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Who do you prefer to play as in Kingdom Hearts 3D?

Sora - 100%
Riku - 0%

Total votes: 1, but the poll doesn't work yet

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Kingdom Hearts

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a day in agrabah 17.52 KB
always on my mind 10.05 KB
always on my mind 2 35.39 KB
an adventure in atlantica v1 2 102.65 KB
an adventure in atlantica 2 46.63 KB
atlantica - under the sea 29.95 KB
boss music - shrouding dark cloud 19.43 KB
boss music - shrouding dark cloud 2 29.56 KB
bustin at the beach 66.99 KB
challenge slight remix 9.68 KB
coliseum 997 B
dearly beloved 7.46 KB
dearly beloved 2 3.91 KB
dearly beloved 3 4.22 KB
dearly beloved 4 3.77 KB
dearly beloved 5 8.94 KB
deep jungle 20.06 KB
destiny islands 13.63 KB
disappeared 50.47 KB
dive into the heart ~ destati 43.92 KB
end of the world battle 21.91 KB
forze del male 46.76 KB
forze del male 2 72.87 KB
go for it 14.58 KB
gummi ship i - blast away 19.46 KB
hand in hand 15.07 KB
hand in hand 2 15.07 KB
hollow bastion 13.60 KB
kairi i 6.43 KB
neverland sky 9.43 KB
night of fate 24.12 KB
oopsy-daisy 1.61 KB
scherzo di notte 58.74 KB
spooks of halloween town 25.68 KB
this is halloween 17.86 KB
to our surprise 72.75 KB
traverse town 3.68 KB
welcome to wonderland 23.85 KB

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