore. Thanks for the compliment!
    KHProdigy1 > MasterofSinOblivion > <.Yondaime.> > Kissui Tensai > Hallelujah > iProd > Healing Vision > The Citrus Cult > voiceofourgeneration > Kid A > Darien > Rien > Sexual Healing > Cause4Commotion

    Hard to miss me as I never change the style of text in my signature.
    If you're reading this right now, then I let me humbly express my gratitude to you personally.

    I've been on this site since December 14th of 2005. Quite honestly it's been a pretty impactful point of my adolescence and well into my young adult life. I met some very amazing talent, very cool and humble people here that i've gone on to meet off screen here. KHI as I see it now, I don't know the people that made the visits worth staying to come here anymore, I don't really have much of anything left to give the community here either. All the non-kingdom hearts sections, mainly creative, have basically settled into the dust and just aren't really "alive" anymore. Least it hasn't been for me, anyway.

    What I'm saying is, I think the place is cool and as a human being (i identify as human lol) i've made some memories, great friends, learned invaluable trades from KHI. Heres hoping that if one day you feel "embarrassed" for being here as long as you have, for as old as you are, that doesn't really matter and it's irrelevant to feel or even think like that. You just focus on what brought you here in the first place, or what keeps you coming back more importantly.

    Take it easy, and thanks for taking the time out of your day to listen to a young-man speak the truth.

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