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Fanfiction ► Our Kingdom Hearts fanfic of total randomness!!

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Sep 25, 2010
Chapter 31. Meeting Yubaba.

Following Lin, Sora and Chihiro looked around to see levers going up and down above them.

"Probably has to do with the elevators" mumbled Kairi, seeing one open up.

"We have to go all the way up, to the top floor. That's where Yubaba lives" said Lin, entering the elevator.

Facing them, Lin asked "Are you guys coming? We don't got all day".

Rushing into the elevator, it was a tight fit for so many people inside of it.

Chihiro and Sora, leaned close to one of the walls that wasn't sided with panel, with cement wall facing it.

"Do you two want to lose your nose?" asked Lin, looking at them out of the corner of her eye.

The two of them backed away and faced forward.

"So what's this Yubaba like?" asked Riku.

"You'll see for yourself in just a few minutes" said Lin.

"Were half way their already. So just stay close until we arrive" said Lin.

"Kay" answered Chihiro.

The elevator came to a stop and opened up to reveal a Radish Spirit, wanting to go up.

"The Radish spirit! Sorry Sir, this elevator doesn't go any higher" said Lin, plastering a smile on her face.

"You'll have to take another one" said Lin, uncomfortably and pulled Chihiro along.

"Wait for us!" said Sora, taking hold of Chihiro's hand.

Exiting out of the elevator, you could just how grand this Bathhouse really was. Their were baths everywhere, filled with spirits and odd looking animals

"Look at those! Those chicks are so huge and adorable!" said Kairi, squealing with delight.

"You can get a closer look at them, after we get our jobs Kairi" said Riku, rolling his eyes.

"He's following us" commented Chihiro, hearing squeaky footsteps that belonged to the Radish Spirit.

"Just don't look at him" said Lin, facing straight ahead and full of purpose.

Arriving at another elevator, it opened up to reveal a bunch of monster like spirits with horns and long teeth, dressed in bathrobes.

"Step to the right, please gentleman" called out a Frog man, from behind them.

"Your rooms are right this way" said the Frog man, passing them by without a glance.

"He didn't notice us" whispered Kairi.

Right then the Frog man caught a whiff of something in the air and began to sniff.

"Lin!" called out the Frog man, turning to face all of them.

"Spoke to soon" muttered Riku, knowing they were caught red handed.

Chihiro was pushed into the elevator by Lin, followed by Sora who grabbed hold of Riku who grabbed hold of Kairi just in time.

"What!?" whined out Lin, letting out a breath of relief once they were out of sight.

"What is that smell, it's human! You smell just like a human Lin!" said the Frog man, facing her and stepping closer to her.

"Oh really?" said Lin, hands on her hips.

"Where's it coming from Lin?" demanded the Frog man.

C'mon, your hiding something aren't you?" asked the Frog man, getting close up and personal.

"Show it to me!" said the Frog man.

"Is this what you smell?" asked Lin, whipping out the roasted newt Kamjii gave her earlier.

"Roasted. Newt!" gasped out the Frog man, who was drooling and sweating.

Lin pulled her roasted newt away before he could take it.

"No way frog. I'm saving every last bite for myself" said Lin, smirking.

"Please. Just a little bit. Just give me a leg" said the Frog man, trying to get it out of her dangling hands.

"If you want to go up, pull the lever on the right" called out Lin.

"You'll have to do it Chihiro, your the closest" said Sora, being squished in the back.

"Can't you share?" cried out the Frog man, while Chihiro pulled down the lever to everyones relief.

The first stop you could see a long hall way filled with screens, with shadows of spirits or animals inside them.

"This must not be it" said Riku, seeing the Radish spirit pull down on the lever.

The next stop revealed to be Yubaba's floor, filled with decorative tiles, vases, and huge looking doors.

"This lady has no sense of style" said Sora, earning a few weirded out looks.

"This isn't the time to be making comments on furniture Sora" said Riku, hitting him on the head.

"Sora does have a point" said Kairi, thinking it was somewhat tacky but could tell the vases were expensive.

Chihiro walked ahead of them and stood outside the massive reddish pink door ways.

"That's a weird looking ornament to hang on a door" said Sora, reaching out to touch the golden faced ornament.

"What about the bird statue?" asked Kairi, pointing above the doors to reveal a golden bird that looked a lot like the one they had seen outside earlier.

Chihiro reached out for the door handles when the golden ornament spoke.

"Aren't you even going to knock?" it asked.

"Your the most pathetic little girl I've ever seen" said the Ornament, rolling it's eyes back.

"Aren't you just a ball of sunshine" commented Kairi.

"Kairi!" said Riku, in warning.

"Talk about no manners or politeness" said the Ornament.

The huge doors opened up, to reveal four massive doors just like it and opening up as light above them lit the room.

"Well come in" called out the Head Honcho.

"I said... Come in" said Yubaba, waving her jeweled cover hand forward and her red nails clutching onto something.

Chihiro was pulled forward before Sora, Riku, or Kairi could react.

"Chihiro!" they called out, but the doors slammed shut instantly the moment she went through them.

"We have to get in their!" said Sora, banging his fists down upon the door.

"She's not gonna stop us!" said Riku, grabbing hold of Sora's arm and summoning Way to Dawn.

Sora quickly summoned KingdomKey and jumped back to perform the ritual that opened new path ways.

Inside Yubaba's office.

"So your the girl who is causing an uproar in my Bathhouse" said Yubaba, taking a good look at her.

Chihiro having landed on her face, got up to face her when three heads came her way.

Backing away in fear, Chihiro couldn't stop gasping at them as they surrounded her.

"Quiet down your making a racket" said Yubaba, scrawling something down on a piece of paper.

"Excuse me. I was wondering if you could give me a job" said Chihiro.

Yubaba looked up at her and zipped her mouth closed with a gesture of her hand.

"I don't want to hear such a stupid request" said Yubaba, finding it amusing.

"Your just a stinking useless weakling" said Yubaba, lifting a bag filled with gold coins.

"And this is certainly no place for humans" said Yubaba.

"It's a bathhouse for the spirits, where they come to replenish themselves" said Yubaba, placing a long cigarette in her mouth.

"And you humans always make a mess of things. Like your parents" said Yubaba.

"Gobbling up the food for the spirits like pigs" said Yubaba.

"They got what they deserved" said Yubaba, using one finger to produce a flame and lighting her cigarette.

"And you should be punished too" said Yubaba, drawing in a breath and releasing a bunch of smoke out of her nose and into the air.

"You could be a piglet or if you prefer, maybe a lump of coal" said Yubaba, taking her old sweet time in punishing her.

"I can see you shaking. I'm actually impressed you made it this far" said Yubaba, cackling slightly.

"But I'm sure you didn't do it on your own" said Yubaba, smiling now.

"Let's thank whoever helped you" said Yubaba, sweetly and cunningly.

"Just who was it dear, why don't you tell me" said Yubaba, unzipping Chihiro's mouth.

"Please. Can't you give me a job!" said Chihiro, the moment she could speak.

"Don't start that again!" said Yubaba, thumping her desk.

"Please! I just want to work!" insisted Chihiro.

"Don't... Say... That" said Yubaba, turning red in the face in anger and everything on her desk begun to shake.

Instantly heartless appeared around them and Sora bursted in through the door.

"You three!" said Yubaba, angrily.

Chihiro ran for cover as heartless came pouring out of the room everywhere.

"Your the ones causing these things to make a mess of my Bathhouse!" roared out Yubaba.

"You, NO GOOD FOR NOTHING HUMANS!" shouted out Yubaba.

Riku blasted out Dark Aura at the heartless that surrounded Chihiro by the fire place.

Sora performed Stop and attacked the motionless heartless.

"It's not our fault that theirs heartless here! We're here to stop it, You Old Hag!" yelled out Kairi, using Firaga strike raid and setting the heartless aflame.

Using Reflega, Kairi blasted out the remains heartless with her light.

"You owe us" said Sora, placing a hand on Chihiro's trembling shoulder.

"I owe you nothing" said Yubaba, crossly.

"Give us a job!" demanded Riku.

A loud thumping noise could be heard followed by loud wails.

"Oh dear! You woke up the baby!" said Yubaba, watching a large foot come crashing through her door.

"Mommies here, now be a good boy" said Yubaba, sweetly and ignoring the four of them.

"Why are all of you still here, I told you to leave" said Yubaba.

"I want you to give us a job, please" said Chihiro.

"Quiet down, your scaring the baby" said Yubaba, getting hit in the face by a bunch of wood.

"I'm not leaving, until you give me a job!" said Chihiro, one last time.

"Okay okay, just be quiet" said Yubaba, whispering softly to her baby.

"Way to go Chihiro" said Sora, cheerfully.

Four pieces of paper came their way followed by a floating pen for each of them.

"That's your contract, sign away and I'll put you to work" said Yubaba, coming back into the room and fixing the place up with a flick of her fingers.

"If I hear one little complaint out of any of you, you four will be joining her parents in the pig pen" said Yubaba, fixing her picture on the wall.

"So, do we sign our names here?" asked Sora, pointing to a blank spot on the piece of paper.

"Just sign it! Do you want the job or not? said Yubaba

Chihiro knelt down by the fire and begun writing her name carefully down on the scrap of paper.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi copied her.

"I hate being so nice all of the time" said Yubaba, aloud.

"Are you done yet?" asked Yubaba, making the piece of paper slide out from each of them.

"So your names Chihiro" said Yubaba, holding it in both her hands.

"Yes Ma'am" said Chihiro, standing up now and waiting.

"What a pretty name" said Yubaba, sliding a jeweled covered hand over the paper and gathering up some of the letters off of the page.

"And it belongs to me now" said Yubaba, with a twinkle in her eye.

"From now on your name is Sen. You got that? Answer me Sen!" said Yubaba.

"Yes Ma'am" said Chihiro.

"As for you three" said Yubaba, turning her gaze upon Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

"Your new names our Aro, Kiu, and Ri" said Yubaba, naming Sora, Riku, and Kairi in order.

Yubaba jeweled hand flashed outward again and collected parts of their names as well, from the scarp of paper they each signed.

"You called for me" said Haku, appearing behind them and ignore all four of them.

"This girls sign a contract, set her up with a job. Including those three" said Yubaba, with distaste.

"Right. What's your names?" asked Haku, facing them now.

"Wha? Chih- oh it's Sen" said Chihiro.

"Aro" said Sora, glancing at Riku.

"Kiu" said Riku.

"Ri" said Kairi.

"Okay, follow me" said Haku.

The five of them enter the elevator and begun the descend downwards.

"Haku" said Chihiro, looking at him.

"Don't talk to me and address me as Master Haku" said Haku.

"C'mon! You act as if you don't know us!" said Kairi.

"Aren't we your friends?" asked Sora.

"Sora. Kairi. Let it go" said Riku, having an idea why Haku was acting this way and earning unhappy looks from the two of them.

Exiting out and descending some stairs of the living courtiers of the Bathhouse.

"I don't care if Yubaba gets angry with us" said a Short Man in a yellow uniform.

"Were not taking humans" said a Tall Man with a big mustache in a blue uniform.

"Their already under contract" said Haku, on the last step and facing them.

"What!?" shouted the Tall man, in disbelief.

"I promise to work really hard" said Chihiro, bowing slightly.

"Were not gonna take her into our apartment" said a Woman, in a kimono.

"She'll stink up the whole place" said another woman, holding her sleeve against her nose.

"Three days of eating our food and her smell will go away" said Haku, coldly.

"Sounds like someone is defending a certain someone" said Sora, glancing at Haku.

"And if she doesn't work hard... roast her, boil her, do whatever you want" said Haku.

"Now get back to work!" said Haku, looking at each and everyone of them.

"Where is Lin?" asked Haku, as the workers scatter away.

"What! Don't you dump her on me!" said Lin, leaning against a wall.

"You said you wanted an assistant" said Haku, with a smile.

"Come on Chihiro" said Kairi, taking her hand.

"That's perfect, give the girl to Lin" said Short man.

"Oh great" said Lin, unhappy about the situation.

"Sen, Ri, Get going" ordered Haku.

"Right" they said together.

"Why are you picking on me? You owe me one Haku, you hear me?" said Lin.

"Have a nice day" said Tall Mustache man.

"Come on" said Lin.

"What about us?" asked Sora.

"Your with me" said Haku, leading Riku and Sora away.

In the hallway out of ear shot

"I can't believe you two did it! I was so worried about you two" said Lin, turning to face Kairi and Chihiro.

"Now let's get some clothes" said Lin, hurrying down the hall to their rooms.

To be Continued.
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Oct 9, 2009
good chapter~
where'd you get "Aro", "Kiu" and "Ri" from tho?


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Aug 23, 2011
Ok I think I'm finally caught up on everything. Assuming I didn't accidentally skip any chapters. I'll have to go back and make sure, but this is a great fic guys. Can't wait to read more.


Sep 25, 2010
Chapter 32. River Spirit and Confrontations

The following day after, it was down pouring rain outside of the Grand Bath House.

Wearing their new uniforms, Kairi and Chihiro followed Lin to set to work.

"We have to do that?" asked Kairi, seeing several girls on their hands and knees rushing across the wooden floor with wet wash clothes.

"Yup, best get to work" said Lin, picking up a broom and sweeping along the hallways.

Chihiro and Kairi were on there hands an feet, scrubbing the wooden floors trying to keep up with the other workers but failing miserably.

"Geez Sen, haven't you ever worked a day in your life?" asked Lin, watching Chihiro wringing out her cleaning clothe in a bucket of water.

"Lin, Sen, and Ri. You got the big tub today" said Mustache man, holding a list of tasks for the Bathhouse.

"What? Hey that's frog work!" said Lin, hands on her hips.

"Orders from the top, so quit your complaining" said Mustache man, leaving.

Chihiro picked up her bucket of water, with Kairi following right behind her to open the sliding door to pour it outside. The two girls noticed No face standing outside in the rain.

"Hello? Aren't you getting wet out their?" asked Chihiro, staring at No face.

"Careful Chihiro, it could be a heartless" whispered Kairi, remembering Aqua telling her about this thing earlier.

"Sen! Ri! Are you two coming!? Hurry up!" called out Lin, making both girls jump.

"Coming!" shouted Chihiro, turning back to smile at No face.

"I'll leave the door open for you" said Chihiro, picking up the empty bucket and leaving.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Chihiro wait up!" said Kairi, giving one last glance at No face before running after her.

The three of them carried their cleaning supplies but Kairi backtracked a moment, catching sight of L who was lounging about in one of the baths.

"What are you doing here?" asked Kairi, shocked.

"Relaxing. I could certainly use a break like this every now and then" said L, enjoying the baths far more than he ought to.

"Does Sora and Riku know your here?" asked Kairi, wanting to hit L on the head with her broom.

"No, they don't need to know. I'm just here to keep an eye on things" said L.

"An eye on things? So we have to do the dirty work while your on break!?" said Kairi, a little to loudly and drawing unwanted attention.

"Shh, do you want to blow my cover?" asked L.

"Sorry" said Kairi, seeing L let out a sigh while rubbing a hand through his wet hair.

"I'm here in case you four need back up" said L, not voicing his real reasons to her.

Theirs no need for her to know unless Sora starts showing the signs.

"Ri, we could use you in here!" called out Lin, scrubbing the bathtub with Sen.

"Coming!" called out Kairi, hurrying away.

"We need a herbal soap token" said Lin, shoving Chihiro out of the bathtub.

"Right" said Chihiro, hurrying off to get one.

"We got a customer, so help me keep scrubbing until Sen gets back Ri" said Lin, seeing the unhappy look on Kairi's face.

"I hope Sora and Riku are having a better time than me" muttered Kairi, picking up a rag and began scrubbing.

In the Upper levels of the Bathhouse.

"Hmm something's coming, I wonder what" said Yubaba, putting down her jewels and placing them into a box.

Moving over to the windows and opening them up, Yubaba said "What useless scum, is slinking around in the rain?".

"A disgusting one" answered Marluxia, from behind her.

"You again!" said Yubaba, whirling around to face him.

"You let those three brats work for you" said Marluxia, voicing his disappointment.

"They signed the contract and you have no right to be in my Bathhouse" said Yubaba, walking back over to her desk.

"If they don't interfere with the girl I'm after, than your precious Bathhouse remains untouched" said Marluxia, plucking a petal off one by one from the rose he was holding.

"It better be! The trouble that Sen has already brought to my bathhouse is causing more then enough problems as it is" said Yubaba, pointing her finger at him.

"I don't need more and I want you gone!" shouted Yubaba.

"Than keep those three pests on a leash while I handle the rest" said Marluxia, leaving petals in his wake.

The moment Marluxia was gone, Haku stepped out of the shadows.

"You rang for me?" asked Haku.

"Keep Aro and Kiku busy" ordered Yubaba, watching Haku bow and leave.

"This better be worth it" muttered Yubaba.

Down below everyone was trying to keep the River Spirit from entering the Bathhouse.

Chihiro stopping the bath water, heard a commotion going on in the hallway and saw Mustache man approaching her.

"Sen, Yubaba wants to see you" Mustache man.

"Yes Sir! I'll be back in a minute Ri" said Chihiro, hurrying away.

"That spirit with the creepy mask keeps showing up but it's not a heartless" said Kairi, mostly to herself.

"I believe their is much more at work than meets the eye, Kairi" said L, walking across the room to where Kairi was standing.

"What do you mean, L?" asked Kairi, peering over the tub to look at him.

"Have you seen Sora or Riku at all today?" asked L.

"No, I haven't. Your not saying that their being kept away are you, L?" asked Kairi, seeing the frown on his face.

"I know Aqua is around here somewhere, but I think it's possible that their being kept under watch from Yubaba or even Haku" said L, crossing his arms.

Suddenly an awful smell came their way, followed by Chihiro who rounded the corner with a stricken look across her face.

"Right this way" choked out Chihiro, moving aside and allowing the River spirit to enter the Bath.

Kairi felt sick from the smell but joined Chihiro by the wall, watching the River spirit fall into the bath and cake them with mud.

"It wants something" said Kairi, seeing it look their way.

"Just a moment Sir" said Chihiro, slowly making her way to the panel with the bath tokens.

"Sen, I'll tug the rope" called out Kairi, climbing up the muddy bath and barley keeping her balance.

Above them was Yubaba laughing at the sight with a worker at her side.

"Let's see what they'll do next" said Yubaba, seeing all the bath tokens.

"Oh no, their going to waste all the good bath water" complained the worker.

Seeing a flow of water come jetting out, Kairi lost her footing and fell into the bath, taking Chihiro with her.

The River spirited lifted both girls up out of the water, leaving Chihiro close enough to feel the thorn in its side.

"Sen! Ri! Where are you?" called out Lin, wearing a mask over her face and broom.

"Over here" called out Kairi.

"I think he needs help, theirs a thorn in its side!" called out Chihiro.

"A thorn!?" said Lin, seeing Chihiro tried to pull it out.

"Whats that? He has a thorn? Get the staff down their, and step on it!" said Yubaba, jumping over the railing and floating down besides them.

"Listen to me! That's no stink spirit we have on our hands" said Yubaba, making a rope appear.

"Grab onto this rope!" said Yubaba, seeing Chihiro catch hold of it and begin tying it around the thorn.

"Hold on tight you two" said Lin, helping Chihiro tied it securely around the thorn.

"We got it tied on!" called out Chihiro.

"Everyone ready on my command!? And... Heave!" said Yubaba, waving two fans left to right.

"And Heave" said Kairi, tugging as hard as possible.


"Sora, I think something's going on" said Riku, leaning over the railing to grab something.

"You noticed it too?" asked Sora.

"Yes, I think we're being kept out of the way" said Riku, eyeing Haku across the room.

"Theirs two of us and one of him" said Sora.

"Than we're thinking the same thing?" asked Riku, getting an affirmative nod from Sora.

"Haku, how much longer do we have to keep cleaning this place up?" asked Sora, dropping his rag onto the ground.

"Until I order you to stop and it's Master Haku" said Haku.

"Sorry, was just feeling hungry" said Sora, keeping Haku distracted, while Riku checked the doors.

"What do you think your doing?" asked Haku, seeing Riku prying the door open.

"Leaving" said Riku, not beating around the bush.

"No one is allowed to leave unless I say so" said Haku.

"Your not keeping us here!" shouted Sora, growing angry at Haku.

"Do you want Yubaba to turn you into pigs?" asked Haku.

Sora merely shook his head and asked "Don't you feel anything for Chihiro?".

"Sen, her name is Sen. You best remember it Aro" said Haku, pushing Riku aside and locking the door.

"Your her friend aren't you? Your just going to leave her unprotected?" said Riku, suspecting Chihiro to be the one targeted.

"Doesn't concern me" answered Haku, flatly.

Sora became enraged and bounded across the room to fast for Riku to see.

Haku was picked up by the collar and a blow to the face sent him flying across the room.

L feeling the familiar chakra sky rocket knew Sora to be close.

"SORA!" shouted L, knowing Riku would be with him.

"In here!" shouted Riku, banging on the door.

"Stay out of the way" said L, kicking the door open and moving across the room to stop Sora from harming Haku further.

"How can you treat your friends like that!" spat out Sora.

"Sora, get ahold of yourself! Haku is under Yubaba's spell" said L, grabbing hold of his arm.

"Spell?" asked Sora, starting to calm down.

"Yes, a spell that needs to be broken by Chihiro" said L.

"Looks like the old hag couldn't keep her end of the bargain" muttered Marluxia, observing through the windows outside.

Hearing a weapon being drawn from behind him, Marluxia spun around to see Aqua standing before him.

"I finally found you!" said Aqua.

"Now explain yourself! What are you planning?" asked Aqua, her keyblade pointing directly at him.

To be continued~
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Oct 9, 2009
aww ended at the good part! >.<
-applauds- L that is the best random entrance i've ever beheld not everyone can do that in a tub nor naked so good job to you sir! -puts on shades and leaves-

Lanydx reborn

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Jun 14, 2009
Ah clifhanger. Great work again KK.

L: Thank you Gram. I really haven't had a bath in a long while. I know I need to do my job but the warm water feels so good.
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Sep 26, 2010
This Fan Fiction is really interesting and I really like it! It also looks like both of you are getting better at writing and I'm seeing less and less mistakes as you write more :D I will definitely look forward to more chapters and continue reading your Fan Fiction

I think I saw a Naruto reference in the last part of the Epic Mickey Arc XD Please tell me if I'm wrong. Sorry but I'm a little bit of a Naruto fan


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Sep 26, 2010
Yes a new fan! WOOT *Fires the party cannon.* Yes you did. Also what else do you like?
I also like how Xion and Roxas torment Axel, I always did think they should have done something to him in Days. I like the different characters other than Final Fantasy and TWEWY characters too like Ed, by the way I really liked the Beauty Pageant trick pulled on Ed by Mustang.


Sep 25, 2010
Thanks everybody. Sorry this is late, meant to post a few days ago. I hope ya enjoy reading the Spirited Away arc, cause its bout to end soon. Had to split it into two parts.

Chapter 33. Part 1.

"What am I planning, you ask?" said Marluxia, lifting his right gloved hand and summoning his scythe.

"To tear this place apart and take that girls heart" said Marluxia, slashing out at Aqua.

"Not if I can stop you!' shouted Aqua, cartwheeling out of the way and leaping into the air, sending volleys of magic at him.

"You may be a Keyblade Master, but your not strong enough to defeat me" said Marluxia, deflecting the blows and sending a wave of darkness at her.

"You underestimate me!" shouted Aqua, fiercely and a burst of fire surged around her.

Aqua shifted her keyblade upward and called out "Ignite!".

Causing a roaring fire to explode around Marluxia and knock him back against the Bathhouse roof tops.

Marluxia regaining his feet and called on the darkness. Using it to make himself more stronger and powerful.

Aqua readying her keyblade, ran forward and twirled in midair, causing a beam of light to burst out of the tip of her keyblade.

"Childs play" said Marluxia, smirking and disappearing in a flash petals.

Marluxia reappeared behind her and sent multiple blows at Aqua with his scythe, disrupting her twirls of light.

Aqua taking a few hits manage to stay on her feet and knocked Marluxia away from her.

Twirling his scythe in midair, Marluxia stabbed the ground before him creating three huge dark craters, swirling with vines and darkness.

Aqua took hold of her keyblade, than flung it at Marluxia like a boomerang continuously back and forth filled with light.

Catching her keyblade in midair, Aqua sent a burst of light at Marluxia but he vanished again in a rain of petals.

"Fight me! You coward!" called out Aqua, looking left and right expecting an attack from him.

Hovering above Aqua, Marluxia lifted his scythe and sent beams of reddish pink light out of the ground.

Aqua cartwheeling out of the way of each beam that lit up the moment her feet touched the ground, caught sight of Marluxia as he struck down at her with his scythe.

Jumping upward out of the way of the twirling scythe, Aqua saw Marluxia was open and struck him down with a blow to the chest.

"Hah, not bad. What I would expect from a Keyblade Master" said Marluxia, clutching at his chest in pain and his scythe vanishing.

"This isn't over!" shouted Aqua, about to deliver the last blow but he was gone in a whirl of petals.

"Till next time" said Marluxia, his voice lingering in the air.

Behind her, Aqua could see the Bathhouse begin to tremble and multiple heartless appeared on the rooftops.

"Something must have called out to the heartless to show up, in this many numbers" said Aqua, dashing across the roof tops and vanquishing each heartless in her path.


"Lets get you out of here" said L, taking ahold of Sora and leaving the room with him.

Riku on the other hand was left alone with Haku.

"Don't you feel anything for Chihiro?" asked Riku, seeing the indecision in Haku's eyes to answer him.

"I have nothing to say, regarding Sen. I must follow orders, now excuse me" said Haku, leaving the room.

Riku watched Haku disappear before catching sight of something out of the corner of his eye that something was aflame.

Riku dashed across the room to the window and watch Aqua vanquish more heartless using Firaga spells.

Riku summoning his Way to Dawn an cracked open the window to join her.

Elsewhere down stairs

"Thank you, Mr.River Spirit' said Chihiro, bowing before stepping out of his way.

Together, Everyone in the Bathhouse watched the River Spirit burst out of the bath and laughing as it left.

In Chihiro's hands was a gift from the River Spirit.

"Chihiro! We made so much money!" shouted Yubaba, grabbing hold if the girl and hugging her up and down.

"Now than, let's get this cleaned up!" ordered Yubaba, letting go of Chihiro and leaving the workers to clean up the mess.

"You heard her! Clean up!" ordered Mustache man.

Everyone within the room groaned but soon got to work.

Kairi and Chihiro followed Lin out of the way an took a break from a long exhausting day of labor.

Elsewhere in the Bathhouse

"Are you feeling better Sora?" asked L, having taken a seat on a chair.

"Yeah, I don't know what came over me earlier" said Sora, looking up at him with a smile.

"You just got a bit worked up is all" said L, knowing it must be tough for Sora with the nine tails chakra running through his veins.

"Thanks for stopping me, I didn't really want to hurt Haku" said Sora.

"It's alright Sora. Your just not used to feeling angry, like your nobody Roxas does" said L.

"Roxas is a part of me. I don't remember being this angry since my time in Castle Oblivion" said Sora.

"Try not to worry about it, Sora. It will all make sense eventually" said L.

In the later hours of the Bathhouse

A frog could be seen scrapping the wooden floor for gold.

Noface, peering over the bathtub threw down a piece of gold, watching the frog look at it in awe and say "It's gold".

"What do you think your doing? The baths closed, so get out of their!" said the Frog, watching more gold come out Nofaces hand.

"More gold, are you giving them to me?" said the Frog, looking up at Noface.

Noface continued to make more gold, beckoning for the Frog to come closer.

"You can make gold?" said the Frog, zoning in on the gold and hurried up the bath.

"Give me!" said the Frog, reaching out for the gold only to be a second later grabbed around the throat and consumed by Noface.

A few minutes later Mustache man could be seen walking down the halls and yelling "It's way past bed time, c'mon".

"Hey boss, up here. I'm hungry, I'm starving and I want you to serve me" said Noface, watching the look of astonishment on Mustache face.

"I know that voice" said Mustache man, being distracted by the gold.

"I'll even pay you up front and I want to take a bath. Why don't you wake everyone up too" said Noface.

By morning

Chihiro woke up first an nudged Kairi awake.

"Everyone's gone" said Kairi, letting out a yawn.

"Lin's not here either" said Chihiro, getting up and putting her hair in a ponytail.

"We should probably be going" said Kairi, following her out into the hallway.

"It really is the sea" said Chihiro, getting a good look over the railing to see the train tracks were covered in water.

"All that rain from last night, made it into a sea" said Kairi, surprised by the sight.

"Theirs mom and dad's pig pen" said Chihiro, looking over the sea to where a pen rested on a hill.

"Where is Haku, I hope he hurries back before I forget what my parents look like" said

"You care a lot about Haku, don't you Chihiro" said Kairi, smiling knowingly.

"He's my friend" said Chihiro, looking down at the sea.

"Chihiro, what's that?!" pointed out Kairi, seeing a dragon being chased around by birds.

"It's Haku! He's back!" said Chihiro, seeing it too.

"Are birds chasing him?" said Chihiro, watching Haku fall into the water than go up a tunnel and pass right above them.

"He looks like he's in trouble" said Kairi, seeing Chihiro lean against the railing and yell out "Haku! This way!".

Haku came straight for them and buried himself into the blankets.

Kairi helped Chihiro pull the screens closed as a bunch of paper birds hit into them.

Getting caught up into the paper birds, Kairi watched Chihiro scream a bit before pronouncing "It's just paper".

Both girls looked back into their room, Chihiro spoke gently to Haku.

"Haku your bleeding. Hold still. Those paper things are gone now, your going to be alright".

Except Haku flew past them while splattering blood everywhere.

Chihiro hurried out the window to see him headed straight for Yubaba's office.

Kairi followed after her, keyblade in hand.

"Chihiro, this way" called out Kairi, transforming her keyblade into an Air rider.

Together they made their way to Yubaba's office.

Quietly the two of them slipped inside through a window, which lead into a bathroom.

Further inside they came across a room full of pillows on what presumed to be a bed and made their way to the door, than listen in where Yubaba was speaking to someone.

"What a terrible guest. Alright I'm on my way" said Yubaba, hanging up her skull phone.

"Don't let him eat anyone else till I'm down their" said Yubaba.

"Sounds like some trouble downstairs" whispered Kairi.

"I'm sure Sora and Riku can handle it, if it's heartless" said Kairi.
"Haku's bleeding all over my carpet. Get him out of here, he'll be dead soon anyway" said Yubaba, turning their way.

Darting back into the room quickly, Kairi found her own hiding spot while Chihiro dived into the massive pile of pillows.

Once Yubaba was gone, Kairi let out a breath of relief than saw Chihiro was struggling.

"Grems! I have germs!" said Chihiro, taking Kairi by surprise.

A massive cry could be heard coming out of the pillows, Kairi watched Chihiro run out of the room and yell out "Haku!".

Ignoring the loud commotion, Kairi watched Chihiro grab hold of Haku and push the three headed things away from him.

"Haku, are you alright?" said Chihiro, trying to wake him up.

Than the crow within the room began attacking Chihiro.

Kairi whacked it down with her keyblade and made a pointed look at the three heads on the ground.

To be continued in Part two.

I can't say this is my finest work, but part two will be done better.


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Sep 26, 2010
I really like this chapter and this chapter has some of your best grammar. Though these two sentences stood out to me with the way they were written:
Marluxia regaining his feet and called on the darkness. Using it to make himself more stronger and powerful.
There are actually some ways you could word this to make it more grammatically correct. You could say "Marluxia regained his footing and called on the darkness, using it to make himself more stronger and powerful." Here's another way: "Marluxia, regaining his footing, called on the darkness and used it to make himself stronger and more powerful."
I would also advise trying to avoid using two words that mean nearly the same thing to describe one thing right after one another. Here you used stronger and powerful. As well correct grammar for that part would be: "stronger and more powerful." The -er at the end of stronger basically means more so it's incorrect to put the word more before it.
Sorry if I sounded rude.
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