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Pokemon Gold

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azalea town 11.69 KB
azalea town remix 58.48 KB
battle a rival trainer 13.22 KB
battle a rival trainer - kanto 12.30 KB
battle a rival trainer stadium remix 22.42 KB
battle against rival 8.25 KB
before the bug-catching contest 2.17 KB
bicycle 43.10 KB
bicycle big band remix 18.50 KB
burned tower 6.02 KB
cave 25.80 KB
champion battle 21.96 KB
champion battle dramatic remix 30.01 KB
cherrygrove city v1 1 4.00 KB
dragon s den 12.58 KB
ecruteak city 9.22 KB
goldenrod city 8.03 KB
goldenrod city 2 11.25 KB
goldenrod city orchestrated 16.12 KB
gym battle victory 22.68 KB
johto gym leader battle 9.46 KB
johto gym leader battle 2 54.04 KB
johto gym leader battle arranged 27.17 KB
kanto gym leader 4.31 KB
kanto gym leader 2 10.27 KB
kimono girls 5.06 KB
lucky number show 28.78 KB
lucky number show remix 60.64 KB
mt moon - clefairy area 1.00 KB
mt moon - clefairy area daniel lawrence remix 30.16 KB
national park 6.78 KB
new bark town 5.05 KB
new bark town 2 4.33 KB
olivine city house remix 34.57 KB
olivine city remix 18.70 KB
opening 39.47 KB
pokemaniac juggler 3.72 KB
pokemon battle gm 12.06 KB
pokemon battle xg 8 KB
pokemon lullaby 2.42 KB
professor elm s lab 21.25 KB
relaxation square national park 11.77 KB
rival encounter and battle 41.73 KB
route 27 4.07 KB
route 27 orchestrated 20.35 KB
route 27 rock remix 14.83 KB
route 29 v1 1 12.99 KB
route 29 orchestrated 12.34 KB
route 30 23.29 KB
route 30 2 v1 1 7.18 KB
route 38 16.90 KB
saffron city 3.94 KB
saffron city caribbean remix 18.89 KB
surfing 10.34 KB
surfing 2 v1 2 85.33 KB
surfing 3 11.25 KB
team rocket 14.83 KB
tin tower 5.25 KB
trainer confrontation 3.97 KB
vermillion city 5.84 KB
violet city 10.53 KB
viridian forest 8.20 KB

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