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Fanfiction ► Our Kingdom Hearts fanfic of total randomness!!

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Jun 14, 2009
lmfao >XD that chapter was hilarious! lol riku's pervy XD nice job.
the riku-xion moments made this chapter! :O


gotta love that yell~
Thanks. I'm proud of that part. Also I love the yell too. Also I liked Sora being a troll to Hook.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 28: The Epic Finale! (Ending of the Epic Mickey arc.)

"Lucky! Come out wherever you are!" Xion yelled as she dashed across the multi-colored houses. He ran past a sign that read Os-Town.

Mickey checked a manhole cover, while Sora checked the mail box. Kairi and Riku asked a few toons, that couldn't tell them anything. Namine had notched a few places were broken and missing. She used her paint brush to fix what was broken.
Feeling a small smile on her face, she looked to a few of the happy toons looking at her work. They gathered around her.

"That's the girl! She's the one that's been restoring The Wasteland!" Yelled one.

"Oh no, I'm just.." Namine said blushing.

Xion grabbed her before anyone could else could say anything. They turned to Sora, Robot Donald, and Robot Goofy head's in a building.

"How, what, why?" Namine and Xion asked.

"Well it looks like Riku was right after. Sorry Xion no Lucky in the wall" Sora said.

"Garsh Namine ya think you can get out out?" Robot Goofy asked.

"I hope the real me doesn't have to put up with you two dolts." Robot Donald muttered.

"He does." Riku said.

"Don't worry Sora, I'll get you out!" Kairi said as she grabbed a cartoon jackhammer and started to jab at the building.

Mickey had unlocked another door.

"No Lucky." He muttered.

Oswald had been looking blankly at the door, with a lost expression on his face. Mickey, and Riku's words were starting to sink in. Also remembering the look on Lucky's face.

(Maybe, that kid was on to something. This place was falling apart and all I thought about was my own needs. That's not right, Ortensia wouldn't want this! ….What happened to me?) The Rabbit thought.

Mickey saw a few drops of ink come from Oswald. It slowly formed into an arm. Without thinking Mickey slashed at the arm that was about to strangle Oswald. He blinked looking at ink, then looked at Mickey.

"Why? Why would you do this? Why do you risk your neck for people you don't know?" Oswald yelled.

Mickey stopped and looked at his brother.

"You'd do the same for me." Mickey said.

Oswald was now the one to look at another ink arm that was about to rip open Mickey was a chainsaw. He pushed his little brother to the side, dodged the chainsaw, grabbed it from the arm and cut it off. killing it and throwing the chain saw to the ground.

"See?" Mickey said.

Oswald looked at him.

"Look Mouse-Mickey, I'm, I'm, I'm sorry. About all this." Oswald muttered.

Mickey just looked at him.

"I'm not like this, then again I haven't been myself in a long time. Ortensia would have wanted me to be more friendly to you, and your friends. I've been acting like a jerk." Oswald stated

Mickey put a hand on his shoulder.

"Well can we start over?" He asked.

Oswald gave his little brother a sly look.

"I'll think about it, but right now we still need to find my boy." Oswald said.

"Also beat the Blot!" Mickey said with a grin as he got up and ran to the small flight of stairs.

(I'm starting to see what those kids see in him.) Oswald thought.

The two brothers checked each room on top floor, until they looked out a window to see a blue dot hop to a small, pink house. Oswald broke the window.

"What are you doing?" Mickey yelled.

"I'm gonna jump." Oswald explained.

"I can't jump that, it's way too high!" Mickey yelled.

"We are cartoons little brother, we just bounce back up from falls." Oswald said.

Mickey still didn't buy it.

Oswald grinned.

"Okay you win, we can walk the fifty flight of stairs again!" Oswald said feeling Mickey's soreness.

The Mouse King jumped out the window in heartbeat. Oswald chucked and followed him.

"We looked everywhere, and still no Lucky!" Xion whinned.

"Don't worry Xion he couldn't have gotten far. Kairi said.

"What if he's hurt, or lost?" Xion asked.

"Calm down, your not gonna find him, all worked up." Riku said.

"Take a deep breath." Kairi suggested.

"Also this place looks safe. I'm sure Lucky is fine, just a little sad. Not that I don't blame him." Namine said.

Sora jumped off a lamp post.

"Hey we still haven't checked pink house." Sora said.

"Garsh that's Ortensia's house. I think I got the Key somewhere." Robot Goofy muttered.

"Keys, we don't need no sticking keys." Sora said summoned his Kingdom Key.

Riku was about to hit Sora for saying such a lame line, but seeing Mickey and Oswald fall into the house made them all run to the house.

Kairi opened the door to find all 420 bunny kids looking at their dad and uncle, hiding behind something.

"Hi kids. Daddy's home." Oswald said weakly.

Mickey waved to them.

None of them said anything. They all seemed sacred. All of them stuck to their hiding spots.

Oswald then sat down.

"Okay everyone, I know since Mommy….went missing. I haven't been a good dad, and with your Uncle Mickey being here…" Oswald started to say.

His kids started to smile when the name of their favorite uncle was mentioned without a swear or curse.

"I've been even worse, and I'm sorry. You kids deserve better then that." Oswald said.

"No more fighting?" Lucky asked.

"Nope, were pals now." Mickey said as he put his arm around his brother.

"Lets just say we aren't going to fight anymore." Oswald said pulling away.

"Group hug, and that goes for you guys too Xion." Mickey said to a door.

The door opened to Sora, Xion, Riku, Namine and Kairi.

All 420 bunny kids group hugged everyone.

Xion found her pal, in the blue sea of bunny kids. To anyone else they all would have looked the same, but Xion knew better.

"Lucky!" Xion said cuddling him.

"Hi Xion!" Lucky said.

"Please don't scare me like that again." Xion said.

"Okay." Was all he said as he nuzzled her.

(Those two seem to be good friends? Maybe I could have her babysit.) Oswald thought.

"Okay everyone good? Great now lets get that rocket fixed, beat the Blot and go home." Riku said.

"Right." Everyone said. The Keyblade wielders, and the two kings started to walk out. As Lucky started to hop out, he was stopped by his father.

"Where do you guys and gals think your going?" He asked.

"We wanna help." Whinnied Tiff.

"Yeah we can do it." Rico said.

"Lucky's been helping now it's our turn." Said Floyd.

"Oh no you aren't. This is going to be really dangerous. Not even Lucky is going." Oswald said.

"It's dangerous just to go out and play." Floyd said.

(He's got me there.) Oswald thought.

"We can fight, we can help!" Tiff said.

"We want to find Momma." protested Lucky.

"Oh just let them come along." Kairi said knowing how they felt.

"No! They are not going and that's final!" He yelled.

Oswald then looked at the sad faces of his kids, then at Xion who gave them a wink. Mickey was also giving them the wink. Heck even Sora gave the wink. He knew damn what that wink meant. It was code for follow us, and don't worry what your dad says.

"You guys are just going to disobey me, and follow your Uncle Mickey right?" Oswald asked his kids.

They all nodded.

"….Fine come on, just get some stuff to hit with." The Rabbit muttered beaten

They all cheered as Sora, Xion, and Mickey gave them the thumbs up.

(Wait a minute, where are Ansem and Molly?) Riku thought.

Meanwhile that the end of Os-Town Gus was hard at work fixing the projector.

"Almost, and done." Gus muttered to himself.

He wiped off some sweat and oil from his face. He then turned around hearing music. The Gremlin saw a large movement of blue carrying a banner of Mickey and Oswald's logo.

Namine had draw every bunny kids an instrument, and she drew Sora a conductor stick.

"Whose the King for you and me?" Sora and Xion started to sing and march.

"M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!" The bunny kids sang.

"Mickey Mouse!" Namine sang.

"Donald Duck!" Robot Donald yelled.

"Mickey Mouse!" Kairi sang.

Donald Duck!" Robot Donald yelled again

"Forever hold our banner! Mickey started.

"HiGH HIGH HIGH!" The kids sang again.

(Oh God someone kill us.)Both Riku and Oswald thought to each other.

Meanwhile back in Yen-Sid's tower.

Aqua and Roxas were on the floor panting.

"I was awful Master." Roxas whinnied.

Aqua put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Roxas it was your first time. You'll get better at it." Aqua said reassuring him.

Roxas still looked doubtful. She smiled at him.

"Just so you know it was my first time too. I'm never taught anyone the command Decks before." Aqua said.

"Oh thank Kingdom Hearts that's what she was talking about." Yen-Sid thought as he checked on them with his crystal ball.

He felt a bit stronger.

"Strange, it seems that my magic doesn't feel as need. As if it's been replace with another form of magic." The Master thought.

He checked to see the Wasteland had started to reshape in his original design. He had spotted the others climbing Mickey Junk Mountain. He smiled looking at Namine.

"I always knew that child was special. Ansem the Wise was rather foolish for mistreating her." Yen-Sid muttered.

He then felt another force of magic. It was like Xehanort's magic, but older….and similar to Walt's.

"Oh no Ansem, you heartless idiot!" Yen-Sid yelled, causing Aqua and Roxas to run to him.

Meanwhile in the Underworld.

"Oh yes, Ansem you heartless idiot!" The Demon Chernabog said with delight.

Xehanort was also pleased.

"It seems my heartless managed to be useful after all. Soon you will be closer to your full power my lord." The Elderly Keyblade Master said.

Vanities was angry that he didn't kill Sora.

"So what's so great about this Blot thing that you made me go down there anyway?" He asked.

"It's not what the Blot is my pupil but who's inside it!" The Master of Darkness stated.

"Why Xehanort you don't mean…him do you" The Mistress of all evil asked.

"Oh course my dear. The man that gave me my start to darkness, as well as the Rabbit's tormenter." Xehanort said.

"Charles Mintz!" Chernabog stated with a wicked grin.

Back in the Wasteland.

On top of a large mountain, made out of large ruined, toys, books, and rusted chunks of metal and gears. The mountain's base was covered in thinner. The sky was as green as the thinner sea. Almost at the top of it where the others. The bunny kids made one large rope, as they pulled everyone to the top.

"Phew I can't believe we finally made it to the top." Kairi said.

"I'm just glad Big Brother showed Roxas and I those Bugs Bunny cartoons. They really helped us get away from those Blotlings." Xion muttered.

"I can't believe that they feel for the that whole "I dare you to step across this line. gag." Sora said.

He looked down to see Blotlings still falling into the sea of thinner he had made over a line in the junk.

"I can't believe that this whole thing is made out of Mickey's old stuff." Namine said.

She then lifted Mickey and Oswald up.

"Yeah, it's all coming back to me. I was a bit of brat back in the day. Anything I had after fifteen minutes, I got bored with and made vanish." Mickey admitted.

Oswald managed to get to the top.

"Well at least their is no sign of The Blot so I think we are in the….OH NO!" Oswald yelled.

Everyone managed to get to the top but the bunny kids. A good thing too, cause what they saw was really scary.

Standing on top of the mountain was a very large, tail dark goulash, tripping ink colossal. The area had broken glass everywhere. His eyes were green and soulless, it's mouth looked like it could and would eat anything without second thought. In all that goop was Ansem and Molly gasping for air. It looked at Oswald, and Mickey like it was looking at it's lunch. Everyone was really freaking out.

"Move!" Riku yelled! As the Blot started to reach out and grab them.

Most turned their Keyriders on. To get away, from that thing. It's fingers were reaching out for them. Mickey was frozen stiff with fear. Oswald had to drag him. He could see it eyeing his kids. Xion also saw this. She flew slashing at the Blot to keep it away from her friends. Oswald slapped Mickey silly.

"Come on Mouse stay with us!" He ordered.

"This is all my fault!" Mickey gasped.

Oswald didn't hear what his little brother said

Namine while on Kairi's keyrider was in pain from a bad headache.Bad memories always gave her headaches, an Mickey's head a showing her one really bad one. She pushed them back.

"Kairi, lower us down. I'm gonna see if I can thin it!" Namine said.

"Are you crazy?" Kairi screamed.

"Look if we can make it smaller then, we can fight it better." Namine said.

Kairi lowered her Keyrider to the top of the Blot's head. Namine pulled out her brush as she started to thin it out, but The Blot Turned around and started sucking them both in. Kairi hit the peddle to the metal but they were both grabbed by large link tentacles. Kairi tried to fight back with her Keyblade but, it got sucked into the goop. The two could barely berth.Sora saw this in panic

"NO KAIRI NAMINE!!" He yelled.

He had changed his Keyrider into it's chainsaw form to cut into The Blot's eye. Sora was stopped dead in his tracks by one of The Blot's fingers. It flicked Sora with another finger sending him flying across the Wasteland.

"Guys no! Riku screamed. He casted all the dark magic and every other spell that he could think of to fight back, but The Blot grabbed a hold of him and sucked him in.

Roxas Aqua and Yen-Sid watched in horror.

Roxas's fists were clenched into a fist. His eyes were full of rage.

"NAMINE! He screamed. Before Aqua or Yen-Sid could do anything he jumped into the Wasteland. He pulled out both his Keyblades. His whole body was glowing.

"Faith!" He yelled.

Out of his keyblades shot out ten more Keyblades made out of light. They stabbed The Blot's back causing to to scream in pain.

"Dang his kid is good." Oswald thought.

But The Blot grabbed a hold of Roxas and he slow went sank into him.

"Damn it!" Oswald thought while dodging tentacles.

Xion looked in horror.

"Roxas no!." She screamed.

She looked over Mickey, and start whacking over the head to get is head in the game.

"King Mickey I know your scared but we need you!" Xion. pleaded

The Blot started to suck in Xion, Mickey, Oswald and his kids into itself.

"Suck! Suck! Suck!" Yelled all the vanillas watching this.

At that point in time, something snapped in Mickey mouse's brain. He broke out of his fear and started slashing at the monster.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH" I may have brought you into this world! Now I'm gonna take you out! Mickey yelled.

"What?" Oswald thought.

Mickey and Xion started slashed and blasting the Blot away. The Blot started to overpower them again,until it was met with a stab to the head from another Kingdom Key. It looked to find Sora, or Sora who now had blonde spiky hair and red eyes.

"Salvation!" Sora yelled. Stabbing the Blot in the eye with many light swords spinning around causing it horrible pain.

"That's Ven's move!" Aqua said thinking what Ven-Sid was thinking.

"Ven's heart is in Sora!" Aqua said happily.


Chernabog looked at Sora more closely.

"That power, those eyes. Nine tails is that you in there?" He thought.

The Blot kept taking hit after hit, from Sora on top, to Mickey and Xion at the bottom.

Oswald had found the Rocket. Gus handed him the controls to it.

"Say your prayers you ugly ink stain!" Oswald yelled.

The Rocket fired into the Blot causing fireworks to go off inside blasting it everywhere and freeing everyone. Sora, Mickey and Xion while falling grabbed everyone. Namine had painted them all a giant bed that they landed on.

Sora's eyes turned normal, and he felt weak.

'What happened?" He asked.

He was with a great big hug, by Kairi, Xion, Namine and Roxas.

"We did it,we beat the Blot!" Mickey said.

"Yay!" Sora said feeling faint.

"Wait where did that other guy go?" Molly thought.

Namine found herself laying near a statue of a cat girl with s skirt and hat.

"Is this Ortensia?" Namine thought.

The Bunny kids were throwing a small party. The only person who wasn't happy was Oswald.

He made way from his kids. He grabbed his brother's neck.

"Want to repeat that last line you said Mickey?" He hissed.

Riku got him off Mickey.

"What's your deal man, Mickey just saved your world." Ansem said,

Mickey started to speck.

"Guys, no. I actually caused all the bad things in the Wasteland. When I was little, I messed with Master Yen-Sid's stuff, and made a monster. I got scared and barely cleaned the mess, and ran. Truth is I made the Blot. All of this is my fault! I'm so sorry!" Mickey said starting to cry.

Oswald punched him in the face.


"Daddy don't!" Pleased his kids.

"BACK AWAY KIDS!" Oswald yelled grabbing Namine's brush.

"No! Momma wouldn't want this!" Lucky protested while getting in the way of his father.

" I DON'T GIVE A F**K WHAT YOUR MOTHER WOULD HAVE WANTED! I'M GETTING WHAT I WANTED FOR A LONG TIME!" Oswald yelled as he slapped Lucky out of the way.

Xion picked him up and put her Keyblade in his face.

"You monster! How can you do this to your own son?" Xion yelled sick to her stomach with tears coming out of her face.

Oswald painted claw on his hands. He quickly pimp slapped her.

"He's one out of four hundred and twenty. I'll live." Oswald said.

The rest started to get up and fight, but Oswald drew them binding that they couldn't get out off. They all had a shocked look on their faces at what was coming out of Oswald. The Lucky Rabbit was dripping ink, and it was forming something.

"Any last words Mouse?" He asked.

"…Look behind you." Mickey said with the same horrid look as the others.

"Oh please Mouse's that's the oldest trick in the book." Oswald said.

"You really should do as your brother says." Said a cold and wicked voice.

Oswald now felt a cold, dead hand on him. He knew that voice and it was making him shiver all over. The rabbit slowly looked at who it was.

He remembered this dying, decaying, undead, skull like face. The tentacles coming out of his arms that looked like they were forming mouths full of razor sharp teeth. Those greedy and soulless red eyes were stabbing everyone with a murderous gaze. He grabbed a hold of Oswald's long ears, causing burning pain for him.

"MINTZ!" He screamed in fear and pain.

"Oh so my pet does remember his master. Good. I was feared that I would have had to hurt you earlier." The man named Mintz said.

Everyone was terrified. Mickey couldn't help but scream.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" The Mouse king yelled.

The figure looked at Mickey. He gave a creepy smile to him.

"Ah Mickey Mouse all grown up. I remember when Walt first drew you. I am Charles Mintz. The ruler of the Wasteland and owner of this worthless thing." Mintz stated while giving Oswald a look.

"Did you think you could get away from me? Locking me away in that bottle? That wasn't very nice of you Oswald. If it weren't for those two heartless, over there. I would never have been able to get out and remind the world of who I was." Mintz said as he tighter his grip on the rabbit.

"AAAAAHHH" Oswald screamed.

Your little kitty cat gave all her color to trap me, now I' think I'll eat a few of your worthless children. I think it will be more painful for the mother." Mintz said.

"NO! YOU CAN"T!" Oswald yelled.

His hands turned into claws as they slashed Oswald's stomach.

"DID I SAY YOU COULD TALK?! I didn't think so. Also weren't you the one to say they were "One out of Four hundred and twenty? Also what do you care what she thinks?" Mintz asked.

"You were messing with my head! I love my kids! I love Ortensia!" Oswald whimpered.

Riku and Ansem both got unpleasant flashbacks. Causing Namine a lot of pain.

"Oh was I now?" Mintz muttered.

He looked around to find one bunny child he wanted. He grabbed Lucky who was trying to fight back

Xion kept trying to break free.

"Hey put him down!" She yelled.

Mintz gave her a quick slap to the face. He started to have one of his tenches opened up to eat the poor rabbit.

Oswald could stand it no longer. This man took everything from him once, and he wouldn't let that happen to him again. He kicked Mintz in the face,dropping him. He grabbed his kid, and Namine's brush. He thinned out the bindings, and got his frozen wife and scared kids to a safe distince.


"I believe he does." said another voice behind Mintz. Mickey and Oswald's jaws dropped. They saw a ghost of a man they thought to be long

Chernabog roared in rage, causing the whole UnderWorld to shake. Even Xehanort was stunned" WALT DISNEY!!"

"….Father?" Mickey and Oswald asked.

"Walt…Disney? What are you doing here? Your dead!" Mintz said starting to panic.

The man slashed Mintz's arm off with a pen.

"Oh I am dead Chuck, and so well you. I'm just here to wish my boys good luck." Walt said.

"Father.." Oswald said smiling.

"I'm glad to see you both. Oswald I'm sorry for not being about to save you, and I hope you'll forgive me. Mickey I'm so proud of you. You've become a great king. Whoops I guess my time is up. I love you guys, and don't worry I'll be with you in spirt." Walt said as he vanished.

"Thanks Dad." Mickey said.

"Hey don't ignore me!" Mintz yelled.

Ansem bitch slapped him.

"Shut up you! Can't ya see they are trying to have father/son moment here?" Also you have use to deal with!' Ansem said evilly as the rest started to attack him.

Sora, Roxas, and Xion slashed his tentacles off.

Kairi and Namine magic blasted blasted him, while freezing him in place.

Riku, Ansem, and Molly ripped out his eyes with darkness.

"Hey Mickey you guys wanna finish him off?" Sora asked.

Oswald and Mickey looked at each other, grabbed a hold Mickey's Keyblade and stabbed him in the chest.

"NO!" Mintz yelled as he slowly melted into nothing but ink. His body now gone, his soul was about to meet someone in the Underworld he really didn't want to.

"That's it where done!" Riku said.

"Not quite." Namine said.

She looked at the Frozen Ortensia and painted her to normal. She looked around, started to move. The cat grabbed Oswald and kept kissing. The bunny kids hugged both their mom and dad. Heck everyone else go into the group hug.

Aqua and Yen-Sid watched as The Wasteland itself changed and warped. It became apart of Disney Town, and Disney Castle. Hearts even started to rain from the sky giving everyone there hearts.

Yen-Sid gave a small laugh, much to Aqua's surprise.

"All according to plan." Yen-Sid muttered.

"WHAT? Aqua yelled.

End of arc.
Sep 19, 2011
In the great wide somewhere~
Awesome chapter, Lan! :3

The family moments were so sweet, especially the one that saved them. I also like the emotion and fighting in it, and Yen-sid's apparent plan. Not to mention's Sora's little reveal... :D Excellent!


Sep 25, 2010
That was Incredible! O.O beyond Incerdible Lan! It was so good and awesome at the same time! I loved the whole Blot fight, Riku doing everything he can than gets stuck in it. Also what happen to Riku? Then I love the part with Sora and Vanitas learning Ventus is inside him. And Roxas... You could just feel how upset he was, that was like totally awesome when he went charging in there! Bravo! *claps*


Oct 9, 2009
:D awesome great job! hahaha i've never seen so much b*tch slapping in a fic b4 hilarious! >XD
and dude....only a true badass can pwn a man with a pen...A PEN!

Oh thank Kingdom Hearts that's what she was talking about." Yen-Sid thought
haha thats what i was thinking xD

(Oh God someone kill us.)Both Riku and Oswald thought to each other.
me, right there, in that moment xD

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
:D awesome great job! hahaha i've never seen so much b*tch slapping in a fic b4 hilarious! >XD
and dude....only a true badass can pwn a man with a pen...A PEN!

haha thats what i was thinking xD

me, right there, in that moment xD

Well Walt is awesome and I wanted so way for him to get back a Mitnz for taking his first cartoon soon. Also there will be less bitch slapping unless you want it. Also come on Gram I'd be joining them. All hail King Mickey and King Oswald!


Oct 9, 2009
lol it be tempting but i think you best stick with less b*tch slapping xD


Oct 9, 2009
i dont know this time it was funny but to much and its just annoying.


Sep 25, 2010
Chapter 29. Spirited Away into a New World.

Along the way back home on their Air Riders from Yen Sids place, Sora, Riku, and Kairi could see a new world had opened up for them to explore.

"Are you guys up for it?" asked Sora, sharing a look with Riku and Kairi.

"Definitely!" said Riku, zooming off into it.

"Of course!" said Kairi, following after him.

Sora gaining close on his Air Rider, when it started to swerve into the bright light.

"What's going on?" yelled out Sora, before being sucked into the light.

Crash landing into the grassy fields below, Sora was the first to recover.

"Where are we?" asked Sora, seeing houses nearby.

"That hurt. Last thing I saw was a bathhouse" said Riku, stumbling forward an knocking into a rock and crash landing onto the ground.

"I think I saw something flying in midair that looked like a dragon" said Kairi, sitting up and trying to make the world around her stop spinning.

"Something smells good" said Sora, drooling out of the corner of his mouth.

"Really? I don't smell anything" said Riku, brushing himself off.

"Are you sure your feeling alright Sora? Didn't hit your head on one of these rocks did you?" asked Kairi, concerned.

"No, I'm fine. Just starving for something to eat!" said Sora, following the scent with his nose.

"Better go after him" said Riku, helping Kairi up.

Sora a little ahead of the two of them saw a girl nearby one of the stalls whining at her parents.

"Come in Chihiro it looks delicious" said her Mom.

"Anybody here?" called out her Dad, peering through the curtains and piles of food before them.

"Wonder what this is called" said her Mom, taking a bite out of a red thing that looked like chicken or perhaps crab.

"Oh it's delicious Chihiro, you should taste this" said her Mom.

"I don't want any, we're gonna get in trouble" said Chihiro, shaking her head.

"Let's just get out of here!" said Chihiro.

"Don't worry you got daddy here, he's got credit cards and cash" said her Dad.

"C'mon you guys you can't" whined Chihiro, looking around anxiously.

Sora watched her go that is until seeing something black out of the corner of his eye and making him hurry after her.

"It looks like theirs a bunch of restaurants here, but where is everyone?" asked Kairi.

"Something tells me the food is a trap" said Riku, agreeing with the little girl.

"Wait where did she go? Where's Sora?" asked Kairi, alarmed.

"We better go look for them" said Riku, summoning Way to Dawn in case theirs trouble.

"She must not have notice the heartless yet" said Sora, summoning KingdomKey and hurrying up the stairs to see Chihiro surrounded by heartless.

"What are these things?" she cried out, kicking at them.

Sora charged forward cutting down most of the heartless, except for the one that was in shape of a bird.

"Get behind me!" ordered Sora, using Aero to bring the heartless bird down and closer.

"Okay" said Chihiro, scared.

"Gravity! Fira" yelled out Sora, striking the bird as it was held in place.

"What is that thing?" asked Chihiro.

"A heartless. Except this ones new" said Sora, using Strike Raid.

"Sora! Their you are!" called out Kairi, followed closely by Riku.

"Hey guys" said Sora, letting KingdomKey vanish.
"Looks like you took care of it already" said Riku, doing the same.

"What's your name?" asked Kairi, peering down at Chihiro.

"Chihiro. Do you guys live here?" asked Chihiro.

"No we're-" went Kairi, cut off by Haku approaching.

"You shouldn't be here, get out of here now!" warned Haku.

"What?" went Chihiro, confused and feeling Haku grab hold of her arm steering her off the red bridge leading into the Bathhouse.

"It's almost night, leave before it gets dark" said Haku, hearing lights click on behind him.

"Their lighting the lights. Get out of here! All of you have to get across the river! I'll distract them" said Haku, pushing Chihiro into Sora to take her out of here.

Chihiro glanced at the three of them than hurried down the stairs to find her parents.

"Chihiro wait!" called out Kairi, unable to see her through the darkness.

"What are those things?" asked Riku, seeing the empty restaurants light up with spirits inside of them.

"Let's do as that guy says" said Sora, peering around stalls for Chihiro.

"Must be something awful if he warned Chihiro" said Kairi.

"He said to get across the river" said Riku, hearing a shriek nearby.

"Chihiro" said Sora, running to see two pigs that were once her parents in the stall with Chihiro gasping at the sight.

"C'mon! Let's get across the river!" said Sora, taking her hand and the two ran.

"You don't think... That was really her parents?" whispered Kairi, following after them.

"This isn't our world. The food must have been a trap like I thought it was earlier" said Riku.

"Poor Chihiro" said Kairi, seeing something fly nearby in the air.

Chihiro let go of Sora's hand to cross the dried up river bed of rocks and grass when instead she stepped into...

"Water!?" cried our Chihiro, being pulled back onto the cement steps.

"Looks like we can't cross it" said Sora.

"What? I'm dreaming I'm dreaming" cried out Chihiro, hitting herself on the head and kneeling on the ground.

"Stop! Your going to hurt yourself!" said Kairi, prying her hands away from her head.

"C'mon wake up, wake up" said Chihiro, desperately.

"It's not a dream, it's really happening" said Riku.

"You have to accept Chihiro. We'll help you okay?" said Kairi, gently.

"Just a dream, just a dream. Disappear, just disappear" said Chihiro, not listening to a thing Kairi or Riku have said.

"Ah!" gasped Chihiro, seeing her hands were transparent.

"Just a bad dream! I have to wake up!" said Chihiro, rubbing her hands together to stop her hands from disappearing.

"Sora look" said Kairi, holding out her own.

"We need to get some help" said Riku, seeing Sora was the same.

Chihiro looked up to see lights across the river followed by a boat.

"Chihiro, have you ever seen this before?" asked Kairi, seeing a bunch of strange things dock nearby.

"No" said Chihiro, shaking than took off running.

"It isn't safe to take off on your own!" called out Riku, knowing heartless could come out at any time.

"We have to go after her" said Sora, disappearing into the darkness before catching sight of Haku from earlier.

"Your still here? Than that means Chihiro didn't make it across the river in time" said Haku, walking quickly.

"She's disappearing. Actually all four of us our" said Sora.

"I know. Take these. You have to swallow them or else you'll disappear" said Haku, giving each of them a red bean.

"We won't turn into pigs will we?" asked Kairi.

"No" said Haku, spotting Chihiro.

"Thank you" said Sora, swallowing it.

"That's all the help I can offer you. From here on your on your own" said Haku, approaching Chihiro.

"What about Chihiro?" asked Kairi, only Haku didn't answer.

"Don't be afraid I just want to help you" said Haku, touching Chihiro on the shoulder and watching her coil away from him.

"no no no no" went Chihiro, scared of him.

"Open your mouth and eat this" said Haku, showing her the red bean he offered to Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

"You have to eat some food from this world or else you'll disappear" said Haku, calmly.

"No!" shouted Chihiro, trying to shove him away only to see her hands went through him.

"Its okay Chihiro. We had to eat it too" said Sora, kneeling down besides her.

"Don't worry, I won't turn you into a pig" said Haku, watching her open her mouth.

"Chew and swallow" said Haku, gently.

"Their you go, your all better. See for yourself" said Haku, holding out his hand.

"I'm okay" said Chihiro, looking at the two of them and touching both their hands.

"Where are my mum and dad? They didn't really turn into pigs did they?" asked Chihiro.

"Can't see them now but you will" said Haku, catching something out of his eye.

"Don't move" warned Haku, holding her against him to hide.

"That birds looking for you, gotta get you out of here" said Haku, pulling her up.

"I seen it earlier, so its working for someone?" said Kairi.

"Yes, it's Yubaba's. She's the head of the Bathhouse here. She doesn't usually let humans roam about here" said Haku.

"I can't get up!" said Chihiro, trying to stand.

"Calm down and take a deep breath" said Haku, watching her do so.

"In the name of the wind and water within me unbind her" said Haku, hovering his hands over her legs in a white glow.

"Get up" said Haku, hearing her gasp than both took off running.

"Wait! Where are you two going?!" called out Kairi, unable to see them for they were running to fast.

"Looks like someone is here under orders" said Riku, crossing his arms.

"With heartless roaming about, their going to try to steal more hearts. Maybe even Chihiro's" said Kairi.

"Why here of all places?" said Sora.

"It's a world were not familiar with. We have to play by this Yubaba's rules apparently" said Kairi.

"What? You don't think we can leave here of our free will?" said Sora.

"Remember when we approached this world our Air Riders got out of control? I think we have no choice" said Riku.

"We won't know until we try. We still have our keyblades, to help us out of here if we have to" said Sora.

"Right, let's go see what Master Xehanorts henchmen are planning" said Riku, following the path Haku and Chihiro took off running into.

"We can help Chihiro out against this Yubaba lady and whatever Master Xehanort has planned here" said Sora.

End of Part 1.

Hope you guys like it. I'll try to update weekly since its been awhile since this has been updated with new chapters.

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Well KK, it's the best world chapter you have done yet. Mega's right it does have some errors but you can fix that later. I'm wait where is Aqua?


Sep 25, 2010
Thanks. Yeah I'll have to look it over and find the ones I made mistakes with later on.

Didn't know I was suppose to add her. Figure she was off doing something else I suppose :) could add her in later if you want.


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:D spirited away!!!!!!! great movie~ nice choice! and great job on this one its a very great start to this :D

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Glad you like it man. KK, that would settle something with me. How far away this this chapter from the Epic Mickey arc?


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Well this may turn out to be an Arc after all.

Chapter 30.A job

Entrance to the BathHouse, the Red Bridge.

"I think Chihiro went this way" said Kairi, pointing at a bright red bridge.

"Even if she did, we stick out to much" said Riku, seeing all the spirits and weird looking animals walking on it.

"Do you think their animals?" asked Sora, curiously.

"I don't think so" said Riku, having never seen anything like them before.

"So what do we do now?" asked Kairi, peering at the two of them.

"We find another way" said Riku.

"Another way to where?" asked someone right behind them.

The three of them went stiff in shock and whirled around with keyblades in hand in an instant.

"Guys it's me" said Aqua, shaking her head.

"Master Aqua, what are you doing here?" asked Kairi.

"Taking a look around this world, same as you" said Aqua.

"How did you get here?" asked Riku.

"Well my Air Rider crashed when I approached this world, then I met this odd fellow who led me here" said Aqua.

"Odd fellow?" asked Sora, looking behind her and seeing no one.

"He was all black but he appeared to be harmless" said Aqua.

Earlier when Aqua arrived.

"What's happening?" cried out Aqua, trying to control her Air Rider.

The Air Rider went spinning out of control that Aqua fell off it onto hard gravel.

"Train track?" said Aqua, looking up to see they led to a steaming building.
Seeing something black out of the corner of her eye, Aqua rolled over and quickly summon her Keyblade.

Only to see it wasn't a heartless.

No-Face with his friendly smile, nodded at her making grunting noises then pointed at the building that Aqua later learned to be a Bathhouse.

"You want me... To follow you?" she asked, getting an affirmative nod.

"Okay" said Aqua, following No-Face.

Water started to form around the tracks and the sky grew dark.

Seeing lights not much farther an buildings approaching closer, Aqua turned to thank the mysterious fellow only to see he was gone.

"So he wasn't a heartless?" asked Kairi.

"I don't think so. If he was he would have attacked me" said Aqua.

"Well this still doesn't help us get entrance into the Bathhouse" said Riku.

"Aw, don't be like that Riku. Theirs always another way! In fact their are less animal like things on the bridge now" said Sora.

"Let's get going" said Kairi.

The three took off, unaware that Aqua took off else where.

Hidden by the bushes near the Bathhouse.

"Master Haku!" called out several voices, searching for him.

"I have to go. Don't forget Chihiro, I am your friend. Never forget that" said Haku, pulling away.

"How do you know my names Chihiro?" asked Chihiro, holding onto his hands, not willing to let go.

"I've known you since you were very small" said Haku, standing up now.

"Good luck. Whatever you do, don't forget to make a sound" said Haku, turning away and scowling at the people running around inside.

"Master Haku!" called out more people.
"Calm down I'm coming" said Haku, approaching the red screen.

"Master Haku, Yubaba wants to see you" said a Frog man.

"I know. It's about the mission, right?" said Haku, hearing the screen shut behind him and walked away.

Chihiro waited silently before the noise finally died down, standing up she turned to go when Sora ran into her.

"See Riku! I told you we would find another way in!" said Sora, seeing Chihiro at the last second and falling over on top of her.

"Sora!" hissed Riku and Kairi, knowing Sora wasn't always subtle when it came to be quiet.

"Sorry" said Sora, pulling himself off a startle Chihiro.

"Its okay" whispered Chihiro, grabbing Sora's hand and being pulled up besides him.

"Where's your friend?" asked Kairi.

"Haku, had to go. I'm to go find Kamajii, the boiler man" said Chihiro, pushing past them and going through the gate.

"Why would he tell you to go meet the boiler man?" asked Riku.

"To get a job, or else I'll be turned into an animal by Yubaba" said Chihiro, waiting for them to catch up.

"I'm beginning to like this Yubaba, less and less. The more I hear about her" said Kairi.

Chihiro continued silently ahead, following the directions Haku left her.

Approaching the stairs, Chihiro took a shake breath. All the while Sora, Riku, and Kairi were in a middle of a conversation about Chihiro.

"She's a lot younger than us when we first started out" said Riku.

"Poor girl. Having your parents turned into pigs doesn't happen everyday and having to get a job from a boiler man of all people, it's a wonder how she hasn't lost it yet" said Kairi, thinking Chihiro is very brave.

"The boiler man can't be that bad if Haku told her to do it" said Sora, thinking Haku cared for Chihiro.

"What's the matter Chihiro?" asked Riku, noticing her stop and peer over the stairs in fright.

Chihiro didn't answer. Bending down slight, she tested the wooden stairs with her foot before making her way down them.

"This is ridiculous" said Sora, thinking the stairs were no different then the ones in the Organization 13 strongholds.

"Should we assist her?" asked Kairi, seeing Chihiro make it down two more steps.

"She's ten, Sora. No railings and from this height it would be scary for a ten year old girl" said Riku.

Chihiro moved down to the next step when it broke beneath her foot and sent her flying down screaming.

"Chihiro!" shouted Sora, running after her.

Chihiro gaining ahold of her footing went screaming down the stairs, hands raised with a look of horror on her face until...

SMACK! She hit into a wall, chest heaving from freight.

"Chihiro!" called out Riku and Kairi, racing after Sora.

Chihiro slowly calmed down then went still as a Frog faced man blew out some smoke from a nearby window.

Riku pulled up his arm in time to stop Kairi from stumbling forward making the Frog Man notice.

Sora on the other hand kneeled down on the last step.

Chihiro slowly made her way out of sight before making her way down stone like steps.

Once the Frog man was gone. Sora, Riku,and Kairi hurried after her.

Opening a steel door, you could hear steam whistling out nearby steel pipes in all shapes and sizes.

Chihiro made her way through the small hall way and opened the door to see the boiler man Kamajii.

"That's Kamajii?" asked Sora, rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

Hunched over was Kamajii, grinding herbs in a bowl and bath tokens hanging down before him.

"Hello?" called out Chihiro.

"Hello. Excuse me? Are you Kamajii?" called out Chihiro.

"Its okay Chihiro, we're right behind you" said Sora, nudging her forward.

"Haku told me to come here and ask you for a job! Will you give me a job? Please" said Chihiro.

Kamajii continued to spin the wheel and grind the herbs in the bowel. Tugging down on the bath token before him.

"Wow that's a lot of arms" muttered Sora, getting sidelong glances from Riku and Kairi.

"Are you always like this everywhere else you go Sora?" asked Kairi.

"He's got a point. Maybe he's part spider" said Riku.

"Four bath tokens at once!" complained Kamajii.

"He's got a bunch of arms, what's he got to complain about' whispered Sora, earning a grin from Riku.

"C'mon get to work you little runts" shouted Kamajii.

"Yah, I'm Kamajii. Slave to the boiler that heats the baths" said Kamajii, glancing her ways.

"Move it you stupid soot balls" yelled out Kamajii, banging his hammer against the spinning wheel.

Chihiro jumped slight but gathered up her courage and said "Please! I got a get job here!".

"I don't need any help, the place is full of soot, enough soot on this earth more then I need" said Kamajii.

"C'mon! Chihiro really needs a job!" called out Kairi.

"Out of the way" said Kamajii, arm out stretch to reach behind for herbs.

"Wow that's one long arm" muttered Sora, watching it pull open a box filled with herbs.

Chihiro watched a bunch of little black dots holding up rocks, throw them into a machine that heated up the bath water.

One of them unable to carry the huge rock collapsed.

Picking it up, Chihiro called out "What do I do with this?".

"Finish what you started, human" said Kamajii, glancing behind at her, with an annoyed expression.

Chihiro made her way to the machine, lifting the heavy rock and edging closer to the heat. Watching it open and close, she quickly threw it in their and ran.

The next thing you knew all of the little black soot balls began dropping their rocks ontop of themselves.

"Why are they doing that?" asked Kairi.

"Probably want Chihiro to do it for them" said Riku, observing the chaos forming around Chihiro.

"Hey you little runts! Do you want to turn back into soot?!" shouted Kamajii, hitting his wooden hammer against the wheel.

"Look you, you can't take someone else's job, if they don't work the spell wears off they turn back into soot" said Kamajii.

"Theirs no work for you here, got it! So go somewhere else!" said Kamajii, gesturing with his hammer the way out.

"Sheesh, you would think the boiler man would be a little more sympathetic" said Kairi, hands on her hips.

"C'mon Chihiro, I'm sure we can find somewhere for you to get a job" said Sora, only Chihiro shook her in refusal.

A nearby wooden slide door opened, revealing a woman worker with steaming food in one hand and the other a basket.

"Chow time! What's going on, are you guys fighting again" said Lin, closing it behind her and approaching Kamajii.

"Where's your other bowl, from yesterday? I keep telling you to leave it out Kamagi" said Lin,*seeing him take the bowl of food and replace it with the old one.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Chihiro watched Lin throw a bunch of bright colored stars onto the floor where the little black runts of soot happily cheered for their food.

"A human! Your in trouble! Your the one everyone's looking for!" gasped out Lin, catching sight of Chihiro and pointing her finger straight at her.

"What is wrong with being human?" asked Sora,*startling Lin who looked even more shocked by their appearance.

"More humans!?" said Lin.

"Don't mind us" said Riku, pulling Kairi and Sora back.

"She's my granddaughter. She's a tough little girl, could you take her to see Yubaba?" said Kamajii, chowing down on fried fish.

"No way! I'm not risking my life" said Lin, throwing more bright colored stars to the soot balls.

"What if I give you this? It's fried just the way you like it" said Kamajii, waving the fried newt over her face.

"Just when you thought this lady was normal" muttered Riku.

"As for those three, their her friends. See if Yubaba will offer them a job" said Kamajii, fixing his glasses on his face to get a better look at them.

"If you want a job, you will have to make a deal with Yubaba. She's the hedge honcho here" said Kamajii, looking at Chihiro to make sure she understood.

"Fine" said Lin, taking the roasted newt.

The four of them followed Lin to the wooden slide door hidden in the wall.

"Can't you even manage a yes ma'am or thank you?" asked Lin.

"Yes Ma'am" said Chihiro.

"What a dope" said Lin, pouring the remaining stars out of her basket.

"Leave your shoes and socks here, you won't be needing them" said Lin, going through the door and waiting for them.

"That's odd" said Sora, taking his off.

"Thank the boiler man you idiots. He's risking his neck out for all of you" said Lin,*frowning at them.

"Thank you Mr. Boiler Man" said Chihiro, on her knees and bowing her head.*

Sora, Riku,and Kairi did the same.

"Good luck" said Kamajii, holding out a thumbs up.

Meanwhile in Yubaba's office.

"You don't want your business to suffer because of a little girl do you?" asked a hooded man, in an organization 13 cloak.

"Yes, she has already caused enough trouble" said Yubaba.

"Her parents ruining the meals for our honor guests" continued Yubaba.

"Than make sure she suffers" said the hooded man.

"I don't need some fool like you to tell me how to run my Bathhouse!" said Yubaba, enraged and seeing he was gone.

"Looks like things are going as planned. The heartless will make the job more effective" said the hooded man, sitting on a nearby roof.

A pink petal slipped down the roof before vanishing out of sight.

To be Continued.


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great job :] lol this is making want to see that movie again.
also is that guy in the end who i's think he is? >:D
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