Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Sailor Moon: Another Story (Japan)

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ark 17.28 KB
battle 8.04 KB
boss battle 19.46 KB
boss battle 2 16.42 KB
cave 40.70 KB
cave 2 8.67 KB
challenge 18.73 KB
crisis 14.36 KB
crystal tokyo 2.37 KB
demon apsu final battle 13.19 KB
ending 8.95 KB
game over 729 B
hikawa shrine 11.79 KB
infinity school 27.55 KB
infinity school 2 12.82 KB
juuban district 17.66 KB
juuban district 2 21.89 KB
juuban district 3 10.15 KB
let s fight 10.77 KB
load saved game 13.21 KB
moon kingdom 6.03 KB
moon kingdom 2 9.91 KB
mysterious happening 20.07 KB
mysterious happening 2 7.74 KB
north pole 5.61 KB
oppositio senshi 4.15 KB
oppositio senshi battle 18 KB
oppositio senshi battle 2 17.63 KB
sad song 7.93 KB
sailor jupiter s quest 14.67 KB
sailor mars quest yaga lasa villages 26.89 KB
sailor mars quest yaga lasa villages 2 14.70 KB
sailor mercury s quest 13.50 KB
sleeping 755 B
temple ruins 6.22 KB
the ruined silver millennium 13.46 KB
the silver millennium 21.06 KB
the silver millennium 2 11.19 KB
time-space door 7.48 KB
tuxedo kamen 1.35 KB
victory 25.28 KB

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