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Fanfiction ► Our Kingdom Hearts fanfic of total randomness!!

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Sep 25, 2010
By Lanydx Reborn and Kingdom Key.

Layndx Reborn and I are working together on this fanfic. Taking turns writing the chapters. But Landyx Reborn is the one who came up with this fanfic to begin with asking me to be his Co.Writer. So we our partners in this fanfic.

Plot: Read the crazy misadventures Sora, Riku, and Kairi as they fight the evil Xehanort and his league of evil associates, crazy yoai fan girls and homework. Wait that’s not all they must master the Keyblade under the watchful eyes of Aqua, and the epic King Mickey Mouse, help their Nobody and Heartless friends Roxas, Xion, Axel, Namine and the new chaotic good Ansem Seeker of Dark Chocolate adjust to the life on the islands. Final Fantasy and The World Ends with You characters will aid or harm our heroes. So without any more delays as “The Terror that flaps in the night” put it.

“Let’s get dangerous!!!”

Rated E for Epic as in this story is an epic of epic epicness!

May contain yaoi bashing, good bad guys, a crazy Mickey, Kairi hate girl bashing, pairings, crack pairings and pie!

Chapter 1: The Intro chapter duh!

On a small island, Destiny Island as a matter of fact, we see our three heroes Sora, Riku, and Kairi walking from the movies in their Kingdom Hearts II outfits and since you all know what they look like I’m not bloody writing in full detail something you all have seen before.

“So how did you get the tickets if we didn’t pay for them Riku?” asked our brown spiky haired main character hero guy.

Riku rolled his eyes, a little annoyed at his best friend’s question.

“I told you twenty times, Sora I got them online,” The sliver haired pretty-boy explained.

“Wait, you can do that?!” the Keyblade Master asked with amazement his eyes.

“It’s hard to believe, Sora, but technology has been able to do this for a while,” Kairi said with a joking grin on her face.

“Oh gee, thanks, Kairi. I thought girlfriends were supposed to love their boyfriends, not make fun of them,” Sora while faking a pout.

The Princess of Heart kissed her hero on the cheek.
“Oh come on Sora, you know I love you.”

Riku now stopped dead in his tracks looking at his best friends kissing each other.

“Okay, wait a minute! You two are together? How and when did this happen?” He asked confused.

Sora and Kairi thought for a moment.

“Well, remember that party we had a few weeks ago after beating Xemnas and Organization XIII?” Sora asked.

“Yeah, now that was an awesome party.” Riku recalled.

“Well, while you were busy making sure Tidus and Wakka didn’t eat all the food, Yuffie thought it would be funny to lock us in one of your closets. So after two hours of banging a screaming at the door, we stopped realized that it wasn’t doing us any good.” Kairi explained.

“Yeah, that still doesn’t tell me how you two got together,” Riku snapped.

Sora continued “Well,we both got bored and started playing truth or dare. Kairi dared me to kiss her, so I did, and I dared her to go on a date with me. Then we just kept making out until Yuffie and Selphie kicked us out of the closet, then we rejoined the party.”

“Oh okay, by the way, pole.” Riku stated.

“What?” Sora asked.
The boy turned around only to be smacked in the face by a ten-foot pole. Sora landed on his ass, seeing stars, while Riku and Kairi dodged it.

“Sora, are you okay?”Kairi asked as she and Riku helped up their fallen friend.

“Yeah, I'm okay Kairi, thanks." said Sora, brushing the dirt off of his pants.

"No problem, Sora." said Riku, patting him on the back.

"You can be such a klutz sometimes." said Kairi, chuckling at him.

Meanwhile on the play Islands that was the beginning setting of Kingdom Hearts 1, a mysterious figure wearing a worn, torn, and ripped black coat appeared in a flash of white light.

“Sora, Riku, Kairi. I haven’t seen any of you in so long. Dang it, I’ve got no time for nostalgia. They need to get to the Realm of Darkness or Lady Aqua’s a goner.” The man stated while being blinded by the sun.

“Oh man the sun here is so hot ouch!!” The figure screamed as he snapped his fingers and vanished.

Back with our heroes who were eating at a local Ice Cream shop.

Riku had a cone of Cookies and Cream, Kairi was enjoying some Mint Chocolate Chip, and Sora was stuffing his face for the tenth time with a Sea-Salt Ice Cream bar.

"Sora, your going to get fat, if you keep eating Sea-Salt Ice Cream bars." said Kairi, finishing her Mint Chocolate Chip.

Sora had a look of panic on his face that Riku took the opportunity to tease him.

"Yeah Sora, if you keep eating them you can't be a keyblade wielder anymore." said Riku.

"What! But I had ten of them!" screamed Sora, dropping the Sea-Salt Ice Cream wrapper looking ready to cry.

"Riku! Tell Sora you were just kidding and you didn't mean it!" yelled Kairi, putting an arm over Sora's shoulder.

"Your the one who started it to begin with Kairi." said Riku, sighing.

"Riku." said Kairi, ready to hit him with a napkin holder.

"Fine-Fine, Sora I was kidding and so was Kairi. Your still a keyblade wielder." said Riku.

"Really?" said Sora, rubbing his face with his arms from the tears that had gone down his face.

"Yeah, you shouldn't believe everything someone tells you." said Riku, handing Sora some napkins to clean his tear streak face.

Sora nodded wiping his face with the napkins.

"Where to now?" asked Kairi.

"The Amusement Park!" said Sora, cheering up.

Both Kairi and Riku look at each other, then Kairi broke it to Sora.

"We don't have enough money... We spent too much of it on candy and ice cream." said Kairi.

"O.h" said Sora, disappointed.

"But there's plenty of other things we can do that's just as much fun." said Riku.

As the three of them started walking away, a figure appear in the distance behind them, unseen and unheard by the figure who laughed to himself.

"So you want an amusement park, Sora? Then I'll give you one!" said the figure, laughing as an amusement park appear before the trio.

"I'll be waiting for you, Sora and Riku." said the figure, disappearing.

Sora eyes widen in excitement seeing the amusement park before him, and that it was free.

"Lets go in!" said Sora.

"Those roller coasters look like a lot of fun." said Riku, watching one go up.

"Um guys.. Don't you think this is a little strange?" asked Kairi, gazing up at the sign.

The sign had a huge shadow heartless painted on it, surrounded by hearts.

"No. I think your worrying to much Kairi, let's go Sora!" said Riku, racing Sora to the amusement park laughing.

"You Idiots! Your going to leave me here all by myself?" shouted Kairi, watching the two of them disappear into the amusement park.


Sora was eating some cotton candy while walking around with a stuff animal under his arm and grinning ear to ear.

"Want to go in the house of mirrors?" asked Riku, his face painted like a lion.

"Sure, let me leave my stuff out here." said Sora, setting the cotton candy and stuff animal down on a bench.

"Ready Sora?" asked Riku, hands in his pockets.

"Yup! It's too bad Kairi didn't come, she sure is missing out." said Sora, walking into the dark house of mirrors.

"But Kairi was right Sora, it's strange that there's no one else here, and now that I think about it- Sora?" said Riku, looking around seeing Sora was gone and he was surrounded by mirrors.

A piercing scream could be heard.

"Kairi?" said Riku, in alarm and running through the halls of mirrors.

Sora having wander off from Riku, found himself alone in a hallway of mirrors.

"Riku, are you there?" asked Sora, getting scared.

The hallways lights went out leaving Sora in pitch black.

"This isn't funny Riku!" shouted Sora, friighten and glaring into one of the mirrors.

Instead of his face reflecting back, two yellow eyes stared back at him and Sora's reflection came out of the mirror.

Backing up a few feet, Sora summon his keyblade and his eyes narrowed, seeing he was surrounded by heartless waiting for the moment to strike.

"What are heartless doing here?" said Sora, to himself amd swinging his keyblade away at the heartless making them vanish.

His own reflection came at him fast, that Sora swung his keyblade up in defense and knocked his reflection away with a blow from the keyblade.

Then he heard someone scream.

"RIKU? KAIRI!?" Sora yelled in alarm, running through the hallway of mirrors as more heartless appeared and kept getting in his way.

Sora and Riku both not paying much attention to where they were going, collided into each other around the corner of the hallway at the same time.

"Sora!" said Riku, in relief seeing his best friend was okay.

"Riku, your okay!" said Sora, feeling much better at the sight of Riku.

"But if your not the one who screamed just now, who did?" asked Sora, standing up and offering a hand to Riku, who was rubbing his head from colliding into Sora.

Sora and Riku stared at each other for moment then it dawned on them both uttering the word "Kairi."

"Sora, you go down that end of the hallway and I'll go down this one." said Riku, summoning his keyblade.

Sora nodded taking off down the hallway, but as they both reached the end of their hallway of mirrors, they both ended up in the same exact spot as before.

"Someone is messing with us," said Riku, as the lights began to flicker in their part of the hall of mirrors.

"And has Kairi." said Sora, begining to regret running into the amusement park and ignoring Kairi's protests.

"Don't worry Sora, we will save her." said Riku, as heartless began to fall off the ceiling and strike down at them.

"Right." said Sora, throwing the keyblade into a horizontal strike and making the heartless disappear.

Riku swinging his keyblade down with a blast of darkness, manage to get rid of the last remaining heartless.

"This place doesn't feel right." said Riku, gazing around the empty room now that the heartless were gone.

Its almost like that time in the realm of darkness..thought Riku, smelling a familiar odor.

"C'mon Riku! Kairi needs us to go save her!" said Sora, tugging Riku along.

"Right. Lets go." said Riku, gripping his keyblade tightly, ready to face whoever has her.

Both hurried down the remaining hallway of mirrors and came to a stop, upon seeing Kairi sitting in a chair in the spot light.

"Kairi?" called out Sora, slowly making his way to her and filled with concern.

"Sora wait! That's not Kairi!" said Riku, holding out an arm in front of Sora to stop him from going further.

"But it's Kairi!" said Sora, looking back and forth between the two of them.

"No it's not! Kairi doesn't wear those clothes, she wouldn't be caught dead in them either." said Riku, glaring at the figure that looked an awful lot like Kairi.

"Oh, then how about this?" asked the fake Kairi, transforming into someone else.

"No! It's not possible!" said Riku, shaking his head back and forth in disbelief.

"Riku, what's wrong? Who do you see?" asked Sora, in alarm at the loss of color on his best friend's face and grabbed hold of his shoulder trying make him snap out of it.

"Ansem heartless." choked out Riku, shaking like a leaf in Sora's grip.

"But we defeated him, remember Riku?" said Sora, glaring at the fake Kairi who smiled back at him.

Seeing Riku was literally frozen in place by fear, Sora knew it was up to him to save the day.

"We need to destroy it!" said Sora, charging forward and trying not to think about how much it looks like Kairi.

Sora leapt into the air, swinging his keyblade up into an arch and struck down with lightning speed at the fake Kairi.

Riku collapsed the moment the mysterious figure disappeared, just as Sora landed on his own two feet and spun around, watching his best friend fall to his hands and knees.

Everything around them began to evaporate, that after a long time of searching for the two of them, Kairi finally spotted them in the center of the what had once been the amusement park that was now a vacant lot.

"Who ever that was is very powerful." whispered Riku, barely able to stomach what he saw and still on his hands and knees.

"You gonna be okay Riku?" asked Sora, seeing him nod slowly and looked up in time to see Kairi racing over to them.

"What happened?" asked Kairi, looking down worriedly at Riku.

"Later." said Riku, being helped up by Sora and slowly going back to normal.

To be Continued~

Btw Lan hope you don't mind that I changed the (My) to Our for the title.
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Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 2: Aqua, and Axel, and Xehanort oh my!

As Sora met with Riku and Kairi, he quickly ran up to his girlfriend, and hugged her.

“Kairi, are you okay? I heard screaming.” The Keyblade Master said concerned.

Kairi hugged her boyfriend back smiling.
“Sora I’m fine, and I didn’t scream.” She said.

“Yeah that was me, sorry. A spider got on my Sea-Salt Ice Cream bar.” Said a familiar voice at was right behind them.

Sora, Kairi, and Riku both turned around to find a spiky red headed man, clothed in a ruin black coat. He was biting into a sea-salt ice cream bar. Sora and Kairi knew this man all too well.

“Axel!” Sora yelled smiling.

“Don’t Worry Sora I’ll save you!” Kairi screamed as she summoned her Keyblade.

“What?” Axel said as Kairi beat his head into the ground with her feminine Keyblade. The Princess of Heart then repetitively whacked the ex-Organization XIII member on the head.

“I’m not letting you hurt Sora or Kidnap me!” She yelled.

Between whacks axel could barley say.

“Ouch, Kairi, I ouch, dang you got good, I’m sor-dang why do flowers hurt so much? Ouch!” The fire starter yelled.

Sora said.
“Kairi stop, Axel’s a good guy now.” He said while grabbing on to the tip of her Keyblade.

She looked at Axel, then at Sora, and finally at Riku who was on the floor cracking up.

“You’re sure he’s changed?” Kairi asked Sora.

Axel picked himself and put his hand on the Princess of Heart’s shoulder.

“Kai I want to say I’m totally sorry for everything, but man you fight like a bitch.” Axel said.

Kairi stuck out her tongue.
“That’s miss bitch to you.”

Riku raised his hand.

“So red how did you wind up here?” He asked.

“We’ll after I blew myself but to save my buddies, everything went black. I prayed my ass off that I wouldn’t go to hell. Then some guy wearing ripped Org coat, with a glowing eye ball, said I’d get another chance. So I would up in the Realm of Darkness.” He explained while biting into another sea-salt ice-cream bar.

One of Riku’s eyes started to twitch.
“Did you say Realm of Darkness?” He asked.

“Please tell us your joking Axel.” Sora begged.

“Sorry guys, but here we are.” Axel said while shaking his head.

“FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU------------------------“Riku began to scream.

In the bad part of the new Radiant Garden, in an abandoned Pizzeria with a sign that said “New Mafia Headquarters, a tall man with a pony tail, eye patch and wearing a long sleeve purple shirt, red cowboy thing and purple pants. He was gathering up, a broken Keyblade, a bit of silver hair, a black mushroom, a vile of blood, and a jar with two hearts in it.

“Okay Braig, dude let’s get this show on the road. Hope I don’t mess up, as if.” He proclaimed.

The FreeShooter flipped a few pages from the tome he had acquired.

Arise Chicken, Chicken arise. Wait there is no way in hell that’s the spell!” Braig yelled.

Then suddenly the components started to swirl around in whirlpool of darkness. The darkness started to form a tan man with sliver haired man wearing a black and white lab coat, and yellow eyes of the devil. Braig started to grin, looking at the man more and more.

“Holy Sh*t what do ya know that really was the spell. Welcome back to the world Master Xehanort!”

Indeed the man Braig brought back from the dead was the infamous and complete monster: Master Xehanort.
Who then screamed in pure agony, and falling to the floor.

“AAHHARRGGAH! OH DEAR GOD IT HURTS!!” The Keyblade Master of Darkness yelled.

“Hey Master, long time no see. What’s it been ten years?” His minion asked.

“Braig, what happened?” He asked

“Well Boss, you made a Heartless and a Nobody, and they kind of got their asses kicked, by a Keyblade wielder, that Sora kid.” He explained.

Xehanort finally got up, having it all come back to him.
“Ah yes Sora, I remember that little runt. All part of the plan.”
Braig raised an eye brow.

“Um excuse me, you mean to tell me all of that was planned? The Organization failing? You getting your ass whooped by a kid, who can’t even walk into a bar? All of that was planned?!” He yelled.

Xehanort then pointed his gun-metal gray Keyblade at his at his minion’s neck.

“Okay, okay take it easy. I’ll shut up, but before I do boss there is something ya got to know.” He quickly said.

The dark lord made his Keyblade vanish, and started to walk away.

“I have no time for your blabbing. We must take care of the only threat to my plan.” He yelled.

“Wait, you mean Sora?” Braig asked.

“Ha! The boy is not even a Master! No I’m talking about Aqua.” The dark lord said.

The FreeShooter started to hear music, and watch Xehanort begin so shake.
“Braig what’s happening to me?” He asked.

“Well when I raised you, I had to use a mushroom, which makes you sing a villain song every now and then.” The eye patched man explained.

“What? I don’t think I heard you right. I must have something completely insane in my ear!! I don’t sing!” The Master of all evil screamed.

“Well you’re about to, because the music’s starting up. Braig yelled as the music got louder and louder.

““Damn it!” He swore.
“In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning
and the nightmare I had was as bad as can be. It scared me out of my wits.
A master of Darkness and Nothingness beat by some spiky haired ditz.
Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was...me!!” He yelled as started strangling Braig.

I was once the most powerful Keyblade Master in all the worlds. When
Eraqus betrayed me he made such a mistake!
The plan was going my way, but that girl got in my away!
Well little Aqua beware, because
Xehanort is up and awake!” He sang as he saw a vision through a crystal nall of the girl fighting a large Darkside.

Heartless started to appear in the in hideout and sang
“In the dark of the night evil will find her
In the dark of the night just before dawn!”

Xehanort grinned as he created a portal of darkness.
“Revenge will be sweet!”

“When Kingdom Hearts is complete!” The Heartless sang as they entered the portal.

“In the dark of the night, she’ll be gone!” He proclaimed

“I can feel that my powers are slowly returning!” He muttered as he blasted Braig with dark energy balls.

“I’ll get you for this old man. I’ll give you hell! The Terra side of him yelled.

He ignored him and continued.

“As the pieces fall into place
I'll see her crawl into place!” He yelled into a crystal

“ It seems like such a waste of a pretty face, but farewell!” Braig muttered.

In the Realm of Darkness, Aqua was busy fight off more Heartless than ever before yet the odd thing was they were singing

“In the dark of the night terror will strike her!”

“Terror's the least I can do!” He screamed.

“In the dark of the night evil will brew.” His heartless choirs sang.

“Soon she will feel that her nightmares are real.” The Master sang as he watched Aqua struggle against the wave after wave of Heartless.

“In the dark of the night, she’ll be through!” Xehanort yelled watching Aqua get weaker.

Back in the Realm of Darkness Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Axel were busy fighting off shadows, who sang.

“In the dark of the night, Evil will find her. Find her! In the dark of the night terror comes true. Doom her!”

“Who the heck is she?” Axel asked while throwing one of his
Chakrams, and slicing a Heartless’s head off.

Riku stabbed a few.
“What I want to know is, why heartless are singing?” He asked.

Kairi smashed one of the red floating ones into a large body.
“Sora, Riku, didn’t you guys say there was a beach? She asked.

“Yeah.” They both said.

“We need to go there. I think I have an idea.” Kairi stated.

“News flash Princess we don’t know how to get to said beach.” Axel said.
Suddenly in front of all four of them a man in a ripped, worn out, black coat appeared. He seemed to have a light in his right eye, and a crystal necklace around his neck.
“Follow me.” He muttered softly.

He jumped into the air, and then dashed to the left.

“Guys I think that guy wanted us to follow him.” Sora said stating the oblivious.

Riku then smacked him in the back of the head.
“Ya think?” He asked as the rest of the group followed the mysterious man.

Back in the Mafia hideout
Xehanort was summoning more dark energy.

“Come my Heartless, rise for your master! Let your evil shine!” He sang as more and more Darksides appeared in the Realm of Darkness.

“Kill her now yes, die ever faster.” He ordered

On of the Darksides had grabbed, the blue haired Keyblade Master, and started to squeeze on her broken body.

“Ven, Terra, Master. I’m so sorry,I can’t fight like this anymore.” Was her last thoughts before she pasted out.

In the dark of the night...
In the dark of the night...
In the dark of the night...

“She'll be mine!!” He screamed.

“Hey assholes, drop the girl and I won’t chainsaw your asses!” Sora yelled from behind them.

End of Chapter 2.
What do ya think? Not my best work but it will do.
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Oct 9, 2009
not bad :3
“FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU------------------------“Riku began to scream.

Kairi stuck out her tongue.
“That’s miss bitch to you.”

Riku stabbed a few.
“What I want to know is, why heartless are singing?” He asked.
fave parts in the whole thing right there^ XD


Sep 25, 2010
It's great Lan, now I got to continue from where you left off.

Lanydx reborn

The Superior Lanydx
Jun 14, 2009
I try to give Riku some personality cause in the games to me he really doesn't have much. Anyway yeah, Sora saying Chainsaw and not Keyblade is a hint for things to come.


Oct 9, 2009
I try to give Riku some personality cause in the games to me he really doesn't have much. Anyway yeah, Sora saying Chainsaw and not Keyblade is a hint for things to come.
lol nice little tidbit, sora when nomura 1st designed him was meant to have a chainsaw as a weapon.


Oct 9, 2009
Yep and I thought to myself. If the Keyblade can become a ship then why not other stuff?
XD glad they didnt do that with LS, he kicked my ass enough times if he had a chainsaw just.....T^T just.......to much......

LS- 3 days worth
me- once


Oct 9, 2009
You ahve KHIIFM? You better share fool.
come with 30 dollars and you can have it, tho the installation of the swap magic to play it will cost more >:D

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Dang you lack of money. Anyway pairings that you wlll see in this fic.

SoraXKairi(Deal with it!)
Um I'll think of more later.


Sep 25, 2010
Chapter 3.

Taking Sora's shouting as a cue to get started, Axel threw his chakrams at a pile of heartless and setting them on fire.

"You two take care of the Darkside and I'll take care of the small fry!" said Axel, grinning in satisfaction and lighting up more heartless, like in the good old days.

"Alright! Let's go Riku!" said Sora, watching a bunch of heartless pop up and move directly in their way.

Sora ran forward with his chainsaw slicing through multiple heartless and giving Riku an opening to save the blue haired woman in the Darksides grip.

"Riku, can you handle the Darkside?" asked Sora, busy with a new group of heartless.

"Yeah, I can handle it!" said Riku, rushing past the heartless, throwing his keyblade at the Darkside's head making it falter and plunging his keyblade through its center.

As the Darkside vanished the blue hair woman crumpled forward onto the ground and Kairi hurried over to her side.

"You ok?" asked Kairi, kneeling besides the blue hair woman and recognizing her instantly.

"I need someone to cast cura and your Kairi, the little girl I met in Radiant Garden." said Aqua, seeing how much she's grown.

"Yeah." said Kairi, hearing a pair of feet headed their way she looked up to see Riku followed by Sora running over.

"Is she okay?" asked Riku, stopping before them.

Kairi shook her head.

Riku pointed his keyblade upward calling out "Cura!" a green mist sprout forth from the tip of his keyblade and descended over Aqua, healing her instantly.

"Thanks, but who are you the rest of you?" asked Aqua, looking at the pair of them and watching the pyro make his way over to them.

"I'm Sora, this is Riku and Axel." said Sora, pointing at each of them.

"You two look familiar and I can sense the light in you both." said Aqua, staring at Sora and Riku who shared a look with each other.

"I remember now, I met you on Destiny Island and you were given the power of the keyblade." said Aqua, resting her gaze upon Riku.

Riku nodded recollecting that day.

"I'm Aqua, a keyblade master." said Aqua, introducing herself to them and gave her undivided attention to the red head known as Axel.

"A keyblade master!" said Sora, excitedly thinking of King Mickey instantly.

"For a keyblade wielder, why are you here in Realm of Darkness?" asked Axel, folding his arms across his chest.

"I could ask you the same question, but your not a keyblade wielder." said Aqua, watching Axel avert his gaze from her and shifted uncomfortably.

"He might not be a keyblade wielder but for a nobody, he's on our side instead of the bad guys." said Sora, with a smile.

"A nobody?" said Aqua, skeptically.

"Just because I'm a nobody who is familiar with darkness, doesn't mean I'm one of the bad guys!" said Axel, defending himself as if to answer the keyblade masters question.

"True, but speaking of bad guys.. Who was that guy who brought us all here?" asked Riku, gazing around for the guy in the ripped up black coat and seeing no sign of him anywhere.

"Don't know. What about the heartless?" asked Sora, pointing at one nearby that remained and was singing off key.

Axel threw a chakram at it and it was gone.

"I don't remember them ever singing." said Riku, thinking back when he fought samurai heartless.

"Ugh will you guys get going before you call out more heartless?" called out an unfamiliar voice, approaching them.

"Who are you?" asked Sora.

"The names L and I know all about you guys." said L, seeing the confused looks on their faces.

"Prove it." said Axel, feeling suspicious.

"Your a nobody who worked for Xemnas. Former self was known as Lea and you were in Radiant garden with Isa, where you met a friend of Aqua's." said L, gazing at Aqua then at Sora.

"Ventus." said Aqua, quietly her face full of sorrow.

"So you know all about me and I'm guessing you know a whole lot more about these guys." said Axel, rubbing his head.

"I do." said L.

"But we should get going, before more heartless show up." said L, urgently.

"None of you are going anywhere." said Braig, appearing before all of them with a lopsided grin.

"You!" shouted Aqua and L in unison.

"Xigbar is that you?" asked Axel, starting to see the similarities the longer he stared at him.

"Good to see ya kids." said Braig, summoning his Arrow shooters in each hand.

"Your the one who messed up Terra!" said Aqua, summoning her keyblade.

"As if, Terra wasn't strong enough to over come Master Xehanort." said Braig, watching Aqua and L rush straight for him.

"Why are you here?" asked Axel, summoning his chakrams into each hand.

"Gee, I would love to tell you but I wouldn't want to kill the suspense." said Braig, shooting L in midair.

Aqua casted reflect upon L making the sniper retrack and hit Braig instead.

"Hey that's my line!" said Axel, annoyed.

"You.. I won't let a bastard like you get away.. Not again! Not this time!" shouted L, furiously after searching for seven years in a fruitless attempt to find Braig for vengeance.

"Go ahead and try." said Braig, shooting out a dozen more snipers at the two of them.

"After what you did, I'll make you pay... YOU BASTARD!" shouted L, dodging the oncoming snipers growing closer with each step that he launched himself at Braig.

Braig jump back a few feet before L could land a good blow on him, vanishing instantly and taking L by surprise from behind.

"Behind ya, kid." said Braig, tapping L on the shoulder.

L spun around with lightning speed, striking out at Braing only for his hidden blade to connect with nothing but empty air.

Braig begun to laugh at the enraged look on L's face until he felt something sharp poking into his back, knowing perfectly well what it was.

"Really Axel, you would fight your own comrade? Don't you have a heart? " asked Braig, knowing he struck a low blow criticizing Axel like that while looking out of the corner of his one good eye at Axel.

"We were never comrades and making a joke like that really pisses me off!" said Axel, throwing his chakrams down around them.

A wall of fire surrounded the four of them, making it impossible for Braig to escape.

Braig let out a bark of laughter, keeping his arrow guns trained on L, while watching Aqua and Axel circle him in anticipation of his first move.

Neither of them willing to give Braig the chance went to strike him down when L got in their way.

"What-!? L why did you get in our way?" asked Axel, barely stopping in time from setting L on fire.

"This is my fight! So stay out of it!" said L, harshly ignoring the disbleif looks on their faces and sliding his blades out further.

"You say that you know us.. But you don't know us at all! You wouldn't say that to someone like me.. Especially me!" said Aqua, frustrated from being stopped.

"I'm sorry, Aqua." said L, sincerely but then they were interuppted from clapping.

"This is all very touching, that I could almost cry if I had a heart." said Braig, sarcastically taking Aqua off guard by rushing straight for her and blasting her with darkness.

"Axel! Let us in there, so we can help!" shouted Sora and Riku, unable to enter the ring of fire surrounding them.

"It'smy turn to fight, you two have already done enough." said Axel, ignoring they're protests.

Aqua recovering from Braig's surprise attack reflected the oncoming snipers from L, giving him the initiative to strike Braig down from above with a somersault and a powerful blow.

Braig having not moved out of the way in time was struck down, landing hard on his back and was about to get up when Axel's chakram came down threateningly against his neck, each chakram point aflame.

"You really think you can stop us?" said Braig, with a sneer.

"Yeah, I think we can." said L, his blade pointing down at Braig's chest and ready to strike if he moves.

"What do you mean by us?" asked Aqua, keeping her guard up.

"He's here." said Braig, smiled knowingly, watching Axel get struck down from behind and the wall of flames disappear instantly.

"Axel!" cried out Kairi, in alarm.

"Braig, this isn't the time to be playing with your toys. Your suppose to finish the keyblade master off." said Master Xehanort, blasting L away from him.

"Took you long enough." said Braig, getting up and hoisting his arrow gun over his left shoulder.

"Take care of the keyblade master, I'll take care of the rest." said Master Xehanort, summoning an army of heartless in every variety.

"Sora! Riku! This isn't good, there's to many!" said Kairi, keeping her back against Riku's and Sora's.

The four of them guarding against each others back as they faced the heartless itching to attack them.

"We can take them!" said Riku, completely confident in their abilities that they could.

"It doesn't matter, it would take hours to get through them all." said L, gazing warily at the heartless awaiting they're command from Master Xehanort.

"Aqua's by herself, we need to help her!" said Sora, worried about Aqua as she faced off Braig.

"It should be me!" said L, angrily.

"And Axel's hurt." said Kairi, feeling bad for him even though he kidnapped her.

"Any ideas?" asked Riku.

"Kairi, you're a keyblade wielder and a princess of heart, you should be strong enough to take out all of the heartless here." said L.

"How?" asked Kairi, feeling unsure of her capabilities having never tried them out before.

"With your light." said L, sparing a glance at her.

"My light? Ok, I'll try!" said Kairi, concentrating as hard as she could that a blast of light erupted from her and swept through the army of heartless wiping them completely out.

Kairi fell to her knees in exhaustion, having used all her strength.

"Kairi!" yelled both Riku an Sora, reaching for her when she merely shook her head mouthing the word "Go".

"Lets go save Aqua." said Sora, racing forward when a vine of darkness wrapped around him.

"Your not going anywhere Sora." said Master Xehanort.

"Sora!" yelled Riku, unable to get to him because Xehanort kept blocking his way.

Sora struggling in the black vines grip, tried to cut it away with his keyblade until a vine snatched the keyblade out of his hand, preventing him from freeing himself.

Upon seeing this L threw his one of his hidden blades with deadly accuracy, watching the vine split open in half and freeing Sora from its grip.

L smirked in triumph at the look on Xehanorts face, when a beam of light shone throughout the realm of darkness engulfing Sora and Co in its light and making them vanish back to Destiny Island.

"Retreat Braig." ordered Master Xehanort, fleeing from the light.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" said Braig, vanishing in darkness while a figure stood on the sandy beaches of darkness.

"Good, they're all gone." said a mysertious figure, disappearing.

Everyone fell out of the sky like a comet, landing in the shores of Destiny Island and resurfacing in its waters.

Axel on the other hand started to drown, that he could barley keep his head from going under the water.

Sora swam through the water grabbing hold of a drowing Axel and helping him get to the shore.

While Axel started coughing up water and was given a potion by Kairi, all of the keyblade wielders stood together.

"He's back," said Riku, sharing a look with Sora.

"And he's stronger then before." said L, not a keyblade wielder but still important.

"We will get stronger and defeat Xehanort, once and for all." said Aqua, gazing at each and every one of them.

"Your going to start training us into keyblade masters?" asked Sora, getting an affirmative nod from Aqua.

"Yes, that's right Sora. There's so much I need to teach the three of you, if we're going to defeat Master Xehanort!" said Aqua, determinedly.

Axel completely drenched from head to toe, finally stopped coughing up water and made his way over to them, voicing the question on all of their minds "How did we escape the Realm of Darkness?".

To be Continued~
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not bad but you should explain sora's chainsaw :3
tho i'd assume its similar to how the LS makes gauntlets out of his keyblade.

and lol *dont hate* but how did L survive after death note? XD
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