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Secret Addendum

Sanae Hanekoma continues his reports in the Secret Addendum (exclusive to Final Remix), which discusses the strange phenomenon that takes place in A New Day scenario.

[Secret Reports] [Secret Addendum]

Secret Addendum A

Thanks to the Composer's change of heart (brought on by exposure to his proxy's unbridled Imagination), Shibuya has been restored to its original state. Crisis averted.

Although the rules have undergone some slight revisions in the wake of Shibuya's rebirth, the powers that be deemed no major changes were necessary, saying its better to keep things easy to understand.

For now, it seems, the Game will remain the same. The Composer will continue to use it as a tool by which he can judge the worth of visitors from the RG.

In other words, everything is back to normal.

...Well, in Shibuya, at least. The incident outside of the city has piqued the Composer's interest—and rightfully so. Neither one of us has ever seen it happen so close to home.

Secret Addendum B

Two boys I know quite well seem to have vanished from the RG a few hours ago.

What's more is that I've detected several spikes in activity over the past few days during regularly scheduled returnings.

While I have yet to find an explanation for the unexpected trouble that has accompanied Noise outbreaks and interplanar travel as of late, I can't help but think it must be connected to those boys' sudden disappearance.

For now, I've decided to investigate a certain Noise that made some major waves when it first appeared. Something about it strikes me as suspicious.

Although I have no evidence definitively tying the emergence of this Noise to the aforementioned incident, my intuition tells me the former was somehow caused by the latter. We'll see what I turn up when I check out the scene.

Speaking of which, it looks like the Composer is making moves of his own. We haven't coordinated our efforts, but I've got a hunch we're headed in the same direction.

Secret Addendum C

It turns out the enormous Noise under that little Reaper's control was actually a pseudo-parallel world artificially constructed by breaking down and forcibly binding the Soul from various Noise.

This sort of unusual and unstable dimension is extremely fragile, so we gave up on the idea of down-tuning our vibes to launch an infiltration. Instead, I interfered with the Noise from the outside by using an advanced method of imprinting.

My goal was to save both boys.
Unfortunately, I could only save one.

A psuedo-parallel world like that one is special in that it is heavily dependent upon its creator.

A considerable Imagination is required to create such a world—far greater than that of any run-of-the-mill Reaper. I suspect someone must have given that little girl a hand.

And what about those mysterious visions that invaded Neku's consciousness? What about that abnormal power and whoever created it? What about the Reaper resummoned into the UG via a refinery sigil?

All of these phenomena occurred almost simultaneously with the aforementioned incident in Shinjuku—that is, the Inversion. But is it possible a single event could truly has such widespread repercussions? I'm determined to find out.

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