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Who do you prefer to play as in Kingdom Hearts 3D?

Sora - 100%
Riku - 0%

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Tales of Symphonia

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abicion battle 36.76 KB
derris-kharlan - keen-edged blade 36.95 KB
fighting the spirit 79.81 KB
fighting the spirit 2 35.36 KB
final duel with kratos - the end of a thought 50.16 KB
floating in the air 9.12 KB
full force 16 KB
full force 2 43.40 KB
keep your guard up 49.95 KB
kratos s theme 6.49 KB
last battle ~ decision v2 14.24 KB
lloyd 11.95 KB
lloyd orchestrated 52.04 KB
mithos 20.07 KB
mitos yggdrasil - final destination 32.66 KB
ossa trail 14.51 KB
presea 16.26 KB
raine s theme ~ruin mode ~ 19.04 KB
tales of symphonia 14.28 KB
talk about sylvarant 3.71 KB
tethe alla - like a glint of light v2 44.75 KB
walking on tethe alla tethe alla overworld 35.06 KB
zelos s theme 35.90 KB
zelos s theme arranged 9.09 KB

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