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Who do you prefer to play as in Kingdom Hearts 3D?

Sora - 100%
Riku - 0%

Total votes: 1, but the poll doesn't work yet

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Metroid Prime

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chozo artefact 482 B
chozo artefact 2 343 B
chozo artifact 3 4.68 KB
chozo ruins metroid prime 2d remix 20.33 KB
crashed frigate 2 25.31 KB
distress signal 15.93 KB
flaahgra 2.31 KB
hive mecha metroid prime 2d remix 23.04 KB
magmoor caverns 16.21 KB
magmoor caverns entrance 8.89 KB
magmoor caverns entrance 2 2.16 KB
main menu 22.48 KB
main menu remix 25.91 KB
main menu tripp remix xg v1 2 15.99 KB
mission final 27.88 KB
parasite queen metroid prime 2d remix 12.91 KB
phendrana drifts 1.11 KB
phendrana drifts 2 17.28 KB
phendrana drifts 2 arranged v1 2 31.94 KB
phendrana drifts phazon remix 1.41 KB
samus appearance fanfare 657 B
samus vs meta-ridley 24.94 KB
samus vs meta-ridley 2 47.80 KB
samus vs meta-ridley remix 29.59 KB
tallon overworld 2 48.68 KB
tallon overworld metroid prime 2d remix 12.39 KB
the escape metroid prime 2d remix 23.98 KB
title screen 4.25 KB
title screen 2 13.05 KB
title screen metroid prime 2d remix 16.69 KB
title screen remix 13.48 KB
upgrade received 2.64 KB
upgrade received 2 764 B

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