Kingdom Hearts V-CAST Game Files Ripped



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Apr 2, 2019
Hi! I took a look inside the files. Here's my findings, I hope it helps.

Inside "kh.mod" there seems to be some strings of enemy names...

... and what it seems to be some URLs that may have been used by the game to download the episodes, but I don't think you can download anything.

Inside "language.m3g" there's a interesting string with the internal name of the game and some folders hinting that the game was ported from somewhere:

Inside "" there are some .bmp and .png files of the HUD graphics.

If you hex edit the file "training_part1.m3g" to change "»SWERVE«" with "«JSR184»" on the header, M3G Toolkit will be able to open it. It's the only one with the "»SWERVE«" header that I managed to open with this method, though.

[HR][/HR]On every .m3g file of the game there's zlib compressed data. If you search this hexadecimal value "78DA" on every .m3g and you create a new file from there (including 78DA) to the end of the file, you can use Offzip to extract the data.
That way you can see more "hidden" strings like dialogue, episode summaries, menu options, or even the full credits!






^As you can see, these episode summaries match perfectly with Kingdom King 13's plot summary.

training_language.m3g: (spoiler tag for size)
Spoiler Spoiler Show

Spoiler Spoiler Show

language.m3g: (full game credits are inside here)
Spoiler Spoiler Show

Also, it seems that a lot of level-related code is written in plain text.

Spoiler Spoiler Show


For example, this cutscene code seems to match this scene perfectly.

Spoiler Spoiler Show

There's a lot more code, so feel free to look inside the files, or even double checking anything I might have missed or extracted incorrectly.

Also I was able to rip every texture I could find as well:

About ripping the models, probably asking the author of this m3g maxscript for Real Racing 3 or using it as a reference could help. Do note that the first main difference between formats is that the files for that game doesn't use zlib compression, so it won't work as it is with KH V-Cast m3g files.
How did you open the .m3g and .bar files? I've been trying to open them for a long time

Anyway, Kingdom Hearts V-Cast and Kingdom Hearts Coded (not the DS version, but the original version for NTT Docomo) were developed with BREW OS (In the case V-Cast with an older version and Coded with a more new, so much that the quality difference of both games is glaring)

With BREW DevKit from Qualcomm it is possible to run the game on your PC, the problem is that currently it is almost impossible to find any download related to Brew active nowadays

( Maybe this can help )

There is also a solution another solution, a Brazilian console called Zeebo uses one of the latest versions of Brew (in this case, a modified version), I believe it is possible to run both games on this console, the file format is basically the same and even division of mod and mif folders is identical to those of the Zeebo games, the only problem is that unlocking this console is something very difficult and complicated to do, there is a personal in a group of facebook ZeeboClub that is thinking about doing a FreeShop '' Online to the console and add some games there, but the idea has not gone forward since nobody knows how to work with Brew and there is little information on the internet to help

The Zeebo console :

Well, there are these two options for getting the KH-V Cast (or the Original Coded) Run Brew on PC or Run on Zeebo

PS: Has anyone managed to find Kingdom Hearts Coded available for download or is this game still lost?


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Aug 20, 2018
Okay, I have been gone for a while, but an old phone from around 2011 had some charger problems, but I recently got it working. The phone has the V CAST service on it, and it is a Samsung smartphone, which means I could just download the files from the internet. As for the flip phone I mentioned previously, it couldn't be used. I tried using BitPim on multiple computers, and I used the right cable, but the program couldn't read the phone, but hope is around for the phone! If the Samsung smartphone does not read the Kingdom Hearts game, I could use the flip phone to try BitPim one last time, for I recently uncovered another cable that could be used for my flip phone. I'll try to keep this situation updated.


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Mar 15, 2015
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I was just thinking about this game this morning; it's so fascinating that something so readily available recently pretty much just doesn't exist anymore.

I don't even see any feasible way of contacting Disney Interactive since they don't even use their Twitter anymore.