Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Sonic CD

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collision chaos past 44.51 KB
collision chaos present 15.11 KB
credits 22.80 KB
credits 2 v1 1 38.87 KB
credits 3 197.11 KB
game over 2.57 KB
introduction sonic boom 10.40 KB
introduction sonic boom 2 18.08 KB
invincibility 4.79 KB
metallic madness past 27.12 KB
metallic madness past 2 80.09 KB
metallic madness past xg 89.88 KB
metallic madness present 21.88 KB
palmtree panic bad future 27.64 KB
palmtree panic good future 21.95 KB
palmtree panic good future 2 26.69 KB
palmtree panic good future 3 28.02 KB
palmtree panic past 56.58 KB
palmtree panic present 15.74 KB
palmtree panic present 2 54.26 KB
palmtree panic present 4 49.42 KB
palmtree panic past xg 73.36 KB
palmtree panic present 3 37.15 KB
palmtree panic present 5 63.88 KB
quartz quadrant good future 39.38 KB
quartz quadrant past 40.43 KB
quartz quadrant past 2 26.72 KB
quartz quadrant present 10.22 KB
quartz quadrant present 2 32.81 KB
special stage ufo s 41.30 KB
stardust speedway bad future 17.07 KB
stardust speedway bad future 2 28.70 KB
stardust speedway good future 20.09 KB
stardust speedway past 51.83 KB
stardust speedway present 51.96 KB
stardust speedway bad future 3 29.97 KB
stardust speedway good future house mix v1 1 31.20 KB
stardust speedway good future remix 30.34 KB
tidal tempest bad future 24.49 KB
tidal tempest good future 26.20 KB
tidal tempest past 24.26 KB
tidal tempest past 2 30.36 KB
tidal tempest present 32.99 KB
tidal tempest present 3 43.49 KB
tidal tempest present 2 30.30 KB
title screen - sonic boom 48.49 KB
wacky workbench good future sc-8850 16.34 KB
wacky workbench past 43.28 KB
wacky workbench past 2 44.30 KB
wacky workbench present 34.80 KB
wacky workbench present 2 40.70 KB
wacky workbench present, good future, bad future 76.30 KB

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