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Fanfiction ► Our Kingdom Hearts fanfic of total randomness!!

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Sep 25, 2010
Finally got this out of the way. I know I skipped some stuff but it was easier just to fast forward through this and get to the end of this Arc. Lastly I'm sure most of you know what happens when Zeniba arrives from the movie. So I'm not going to feel too bad about leaving it up to your imagination on what happen there.

Chapter 34. Part 2

Aqua was vanquishing the heartless with her volleys when one of them slipped past her and was about to attack her from behind.

Riku having seen this in time, shot out a blast of darkness at the heartless making it vanish.

Aqua having felt the blast whirled around to see it was just Riku fighting along side her.

"Why are they're so many?" asked Riku, take out three heartless at a time.

"I'm not sure, somethings wrong" said Aqua, equally as puzzled at Riku.

"Let's take these guys out together and find Sora" said Riku, jumping back to land behind Aqua.

"Or else there won't be an end to them" said Aqua, agreeing.

Together the two of them whirled around, attacking heartless left and right while covering each others backs.

Just as Riku was about to strike raid the last one away, screams could be heard followed by a roar.

"What was that?" asked Riku, in alarm.

"Riku! Look at the heartless!" said Aqua, pointing to the one that remained.

The heartless shook in agitation that a red glow of negative energy began to pulse around it, feeding it and making a hundred more heartless appear.

"Something's feeding them" said Riku, keeping his guard up.

"We'll have to leave it to Sora and Kairi to handle it" said Aqua, regrettable.

"I'm sure they can handle it" said Riku, reassuringly.

Down below in the Baths

"Sen get rid of it" ordered Yubaba.

"Yes madam" said Chihiro, standing outside of the screen door where No Face was waiting.

"You wait out here, Ri" said Yubaba, stopping Kairi from going inside with her.

"I'll be okay" said Chihiro, taking a deep breath to calm herself down.

"Where is Sen!" shouted No Face, inside of the room.

"She'll be here any minute" answered Mustache man, wringing his hands in fear while wearing a smile on his face.

"Get me Sen!" shouted No Face, flinging the man against the screen door.

Chihiro opened the door and stepped inside with a calm look on her face.

"Sir, you need to leave the bathhouse" said Chihiro, bowing and meeting No Face's gaze.

"What can I give you Sen? Food? Gold?" asked No Face, lifting up platters of food.

"I don't want anything" said Chihiro.

No Face was displeased by this answer and wrapped a black hand around Chihiro's throat.

"Sir, you can't stay here anymore" said Chihiro, being lifted off the ground and brought closer to No Face.

"I could give you anything you want. Just name it Sen" said No Face, persistently.

"Could you let me go first please?" asked Chihiro, feeling the grip around her throat loosen.

"Yes, now name what it is that you want" said No Face, setting her down.

Chihiro grabbed out her remaining medicine ball and said "I want you to leave the bathhouse".

"But I like it here" said No Face, throwing a temper tantrum at her request.

"Here, I think eating this will help you" said Chihiro, watching No Face stop and gulp up the medicine ball.

Chihiro watched No Face begin to sweat and clutch at his throat.

"SSeenn what did you do to me, Sen?" asked No Face, throwing up.

Chihiro backed away, avoiding a crushing hand from No Face and swung the door open to run.

"Chihiro what's going on?" asked Kairi, only to see Chihiro get down as another hand came crashing down after her.

"Can't talk! Have to run!" said Chihiro, racing down the stairs.

"I'll keep him at bay" said Kairi, blocking the stairway for Chihiro to buy her time.

Chihiro nodded before hurrying down the stairs with No Face coming fast on her heels.

"Sorry can't go this way" said Kairi, putting up a shield before No Face plowed into her.

Kairi held her ground upon impact when No Face collided into her shield, making Kairi slide unwillingly backwards from his weight.

"Kairi!" shouted Sora, from a few feet down.

"Sora, do you trust me?" asked L, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Of course, your my friend L" said Sora, with a smile.

"Than get ready" said L, grabbing ahold of Sora shirt catching him by surprise.

"L! What are you doing?!" asked Sora, struggling.

"Giving you a lift" said L, summoning a few clones to help out.

Together the four of them created a circle, bouncing Sora up and down a few times, before launching him through the air.

"WHAT!?" shouted Sora, before feeling himself flying through the air flailing.

Sora landed besides Kairi just as her shield was broken through and was swatted away into a wall.

"Kairi!" shouted Sora, in alarm before shaking in rage.

"Crap" whispered L, having not seen that coming.

"I have to stop him before he goes into nine tails mode" said L, bounding up the stairs.

Sora let out a roar before swinging his KingdomKey wildly at No Face.

No Face was becoming overwhelmed by Sora's blows that he practically thrown into a nearby wall and crashing through it.

Sora leapt inside, slicing through No Face's larger hands and hitting him in the gut with a fist.

L checked on Kairi who was slumped against the wall.

"You'll just have a headache but your okay" said L, in relief before looking to the hike in the wall.

Sora's eyes became a hue red color, his hair standing on end and moving incredibly fast.

No Face backed up in fear, threw up the Frog and female worker before reverting back to his regular form.

"You hurt Kairi! Your going to pay!" shouted Sora, burning up and letting out another roar.

L ran into the room, tackling Sora to the ground before Sora could cause more damage.

"Sora! That's enough! Kairi's okay!" said L, feeling him struggle beneath him.

L almost let out a yelp when his hand began to burn from touching Sora but held onto him despite the pain.

"No Face won't hurt anyone anymore. You can stop now Sora" said L, watching a dazed look come across Sora's face.

"K-Kairi's okay" whispered Sora, before passing out from exhaustion.

"Yes" whispered L, watching No Face slink out of the room.

"Were alive!" exclaimed the Frog, before leaving the room.

L lifted Sora into his arms before walking out of the room to assist Kairi.

Kairi was slowly coming around when she saw L approaching her with Sora.

"Is Sora okay?" asked Kairi, standing up to quickly and stumbling into him.

"Yes, everyone's fine" said L, steadying her before opening a dark corridor.

"Where are we going?" asked Kairi, feeling L steer her inside.

"Were meeting the others" said L, closing the corridor behind them.

"You mean Aqua and Riku?" asked Kairi.

"Yeah, there on the roof waiting" said L.

Together they stepped out of the dark corridor, where Riku and Aqua sat down in exhaustion from taking out so many heartless.

"What happened?" asked Aqua, seeing Sora held in L's arms and a staggering Kairi.

"That's what I would like to know" said Yubaba, appearing before them in bird form.

"Where is Sen?" asked Yubaba, getting no responses.

"Taking care of the problem and meeting your sister Zeniba" said Haku.

"That little brat ruined my Bathhouse and brought that thing into it" said Yubaba, stalking towards L who held Sora still.

"Her parents are good as-mmph!" went Yubaba, only to be smacked in the face by a waking Sora.

"Be grateful that Chihiro was brave enough to lead No Face out of here" said Sora, blue eyes tinted red.

"Fine" said Yubaba.

"Haku, there will be a test for Chihiro when she comes back" she said.

"As for you five, leave my bathhouse" said Yubaba.

"W-What!?" exclaimed Sora and Kairi.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of Chihiro from here" said Haku, shifting into dragon form.

"It's his own way of apologizing and telling you thank you for everything you've done" said Kamajii.

"Your free to go" said Yubaba, watching them nod in acknowledgment.

"Tell Chihiro good luck" said Kairi, before following after everyone and returning back to Destiny Island.

End till a new journey awaits Sora and Co.

Sorry for how long this took but I think I did a good enough job with it.
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Jun 14, 2009
I Think you did a pretty good job KK. I wished they could have seen chihiro off but what was good was good.
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Sep 25, 2010
I had every intention of giving them an ending, lol. So here it is.

Bonus Chapter

As Kairi enter into the dark corridor after everyone else, she was surprised to see they were not returning to Destiny Island.

"I thought we were going home" said Kairi, puzzled.

"Not before seeing Chihiro one last time" said Sora, pulling Kairi into a hug.

"Yubaba only said to leave her Bathhouse" said Riku, grinning.

"You mean you guys found a loop hole?" said Kairi.

"Of course, what do you take us for Kairi?" said Sora, dragging her into another corridor to go through.

Stepping out of the corridor, the sky was dark with stars lighting up the night sky and a cottage stood before the five of them.

"Haku will be arriving soon" said Zeniba, encouraging No Face to keep spinning the thread.

"But how do you know?" asked Chihiro, hugging her knees as she sat in a chair waiting.

"Because of in here" said Zeniba, pointing to her heart.

"You'll know when the time is right" she said fondly.

L knocked on the door of the cottage and watched Zeniba opened it up.

"Can we see Chihiro for a moment?" asked L.

"Of course, Chihiro some of your friends are here" said Zeniba.

"Is it Haku?" asked Chihiro, getting up to see.

"Come see" said Kairi, hearing a gasp.

Haku came down around the five of them and looked fondly at the door awaiting Chihiro to come outside.

Chihiro appeared at the doorway and let out a cry.

"Haku! Your here!" said Chihiro, hugging his dragon snout.

"Haku, I forgive you for stealing from me. Make sure this girl arrives home safely" said Zeniba.

"Or else I will be cross with you. This girl came all this way to pay for your mistakes. So see to it she gets there Haku" said Zeniba, smiling at the pair.

"We wanted to see you off" said Sora, seeing a smile on Chihiro's face.

"To wish you good luck" said Kairi, feeling a hand clasp her shoulder.

"For the test" said Riku.

"You were really brave" said Aqua.

"Good luck getting back your parents" said L.

"I will. Thank you so much. All of you!" said Chihiro, before hugging Zeniba.

"Thank you for everything Grandma" she said, before climbing atop of Haku.

No Face stepped out to stand besides Zeniba to watch her go.

A small mouse and bird accompany Chihiro.

Together they watched her leave, waving goodbye one last time.

"Now we can go home" said Sora.

End of Bonus Chapter.


Oct 9, 2009
:D that was a very good ending to that arc, especially in the bonus chapter.

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Wonder what Axel's been doing the past two arcs. Mickey's busy with getting everyone in the Wasteland...so what has he been up too?

Axel: At a bar catching up with Tifa.. we were old friends in high school. Back then she was flatter then a ten year old girl.

Tifa: LEA!

*Axel dodges a flying chair.*

Axel: I'm sorry, forgive me Tif.

Tifa: Only if you help out.

*Axel plays the Cheers theme song on his Ipod.*

Nevermind then.
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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 35: Axel's day off (Part 1.)

Axel was frankly bored out of his mind.
His buddies were busy in school, since it was monday,after they had came back yesterday from someplace called Wasteland and and bathhouse for ghosts, or something like that he hadn't been paying attention really. It wasn't that he didn't care but it was all keyblade welder stuff, and it's not like he would be one anytime soon.

"I could go say hi to Kairi's folks, Snow and Searh, but then that pink woman will be there!" Axel thought in dread thinking of his sexy nemesis Lightning.

The red head sat on Sora's couch and thought of what to do to pass the time. Sora, Roxas, and Xion's green haired mother wouldn't be home for a few hours, and he had already watched all the seasons of NCIS, and Big Bang theory on Netflix.

"I guess I could go home for a bit and see if my old house is still standing, Oh wait I blew it up." Axel thought smacking himself on the head.

Axel then looked at Sora's video games and looked to see what he could play.

"Let's see….Megaman Legends 3, Portal, Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Valley of the Wind, Republic Souls, Jet Grind Radio….this could be fun I guess." He muttered.

Axel was about to put the game into Sora's Sega Dreamcast, when he snapped his fingers, setting the poor underrated game that this narrator wants you all to play on fire.

Axel's eyes were twitching, now looking at the ruined game.

"AAAAAHHHHH YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" He yelled frustrated at his own power.

Axel's face went pale.

"I got to get a new copy of this thing or Sora is going to try and kill me again….and he might pull it off." The red headed man thought.

He quickly made a portal of darkness and dashed to a game store to fix what went wrong.

In Radient Garden Axel quickly reappeared into a empty ally. He quickly flipped to the wall, making sure no one saw him. He still was a wanted man for kinda breaking Tron…..and after what Xion, and Roxas did to him last time. It was just better for him to stay out Leon's eye sight.

"Okay, so they didn't have it at the Island's GameStop. Twilight Town's BlockBuster kicked me out,cause of Demyx's late fees that we all had to share! This is my last chance….and why are they the only three worlds you can go to for buy stuff like this!" Axel ranted in his head.

"Hey mister are you okay?" asked a little girl, who was poking Axel's waist.

"AH!" Axel yelled as he smacked the poor child on the head, knocking her out.

"Oh no! Oh no! This is bad!" Axel thought panicking.

He shook the kid so she would get up, but much to Axel's dismay she did not.

"Hey dude are you okay?" Asked Hope.

" Ah a witness!" Axel screamed while knocking out Lightning's child with his Chakram.

Out of impulse of his hate for Lightning he gave Hope a black eye.

"Stop donning that!" Axel yelled at himself.

Out of rage of himself, he threw his Chakrams at the street walls, slashing and burning.

Axel quickly got himself together, just in time to see a young woman dressed in pink, with a basket of flowers.

'Oh my goddess are you alright?" Asked the flower girl.

The Nobody was having a debate in his head. To lie to this person and feel like a jerk, or tell the truth and spend a night in jail.

"Oh me, I'm fine! Just tired from fighting off a guy that was trying to kidnap these poor kids." Axel lied.

"What?!" Aireth asked gasping.

"She's buying it, keep it up!" Axel thought.

"Um yeah, this sliver haired guy with a big long sword was all like "Grr I'm gonna kill y'all!" Then I was like, no way bro." He tired slashing his sword at me, but I scared him off with my awesome fire powers. I even summoned a mini volcano. I was gonna give him the cops, but he got away." Axel lied.

Aireth gave him a great big hug.

"Oh you brave person, I'm so glad you managed to fight Sephiroth and live." She said scared for him.

Axel's eyes became wide as dinner plates.

"Wait, you mean that guy was….gulp. THE Sephiroth! Mr. One Winged Angel?" Axel gasped feeling faint.

Aireth saw the little girl.

"Oh no Marlene, that monster must have tried to take you, to hurt Tifa, and Cloud." She muttered.

"Did you say Tifa…as in Tifa Lockheart?" Axel asked.

"Yes why, do you know her?" The flower girl asked picking up the two grabbed a hold of kids.

Axel smiled thinking something good might happen to him today.

"She's an old friend." Axel said smiling.

"Then let's go see her!" The flower girl yelled as she grabbed Axel, the kids, and made a mad dash into the main part of town.

The pushy flower girl was dragging Axel by the soles of his feet. He hid his face after seeing two familiar looking people he sent to their death. The younger boy with the retarded emo hair cut have given Axel the finger. Axel in turn gave the boy his own finger.
The older short, brown haired man got the young boy to keep moving while giving Axel a small nod. In the crowd of people he could also a pink haired man, that the ex-Organization hoped he would never had to see again. The sakura scented man pointed to Axel, then to a young child, then began sexual movements with his body. Axel in a fit of rage used every swear word he knew in sign language at the man, who gave a small chuckle and vanished. The flower girl saw what had happened.

"Do you know those three?" She asked.

"….Yeah, I used to work with them." Axel mumbled, in a way regretting his role in two deaths in Castle Oblivion, while planning another one.

Meanwhile at Destiny High.

For an unknown to all of them, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Namine, Roxas, Xion, and Aqua were sitting in Mr. Elric's class at lunchtime. The once Full Metal Alchemist was also accompanied by The Principal Roy Mustang, Winrey Elric, and his brother Al. While Sora, Riku and Kairi has confused looks, Roxas, and Xion had looks of guilt, and Namine and Aqua had looks of terror.

"Alright…." Ed started to speak.

"Okay we admit it! We planted a pudding bomb in the cafeteria, and framed Sora for it! " Interrupted Roxas and Xion.

"Um, what?" Edward asked.

"You two did WHAT?!" Sora, Aqua and Mustang yelled.

They all heard a large kaboom on the other side of the school, with much screaming that fallowed.

"Too late.." Xion whispered.

The Flame, and Full Metal Alchemist's eyes just twitched in sheer baffling anger at the twins. The others didn't know wither to laugh or cry at this, while Sora give his siblings a half proud and angry fist bump for the well done prank.

"Okay….before I call your mother Mr. and Ms. Branford their is something of great importance we need to talk to you all about." Roy stated.

"None of you are in trouble…for this anyway." Al said easing Aqua's mind.

"Miss Hawkeye would you come in here with the transmutation circle please?" Mr. Mustang asked someone outside,

"Oh thank God, I thought he was going to show us all a picture of him in drag…..that image still give me nightmares." Riku thought.

Ms. Riza Hawkeye came out with Hall Monitor Armstrong, who was now covered in pudding. As the large man came in dropping off a large chunk of wall with some odd writing on it. He gave a glare at Roxas and Xion, knowing that in spite of seemly innocent faces, that the latest prank was their doing.

"Here you are sir, the item in question." Ms. Hawkeye stated.

"Thank you Ms. Hawkeye, now could you be a doll and get me a beer while your at it?" Roy asked while slapping her on the behind, causing much anger the women in the room.

" OH GOD RIZA, I'M SORRY! I WAS JUST JOKING AROUND! CAN'T YOU TAKE A JOKE?!" Roy yelled as Ms. Hawkeye quickly fired off a round of bullets that had barely missed her superior.

"Anyway, back the matter at hand!" Ed yelled trying to get things back to order.

They all looked at him.

"So pop quiz! Do any of you know what is on that part of my wall?" Ed asked.

"Um, Mr. Elric sir, why did you bring a part of your wall to school?" Sora asked.

"JUST LOOK AT THE DAMN WALL!" Ed yelled, while scarring the living day lights out of his students.

The Keyblade wielders, and Namine looked very carefully at the piece of wall on the floor. They all could see it was an alchemy transmutation circle. Yet this was one that most had never seen before. On the side their was a set of large numbers for the size, a drawing of a crystal and the full moon painted in blood. In fact this whole thing was in blood. Aqua being the only one to understand this, she raised her hand.

"This is a transmutation circle for a……." Aqua gasped.

"A Philosopher's Stone. Glad to know one of you is doing your homework, UNLIKE THE REST OF YOU SLACKERS!" Edward yelled pointing at them all.

"We aren't even in your class!" Roxas Xion and Namine said.

"No excuses!" Ed said, only to be given a wretch to the head by his wife.

"Stop talking Ed! She ordered.

"So what does this have to do with us?" Riku asked.

As Ed was rubbing his head, Al spoke for him on this end.

"Well if you read your alchemy books, you'd know that a Philosopher's Stone is a very dangerous thing to make and forbidden. That reason why is that it. Well it's main ingredient to make it is human souls." Al said in a very serious tone.

That got everyone scared. Namine slowly raised her hand.

Mr. Al…….why would someone write something that…horrible on your brother's wall?"

"Also why are our name's on a list?" Kairi asked looking at the wall to see a list of Keyblade wielders written down including their own.

"Well that's why your all here, that friend of your's L wrote this, and we want to know if any of you know something about him. This is very dangerous, so please give us everything you have on him." Roy asked.

"Wait L knows about this?" Sora asked.

"What is he hiding? What is he not telling us, and…why does he know about Terra, and Xehanort?" Aqua thought looking at part of the list that had Terra=Xehanort.

Meanwhile back with Axel.

At the newest bar in Radiant Garden The 7th Heaven, owned by Tifa LockHeart and Cloud Strife. The red head man in question was laughing his butt on one of Tifa's barstools.

"So you, bashed his head in the wall and lit him on fire using his gloves! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Axel said laughing.

"Well that's what a pig like Mustang gets." Tifa muttered.

"Oh….Tifa, you haven't changed a bit. I remembered all the times in school you used to beat up Isa, for trying to…well ya know. " Axel said.

He could see his old friend getting him another drink, while her extra spiky haired boyfriend was walking down from the upstairs room.

"So, Cloud…..ya still an emo? Axel asked.

Cloud gave his old classmate an annoyed scowl.

"Thanks for asking Lea, glad to see your still the same jerk as always." He muttered.

The red head took a sip of his beer.

" Glad you got that memorized, It's a gift. By the way I saw your sword and bike. Their pretty big, you sure your not over compensating for something?" Axel asked.

Cloud sat down near Tifa.

"I'd punch you for that, but you did save Marlene. So thanks for that." Cloud muttered while, getting a smile out of Tifa.

The Nobody drank his beer out of shame. Now feeling like a total ass, he did the one thing he rarely ever did.

"Well I'm….Sorry. I'm sorry I didn't get their sooner, and I'm sorry that I insulated you." Axel said.

"It's all good." Cloud said.

"So Lea, when everything went to heck in a hand basket. What did you do?" Tifa asked.

He did a spit take from his beer from her question.

"Oh, you know…..did some icky jobs, quit, made some new friends, and ya know Stuff." Axel muttered while rubbing his head.

Tifa wanted to go dig deeper, but her many years with Cloud told her to let it be. Also she could see someone opening the door.

"Can someone give us a drink around here?" Asked Ansem Seeker of Dark Chocolate, with Molly Mushroom riding on his shoulder.

"Heartless!" Everyone yelled.

"Oh Kingdom Hearts Damn it, not again!" Molly mumbled.

"Don't worry baby, I got this." Ansem said.

As, Cloud, Tifa, and Axel were about to attack the two, Ansem pulled out a letter from one of his many pockets in his jacket. It magically changed into Master Yen Sid's head.

"To any that meet these two heartless, do not fear them. They will do you no harm." The floating head said.

The floating head vanished stopping the three fighters, and stunning them.

"See it's all good." Ansem said.

"Now how about those drinks?" Molly asked.

"Um, sure…right away miss." Tifa said, still a little stunned.

As the woman was about to pour Molly her drink, the Mushroom Heartless stopped her.

"Oh, only water for me please. I'm under age." Molly said.

"Oh….So if you don't mind me asking how old are you?" Tifa asked.

"Oh, I'm three." Molly stated.

"Three!" The three light dwellers yelled in surprise.

"In Heartless years, in your years I'm twenty." Molly explained.

"Oh, so how are you guys able to ya know talk and everything?" Cloud asked.

As Ansem and Molly were yanking Cloud and Tifa's ears off. A small, blonde, fairy who looked like she had seen better days, came into the bar.

The fairy that Axel recognized sat next to him, or on top of his water glass.

"Um, Hey." Axel said.

The fairy looked up and him and weakly smiled.

"Hey yourself mister spiky head." Rikku said.

"What's a pip-squeak like you doing here all alone? Where are your friends?" Axel asked.

"Yunie, busy with her dad, trying to get us to normal. Tidus and Wakka are at school and…." Rikku started to say.

The Nobody could see tiny tears form out of her green eyes.

"Hey, hey, hey! What's up?! Aren't you the mega happy one?" Axel asked.

"Not today….Today I just had a really big fight with my girlfriend. I mean, when we started going out it was great….and when we started to make each other feel good, it was amazing.
But…." Rikku started.

"Let me guess, she got you into some stuff that started out good, but later got, creepy and wouldn't stop right? Axel said thinking about his past dating life with a certain evil blonde girl.

"Yeah, and she would yell at me, and call me names if I asked her to stop." Rikku mutter.


"What?" Rikku said.

"You don't need her!" Axel couched her.

"Yeah?" Rikku asked.

"She's been slowing you down!" Axel yelled.

"Yeah." Rikku admitted.

"You don't need that bitch to make you happy!" Axel said.

"Your right! I'm gonna go right up to Paine and break up with. She's not kicking me around anymore!" Rikku said finally getting of her sprit back.

"Good, glad to hear it!" Axel said grinning.

"Thanks for the pep talk Mr.Spiky." Rikku said.

"The name's Lea, got it memorized?" He asked.

"Yep, I'm Rikku." She stated.

The fairy girl winked at the red head and gave her a small kiss on the nose.

"Come see me when you're eighteen kiddo." Axel said.

She vanished blowing a kiss to the red head.

"Damn, she's got a sexy voice." Axel thought.

"Axel got some booty, some booty!" Ansem whispered.

The red head then threw a few dirt's at the Heartless's face.

"Oh you have dirts, I love that game." Molly said clapping her hands in joy.

"Game?" Axel thought remembering what he needed to do again.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Axel screamed.

Outside of the town a sliver haired man with a large sword looked at a man with blue hair and a scar.

"Now pay attention, boy. I'm going to teach you how to give revenge."

End of part 1.


Sep 25, 2010
Couldn't stop laughing at everyone exclaiming at Molly for being three X'D this chapter was really good, I'm surprised Axel knew Tifa and Cloud though. At the end I felt confused but remember what Axel did earlier on in the chapter, that I couldn't help but laughed. Also what the heck was Marluxia doing!? That poor kid! I couldn't recognize who the brown hair guy was tho. Also glad that pep talk helped Rikku.

Can't wait for part 2. Was a great chapter Lan!


Oct 9, 2009
X'D hahaha awesome chapter sir! i laughed my arse off! axel is just to funny dude cant even play a game without it ending up in a day in a bar!
also this is by far the best line fucking ever!
"So, Cloud…..ya still an emo? Axel asked.
XD nearly fell out of my chair at that! HAHAHAH

"Damn, she's got a sexy voice." Axel thought.
did you just make a reference to who i think you did!?
Sep 19, 2011
In the great wide somewhere~
xD Wow, what was Marluxia doing over there? And Xion's and Roxas's pudding bomb... Poor Axel, he's certainly gotten himself into trouble this time. If only Demyx returned those movies on time, he wouldn't have to be there.

:eek: And L's planning something...

Nice chapter, although you had a few typos and instead of "dart" put "dirt" towards the end. That confused me for a while. :d

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 35.2: Axel's day off.(Part 2.)

" NO! I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO BURN YOUR GAME!" Axel screamed in horror.

"Lea, calm down, what wrong?!" Tifa asked trying to pull Axel back together.

"I ruined a friend of mine's game and if i don't get a copy he's going to kick my ass." Axel said.

"Dang, I wonder who he is if he can make Lea scared." Cloud thought not knowing that it was the cheerful Sora, whom his former classmate feared.

"What was the game?" Molly asked.

"Jet something radio, I don't know!" Axel muttered.

"Jet Grind Radio! I love that game! I keep a spare copy in my hat." Molly said.

He lifted the tiny girl up in the air and kissed her with joy.

"Thank you so much!" Axel said

"Wow, wow, hold it bub. I never said I would give it to you." Molly said while spiting out Axel's kiss.

"I'll do anything for it! Name it!" He muttered.

"Anything?" Molly and Ansem asked.

"Ah crap." Axel thought.

Tifa, and Cloud were a little scared as Ansem and Molly laughed evilly at Axel's fate.

Meanwhile back at the school.

"Why are we doing this again?" Riku asked.

"Cause the cafeteria needs cleaning?" Sora said.

"No I mean why are WE, as in anyone but your bother and sister are doing this?" Riku yelled annoyed.

"Because someone had to go and call Mr. Elric short again!" Kairi muttered.

"It's not my fault if it's true." Riku whispered.

"Man this was so much cooler in my head." Xion said.

"Well, someone didn't have to tell on us." Roxas whispered.

"Oh quit whining, you two!" Sora growled irritated, seeing his eyes turn from his normal blue to a red hue.

The twins were taken aback by their brother's eye color and sudden temper, and cleaned more quietly.

As Aqua cleaned, Namine looked at her.

"Um, Master Aqua are you okay?" She asked.

The Keyblade Master face was dripping with sweat. She was having flashbacks of her fight with Terra, being controlled by Xehanort. She was puzzled that L would even know who Terra was and that he was being control. She always worried about a head to head fight with him. For even if she was a master, but the woman had no idea how to get the old man out of her friend's body without hurting or killing him.

"Oh, I'm fine just..thinking about that stone." Aqua lied, not wanting to bother her students with her problems.

Riku put down his mop in a pile of pudding.

"Yeah guys, am the only one here not feeling okay with a guy like L around?" Riku muttered.

"What do you mean Riku?" Kairi asked.

"Kairi, he knows everything about us, but he doesn't tell anything about himself other then his obsession with killing that eye patch guy. He pops out of nowhere, and I think he's starting to have an effect on Sora." Riku explained.

" Riku hold on, L's a good guy." Sora protested.

"We don't know that Sora. We don't know anything about him, we haven't even seen his face." Riku argued.

"He saved Namine, and he brought back Yuna's dad!!" Kairi protested.

"He could be a spy." Riku protested.

"We don't really now anything about him, but what did you mean by an effect on Big brother?" Xion asked seeing this as a way of not working.

The boy looked at Sora, then at Kairi, then at everyone else.

"When Sora, Master Aqua, Kairi, and myself went to a bathhouse for Spirits, something happened to Kairi and Sora went a little crazy." Riku explained.

"Crazy?" Sora asked not remembering.

"You got so angry that it scared the crap out that No-Face thing!" Riku yelled.

"How is that a bad thing?" Roxas asked.

"Cause coming from a guy that had angry powers, it's not always good! Sora never had that problem until L showed. It might been messing with his and who know who's heart." Riku explained.

Aqua and Kairi quickly checked Sora's heartbeats both seemed to be beating fine….until!

" ROXAS, XION! YOU TWO ARE IN SO MUCH TROBLE!" Was what an angry Terra Branford yelled from across the hall.

The three looked in utter terror as Sora's heartbeats became very fast.

" Are we in trouble?" Roxas asked.

"You have no idea." Sora whispered scared for his siblings.

"I hope Axel is having a better day then we are." Xion thought.

Back at the Bar..

Axel wanted to kill himself. He was wear a pink dress, a ribbons in his spikes and had lipstick on. Molly and Ansem were rolling a video camera that was in her hat. Cloud, Tifa and Aireth were trying not to laugh.

"Okay I just want to say, that, I'm a girl. With pretty ribbons in my hair and I want to kiss all the boys." Axel muttered.

"This might be the best game trade of all time." Ansem chuckled.

"Don't I know how to pick a dress huh Cloud?" The flower girl asked.

"Don't remind me." The swordsmen muttered feeling Axel pain.

"When did you have to cross dress?" Molly asked.

"I had save Tifa from the Mob, and the only way to get in their hideout was……something I'd like to forget." Cloud muttered out of embarrassment.

"Aw but if you did something like that for Tifa, you must really love her." Molly stated.

Cloud blushed while Tifa kissed him.

"Um Hello, game please?" Axel asked.

Ansem tossed the red head the copy. Axel then changed into his black coat. He quickly set Ansem on fire, with a sick smile.

"Burn, baby BURN!" Axel ordered.

"I'm burning, and it hurts!" The Heartless yelled.

As Molly tried to put out the fire, a large explosion blew up half the bar. The two heartless were sent into a wall, the glasses and bar mugs shattered into Axel's face, and other body parts. Cloud was sent flying into the sky across the town. TIfa could see a familiar face, and one she didn't want to see again.

"Sephiroth?!" She asked.

"Hello my dear Tifa, it's so good to see you again." The One winged angel whispered into her ear as he lustfully tongue kissed the bar maid.

Tifa was not only shocked but disgusted, she swiftly gave the over hyped villain a kick to the man's weak point, and a punch to the face. He was painfully slammed into a wall.

"Aireth, get Marine out of here now!" Tifa ordered.

The flower girl ran upstairs and did what she was told.

Axel slowly got up only to find his former friend Isa, who looked quite angry at him.

"You're not going to kiss me are you?" Axel asked half joking.

The Ex-Organization member was sent flying into the town the same way Cloud was by the blue haired man's Claymore. The X scared man went after him.

The Bar maid pulled on her gloves, charged at the sliver haired man, she gracefully dodged all of the man's swift sword strikes. Out of nowhere the fallen hero, slashed his long blade onto her skin at close-range. The girl closed her eyes waiting for the right time to attack. After a few painful attacks from her terminator, her red eyes opened wide with jackpot signs in them. Her body was given tons of energy, she focused it on her right fist and lunged at Sephiroth. He barely noticed the attack, as Tifa's iron knuckles dung into the man's pretty boy face. The angel of death vanished into black feathers. Tifa looked around to feel a sword go into her body. One of her arms was being pulled back.

"I think I'll play with you some more, and maybe deflower you if Cloud hasn't my pet." The One winged angel whispered into her ear.

"Oh my gosh you aren't just an asshole, your a rapist too!" Molly said gasping.

""Looks like I'll have to teach him some manners then." Ansem growled while cracking his knuckles.

The man laughed at the two heartless.

"Meaningless Heartless, you really think you can beat me!? I was 1st Class before the fall." He ranted.

He was quickly stabbed with a large sword, not as long as his but still quite large. This gave Tifa the chance to get away and recover.

"Yeah then you went crazy, tried to kill my girlfriend and then my buddy." Said a familiar voice giving a potion to Tifa.

"It can't be.. Zack." Tifa thought. gasping.

"Long time no see Seph.." Zack said with a cheerful grin.

"YOU….I….. KILLED YOU! HOW?" The One winged Angel asked baffled.

Behind them, came Cloud bursting from the door, with a very large, and long sword, about the size of his motor bike.

"WHAT UP SEPHIROTH?!" Cloud yelled with a Shizuo slasher smile!

"Oh God, he's gone Shizuo on us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Ansem and Molly yelled while grabbing Aireth and the Tifa, and Cloud's kid from upstairs, and wrapping the heck out their.

Cloud, Tifa, and Zack were about to lay the ultimate smack down on the one winged angel. When the man vanished.

"Next time." He muttered.

It took Cloud a while to get out of his rage mode, but he finally saw his friend back from the dead.

"ZACK IS THAT YOU!?" He said gasping.

"The one and only, A guy I met broke me out of the underworld." Zack muttered.

"Is it safe to come out now?" Aireth asked before gasping looking at Zack.

She quickly hugged him.

"Darling!" The flower girl yelled.

"Hey dear, sorry it took me so long." Zack whispered.

"Aw it's like if Trigun's Milly and Wolfwood got back together." Molly muttered with tears in her eyes.

"I know right?" Ansem said feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Meanwhile across town.

Axel picked himself from the ground. He felt his former friend right next to him.

"Isa, buddy lets talk about this." Axel said trying to calm his friend down.

"Nothing to talk about Lea..I said I would kill you, and that's what I'm going to do." Isa said in a low growl.

"What happened to you man, you used to be cool! What happened to the guy that could band ten chicks at the same time?" Axel asked.

"Wait what?" Isa asked confused.

"Wait wrong person…I mean what happened to my best friend? The guy I used to hang out with, eat ice cream with, look at hot chicks with, where is that guy?" Axel asked.

"You stabbed him in the back for two brats!" Isa screamed as he started to attack his former friend.

Axel used his chakrams to deflect the waves of the moon.

"No YOU made me go to them cause you were too busy kissing Xemans's ass! Roxas and Xion made me feel human, and were great kids. What the hell gave any of you jackasses the right to screw their lives up!" Axel yelled.

"This coming from the murderer? The double crosser? The guy that went after Larxene?" Isa said baffled.

"Hey I've done things I'm not proud of, but attest I'm making up for them. Look dude Xehanort is not gonna give you anything he promised. Xemans didn't so what makes you think he will?" Axel asked.

Isa stopped for a minute.

"Come on man, can't we start over?!" Axel asked giving his hand out in friendship.

Axel could swear he saw Isa's eyes go from yelled to his old color.

"Well……"Isa was about to say when he felt a jabbing feeling in his heart.

"NEVER! I SWEAR TO KILL YOU LEA! AND YOUR LITTLE PETS TOO!" Isa screamed with a Xehanort like voice.

Axel then shot out a fire wall.


Isa couldn't take the heat,he was being blasted with flames, almost burnt to a crisp. The moon wasn't out and Lea kept his attack. With every slash, Lea felt something. Inside his chest he kept feeling something pumping, and beating. He stopped the attacks feeling his chest, giving Isa the chance to slip away.

"Oh, my Vash, I….have a heart." I HAVE A HEART! Isa..Isa.. aw crap." Axel yelled.

Back at Sora's place.

"And that's the story." Lea explained.

"Well I'm glad you got your heart back Axel, I mean Lea." Aqua said.

"Thanks also Sora, here's your game." Axel muttered.

Sora got back his game.

"Thanks Ax-I mean Lea, but I already downloaded it on my PS3." Sora said with sweat drops forming in the back of his head.

"So I did all that for nothing?!" Lea asked getting an angry look in his eyes.

"Well…not for nothing…."Sora whispered.

"Your right Sora, and for that I'll give you a five minute head start." Lea said while making fire in hands.

"AAAHH ROXAS, XION GET THE COCONUTS! " Sora yelled as he ran for it!

After waiting a few minutes Lea dropped on the couch and started to play the game.

"You just wanted to play the game." Aqua stated.

"Yep, cause I'm Lea baby, got it memorized?" Lea asked while putting on some pimpin sunglasses.

End of chapter


Sep 25, 2010
-mind is spinning- this was fanastic! Seeing Zack show up to assist Cloud and Tifa against Sephiorth was great! Can't believe Sephiroth would -shudders- do something like that to Tifa. Axel/Lea finally got a heart, which was great. So Isa under Xehanorts influence, I hope he can be saved before its too late.

"AAAHH ROXAS, XION GET THE COCONUTS! " Sora yelled as he ran for it!
this I found extremely amusing.

Loved reading this chapter, Lan. Was awesome sauce. You outdid yourself xD
Sep 19, 2011
In the great wide somewhere~
Hm... I gotta say, I didn't like this chapter as much as the others. I'm no expert on Sephiroth, but I think he was a little too sexual in here... Also, you misspelled Aerith several times...

But, aside from the Sephiroth part, I liked this chapter. :3 Zack got to reunite with his friends, Isa almost went back to normal, Axel got to wear a pretty dress, Molly got to troll a little, and Axel got his heart back somehow. I think the ending was perfect. X3 All that work for almost nothing~ Poor Axel. I also liked the fight against Sephiroth, and am interested to see more from Isa, since Xehanort is possessing him now... :eek:

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Jun 14, 2009
-mind is spinning- this was fanastic! Seeing Zack show up to assist Cloud and Tifa against Sephiorth was great! Can't believe Sephiroth would -shudders- do something like that to Tifa. Axel/Lea finally got a heart, which was great. So Isa under Xehanorts influence, I hope he can be saved before its too late.

this I found extremely amusing.

Loved reading this chapter, Lan. Was awesome sauce. You outdid yourself xD
I'm glad you liked it. Yep he's cloud's evil side right, also that nothing compared to what Van wants to do! Also I thought the coconuts would make you laugh. Also Mega, I wanted to change things up with the one winged angel and yeah your right about the misspelling.


Oct 9, 2009
that was awesome! you truly have out did yourself this day sir~ X'D haha axel was just hilarious loved it!

Aw it's like if Trigun's Milly and Wolfwood got back together." Molly muttered with tears in her eyes.
-sheds single tear-...why'd you have to remind me of that episode man ;_; (loved the reference btw)


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Aug 23, 2011
Finally got a little free time to read. All I really gotta say is that Axel can't catch a break, even on his day off he gets some icky jobs to do.
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