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[KINGDOM HEARTS]  [Re: Chain of Memories]  [358/2 Days]
[KINGDOM HEARTS II]  [Birth by Sleep]  [Re: coded]
[Dream Drop Distance]  [0.2 Birth by Sleep]

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix features 51 trophies: 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 8 Silver, 40 Bronze.

KINGDOM HEARTS II Master Obtain all trophies.
Critical Competitor Clear game on Critical.
Proud Player Clear game on Proud Mode or a higher difficulty level.
Ambitious Adventurer Clear the game and watch the ending sequence.
Level Master Get Sora to Level 99.
My Hero Get rescued by the King.
Lingering Will Defeat the Lingering Will.
One-Winged Angel Defeat Sephiroth.
To Rule Them All Defeat all Organization XIII Replica Data.
Mushroom Master Satisfy every member of Mushroom XIII.
Rookie Win the Pain and Panic Cup.
Novice Hero Win the Cerberus Cup.
Artisan Hero Win the Titan Cup.
True Hero Win the Goddess of Fate Cup.
Coliseum Competitor Win the Pain and Panic Paradox Cup.
Coliseum Star Win the Cerberus Paradox Cup.
Hero of the Coliseum Win the Titan Paradox Cup.
Coliseum Champion Win the Hades Paradox Cup.
Summer's End Complete Roxas's episode.
A Timeless World Complete the Timeless River episode.
Above Honor Complete the Land of Dragons episodes.
A Budding Romance Complete the Beast's Castle episodes.
Hail the Hero Complete the Olympus Coliseum episodes.
Lifting the Curse Complete the Port Royal episodes.
What Friends Are For Complete the Agrabah episodes.
The Gift of Love Complete the Halloween Town episodes.
Return of the King Complete the Pride Lands episodes.
Electric Spark Complete the Space Paranoids episodes.
Always Together Complete the 100 Acre Wood episode.
Kindred Spirits Complete the Atlantica episodes.
A Taste of the Past Complete the Twilight Town episodes.
Reunion Reunite with Riku and Kairi.
Searcher Collect all Ansem Reports in Jiminy's Journal.
Professor Collect all Character entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Heartless Highbrow Collect all Heartless entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Nobody Know-It-All Collect all Nobody entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Treasure Hunter Collect all Treasures in Jiminy's Journal.
Puzzler Complete all Puzzles in Jiminy's Journal.
Navigator Collect all Maps in Jiminy's Journal.
Conqueror Collect all Mission entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Minigame Maniac Collect all Minigame entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Limit Master Collect all Limit entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Craftsman Collect all Synthesis Note entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Seeker Collect all Character Link entries in Jiminy's Journal.
Pro Skater Obtain 5,000 points with skateboard tricks.
Struggle Champion Win by obtaining all of the opponent's orbs.
Corroded by Darkness Activate Antiform 13 times.
Veteran Pilot Obtain an S rank on a gummi ship mission.
Ace Pilot Obtain an S rank on a gummi ship mission for all routes.
Top Gun Obtain an S rank on a gummi ship EX mission for all routes.
Gummi Ship Collector Obtain all blueprints.

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