Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Kirby's Dream Land

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1-up 315 B
battle with king dedede 41.04 KB
battle with king dedede 2 22.07 KB
battle with king dedede remix 52.79 KB
boss battle 42.04 KB
bubbly clouds 16.21 KB
bubbly clouds 2 16.05 KB
bubbly clouds 3 6.31 KB
candy item - invincibility 29.20 KB
castle lololo 28.07 KB
castle lololo 2 13.90 KB
credits 13.54 KB
defeat 719 B
defeat 2 622 B
fire or ice breath 2.13 KB
float islands 40.04 KB
game over 101 B
green greens 43.11 KB
green greens 2 20.44 KB
green greens 3 25.58 KB
green greens 4 12.62 KB
green greens banjo-kazooie remix 13.46 KB
green greens rock remix 28.91 KB
kirby wins 1.52 KB
kirby wins remix 4.98 KB
level clear kirby dance 2.10 KB
title screen 12.01 KB
title screen 2 10.42 KB
title screen 3 8.61 KB

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