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In the Heart

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Jul 3, 2009
Aw que cute....


i know, liars or liar lol

Aww that was a cute chappy :) the dad was going crazy over her mom lol.

haha i know, crazy in love *thinks of the song and starts singing it* lol

i can't believe she lie damm you lol
aw to the journal part i want to know what happens next write lol

lol i'll have more journal parts later

i REALLY dont like mother matthews. she annoys me

yeahhhh but she isnt a bad person, just doing her job

Aw that's a cute chapter! Poor Cora I feel bad for her!!

Lolz ^_^

i was like "who is this?" and its Cara! ur name finally got changed, i like it



Cora looked up, a small girl stood in front of her.

“Hi.” Cora said in a monotone.

The little girl came closer to Cora. “My name is Bell, I’m new here,”

Cora looked at Bell, Bell just smiled showing her toothless smile.

Cora sighed and turned away.

“What’s wrong?” Bell asked.

“Nothing,” Cora answered quickly.

“You know when people say that, something is really wrong.”

Cora turned to Bell, she just stood there.

“Why don’t you go and play somewhere,” Cora said.

“I want to but I don’t have any friends,” Bell said


“Hey! You wanna be my friend?”



Cora looked down and thought about it. “Okay!”

“Yay! You wanna play dolls?” Bell asked.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m too old to play with dolls.” Cora said

“How old are you?” Bell asked.

“I’m ten!”

“Wow! You’re really old! I‘m seven.”

“So young,” Cora said.

Bell laughed. “What do you want to do?” she asked.

“Hmm, you wanna play outside?”

“Yeah! Lets go!”
First friend, ever! Cora had great friends. She missed them and it hasn’t even been a full day yet. She’ll write them of course, and next year John will be joining her in the real world.
A year is a long time, but Cora did make one new friend, and Amber could be a friend also. Cora always thought life would be much simpler if she wasn’t even born.
“Okay when you meet Amber she will probably hug you so don’t get scared.” Max explained.

“Ha, that’s okay. I can use a hug.” Cora said.

Max looked at Cora, she looked straight forward.

“You’ll like it here, lots of people to meet and places to go.” Max continued.

“Max, how long have you been on your own?” Cora asked.

“Four months now,”

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah, but it can get a little lonely at times,”

The two stayed silent and walked along the crowded streets. The town of Naji has grown so much. Everywhere you turn you would bump into someone.

Max suddenly stopped, making Cora almost tripped over her own feet.

“Here we are.” Max pointed.

Cora caught herself and turned to the view of her new home. A huge two story arch led to apartments inside. Cora followed Max inside, in the middle a small house rested on the ground; while apartments surrounded it.

“Amber lives in the house in the middle right there.” Max said.

Cora nodded.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Max asked.

“No, I can do it.”

“Well if you need me I live right there,” Max pointed to his left. “Apartment four.”

“Okay, thanks a lot Max,” Cora said.

Max smiled and walked towards his apartment. Cora stood still and waited for Max to be inside completely. When the sound of a door echoed through the small space, Cora walked towards Amber’s house.

Outside the house, small plants and lawn decorations dominated the yard. Cora lifted her arm and pressed the doorbell. A melody filled the inside of the house. Cora smiled at the tune, she looked down at the floor mat. Friends Welcomed it said.

The door creaked open, Amber stood smiling. It looked like she was going to explode with excitement.

“You must be Cora! I am so glad you’re finally here!” Amber squealed.

Cora smiled and suddenly got attacked by an Amber hug. When Amber let go she smiled more. Cora felt like she just been squeezed by a snake.

“Come in, come in. I have to give you your key and explain the rules around here!”


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Dec 30, 2008
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AWWWWWW!!! I was the first! *wipes tears* im crying...

and HEY! toothless? Dolls? Girl, I played with ninja stars and used the dolls as targets.


Pie Equals Friendship in YO FACE!
Jul 3, 2009
AWWWWWW!!! I was the first! *wipes tears* im crying...

and HEY! toothless? Dolls? Girl, I played with ninja stars and used the dolls as targets.

i figured that, but thats just something to show that bell is younger than cora

aw i'll be next to leave i wonder if they meet later lol amber hugs lol

haha AMBER HUG ATTACK! Beware... lol

its gonna be a while before i leave. :( o well. XD bell, i used to rib the heads off my dolls and burn them in the street with my friend. but ninja stars sound a lot more fun

wow, what violent child u were lol

lol krista you know me soooo well with the hugs XD

haha yes i do ♥


Bell and Cora busted through the front door leading outside. They squealed in laughter, chasing after each other. As Cora got more and more excited the earth’s plates deep underground started to shift.

“I got you!” Cora shouted as she tagged Bell.

“Oh man, we need more people to play this game.” Bell said.

Bell and Cora looked around the front yard.




Lonely looking kid.


“Hey look!” Bell shouted, pointing at an odd looking tree.

“What!? That tree!?” Cora asked.

Bell shook her head. “Look under those, things coming from the ground.”

“The roots?”

“Yeah, whatever! Just look!”

Cora looked at the weird tree with uplifted roots. There was someone sitting under it, with his head down.

“Lets go look!” Cora said.

Bell and Cora tip-toed quietly towards the tree.


“Ah!” the boy screamed.

“Ahh!” the two girls screamed.

“What are you doing scaring people like that!” The boy said, in a high pitched voice.

Bell and Cora looked at each other. “Sorry,”

It was silent for a moment. “So, what’s your name?” Bell asked.

The boy looked up at Bell. “John,” he answered.

“Hey John you wanna play tag with us?” Cora asked.

“Nah, tag is boring!” John said.

Bell and Cora’s mouth dropped in shock. Who didn’t like tag?

“I rather play,” John shifted his eyes and looked around. “The dark figures."

“What!? Those dark figure things are so fake!” Bell said.

“Nu-uh! I totally saw one before!” Cora said.

John gasped. “No way!”

“Yes way!”

“Did it take you?”

“What it look like?”

“Do they really eat your soul!?”

“Stop! I’ll tell you what happen,” Cora said. “Okay it happened when I was little, like when I first came here. I couldn’t sleep because it felt like someone was trying to keep me awake. So for a weird reason I look out the window and then that when I saw it!”

Bell and John’s eyes were wide eyed. “What happen next?”

Cora continued. “Well it wore all black and had glowing yellow eyes. It looked more like a shadow then a person. But the weirdest of all weird things is that, I think it was talking to me.”


“What did it say?” John asked.

Cora tilted her head to the side. “Heart and power?”

“What! that’s stupid!” Bell said.

“Heart? Like this?” John put his hands into a heart shape and pressed it against his chest.

“Yeah,” Cora did the same.

“Whoa, that’s cool.” Bell mimicked them.

“Hey this can be our super secret best friend thing.” Cora said.


“So I’m best friends with you two now!?” John said, in three different pitches.

Bell and Cora looked at each other, they smiled. “Yup!”

“Oh great, my best friends are….girls. Bleh!”

Bell and Cora laughed.

Cora has always been a little paranoid about the dark when she was younger. But if your parents were killed in the dark by mysterious people wearing black, you would too right?

“Sit, sit sit!” Amber instructed Cora as she walked into the lively, bright house.

Cora sat on an auburn colored couch. Amber ran into the kitchen and in a flash came back with a cake.

“Happy Birthday!” Amber said smiling.

Cora actually forgot it was her birthday still.

“Wow, thank you so much.” Cora said.

She set the chocolate covered cake with green letters aside.

“Okay so let me explain the rules and stuff around here.” Amber said.

Cora nodded.

“Well it’s the same everywhere, but you have to pay your rent on time, and if you can’t just talk to me.” Amber continued, “If you need help finding a job let me know. We allow pets and no smoking…and that’s pretty much it.”

“Well I don’t smoke, or have a pet, so I think I’m good!” Cora said, “but I might need help with finding a job.”

“You’ll find one in no time, lots of places that are hiring.”

“Maybe they’re hiring where Max works.”

“You met Max! That’s great, you should ask him!” Amber squealed.

Cora laughed. “Um, where exactly is my apartment?”

“Oh, duh!” Amber hit her forehead. She stood up and reached into her pocket.

She handed a set of keys to Cora. “You live in apartment thirteen.”


Cora followed Amber outside , it was getting dark and everything was in an orange tint. They walked a little ways, by the giant arch. It was the last apartment in the first row. On top were more apartments.

Amber skipped to the door and opened it. “Ta-da!”

Cora peeked inside. It was a one bedroom, with a small kitchen and living room. Cora walked inside and flipped a light switch. The light lit the kitchen and living room.

“There are some fresh blankets, towels and other stuff inside your room.” Amber said.

“Really? Thanks.” Cora said.

Amber smiled. “I’ll let you settle in. if you have any questions just ask.”

“Okay I will,”

Amber waved goodbye, Cora smiled and closed the door. She looked around her new home. It was pretty empty.

Knock, knock! Cora lived in her house for a couple of seconds and she already had a visitor. She turned to the door and opened, it was Amber.

“You forgot your cake,” Amber said, handing the cake to Cora.

“Oh, thanks again for it.” Cora said.

Amber nodded and walked back to her house. Cora got kicked out of her home that she lived in for eighteen years and got a new one in the same day, what a birthday!


Apr 11, 2009
Traskix said:
Ah!” the boy screamed.

“Ahh!” the two girls screamed.

“What are you doing scaring people like that!” The boy said, in a high pitched voice.

OMG I loved that! XD


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Sep 10, 2009
This chapter was pretty fun to read. The flashback made my giggle a bit. :)


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Jul 3, 2009
ha ha thats what chaos gets...i so saw him in my head...

lovely chapter, krista dear :)

haha me too


OMG I loved that! XD

lol i did too

the flashback part was funny. i would end up doing that

haha i love the flashbacks

aw the flashback was great lol i can't wait till you type up another chapter

Here it is!

This chapter was pretty fun to read. The flashback made my giggle a bit. :)

it made me giggle alot lol


Cora and John sat under the odd tree, they both were drawing .

“Hey guys!” Bell shouted scaring them both.

“Bell! you always scare us like that!” John shouted.

Bell just smiled. “Sorry, but I found a new best friend!”

Cora and John looked at each other, then back at Bell. “What?”

“Just wait,” Bell shouted, “Hey! Come over here!”

Cora and John looked around to see who would be coming. A girl, the same size as Bell came running towards the group.

“She is so weird but really fun!” Bell said. “Her name is Asona.”

Asona stood by Bell and smiled. “Hi,” she said.

“Hi” Cora smiled.

John sighed. “Not another girl!”

The girls laughed. Cora got up and looked at Asona.

“Well if you want to be our best friends, there is a test you have to pass.” Cora said.

Asona gulped, she was a year younger than Bell. “What kind of test?”

Cora thought for a moment. “Okay, you have to…do a prank on Mother Matthews!”

Everyone gasped.

“Cora, that’s dangerous!” John shouted.

“Yeah, she wont get dinner for a whole month!” Bell added in.

“I can do it!” Asona said smiling. “I don’t like her anyway.”

Cora smiled, “Once you prank her you have to bring back her special pen she always uses.”

Asona nodded. “Okay! I’ll be back!”

Asona ran off, inside the house. The three friends stood and watched Asona go inside.

“Come on lets go!” Cora said.


“She might need help,”

Asona ran inside her room, well the room that all the girls slept in. Bell, Cora and John stood by the front window outside, it looked into the living room. Mother Matthews and a dozen kids were in the living room.

Bell, Cora and John looked inside waiting to see sight of Asona.

“What do you think she’s going to do?” John asked.

“I don’t know, but I hope its funny!” Cora said.

“She’s coming!” Bell shouted.

The three turned their attention inside. Asona hid behind the couch holding a shoebox. Mother Matthews stood, talking to the kids. Most of the kids not paying attention.

“Hey watch this.” Cora said.

Bell and John looked at Cora. Cora closed her eyes and concentrated. Inside Mother Matthews still lectured, while she took a step the floor beneath her moved. She almost fell, but caught herself. The kids inside laughed.

Mother Matthews shushed the children. “Remember your manners!” she shouted.

Cora laughed and moved the earth again. Bell and John looked at Cora, then inside to see the progress. Mother Matthews slid from one side of the room to the other. The kids laughed, and Asona lifted the lid on her shoebox.

A frog jumped from inside the box. It flew in the air and landed on Mother Matthews. She was still sliding across the floor. As the frog hit Mother Matthews face, she fell on the floor. She lay on the ground with a frog sitting on her face. Asona ran up to her and grabbed the pen from her hand.

The kids laughed, but some of the older kids helped Mother Matthews. Asona ran towards the front door. Bell, Cora and John ran to meet her at the front door.

Asona slammed the front door, she gasped for air. Bell, Cora and John caught up with her. Asona looked up at Cora, she handed the pen over.

“You did it!” Bell shouted.

Cora smiled, she lifted her arms and made a heart shape with her hands. Bell and John did the same. Asona stood straight and copied the three.

“Welcome,” Cora said.

Asona smiled, and looked at her new friends.
Cora never knew where she got that power. The power to move the earth beneath her. It just happened when she was younger and she never forgot it. Asona, Bell and John are the only people who know Cora’s secret talent.

Cora looked around her empty apartment. She leaned against the kitchen counter and took out her father’s journal. Cora opened the journal to a page and started to read it.

It has been a wonderful four moths with my new wife. We moved to a small house in the forest. Scarlet was afraid at first, but she got use to it. Its so peaceful, and wonderful scenery. A good place to raise children.

Cora thought of the small house. She wanted to remember it but she couldn’t. She was only a few moths old. Cora turned to the next page.

Today is filled with wonderful news! Scarlet is pregnant! I’m going to be a father! I’m so excited that I ran all the way to town and back. People stared but I don’t care. I’m going to be a father!

Cora smiled, she also laughed trying to imagine her father running around town shouting. She skipped a few pages.

Well today was a very odd day. While Scarlet was napping, there was a knock on the door. I answered it of course but the man who was there was very strange. He introduced himself as Negrandro, he immediately asked if a women was carrying a child. I answered yes. He bowed his head and turned away. Very strange.

Cora skipped a few pages after her birth.

Cora is now a week old. In one week, Scarlet and I been receiving letters from someone. It didn’t say who it was from, but I know it is from that strange man who visited while Scarlet was still pregnant. Its strange, the letters say,

“give her to me.”, “

The power must be mine.”,

"Watch for the dark figures at night.”

One time I saw them. They wore black and had yellow, glowing eyes. I heard whispers saying, “The power in her heart."

Cora looked up from the journal, she seen this dark figure before and it said the same thing to her. Cora was about to begin to read again when, Knock, Knock!

Cora looked towards the door, “Better not be more cake.”

She looked through the peep whole on the door. It was dark outside, Cora couldn’t see who knocked.

“Um, who is it?” Cora asked.

“It’s Max,”

Cora unlocked the door and opened it.

“Hey, I brought you a plant.” Max said, holding a fern in a brown pot.

“Oh, thanks. Do you want to come in?” Cora asked.

“Sure,” Max walked into the empty apartment.

“The only thing I have to offer you is cake, sorry.” Cora said.

“That’s okay, it took me a while to get my apartment together.”

Cora walked to the kitchen counter where the cake was, Max followed. She stared at the cake and realized she had nothing to cut it.

“Oh!” Cora reached into her pocket and pulled out the pocket knife John gave her.

Max jumped as the knife popped out.

“This is all I have,” Cora said.

“Its okay, the cake will still be the same.”

Cora laughed, the knife sliced through the cake like butter. Cora took the slice out with the knife, Max took the slice.

“Is it good?” Cora asked.

Max took a bite. “Yup, Amber always makes the best cake.”

“I’ll have some later,” Cora said.

Cora walked to the kitchen sink and washed the chocolate off the sharp blade.

“So what are you going to do tomorrow?’ Max asked.

“Well, buy some stuff, find a job.” Cora said.

“Oh I think they’re hiring where I work,”


“Yeah, I don’t work tomorrow. Maybe I can introduce you to the boss.”

“That be great, I need a job.”

Cora had the blade in her hand. The chocolate from the cake was hard to get off. For one moment Cora took her attention from washing and looked out her small kitchen window. Yellow eyes blinked at Cora, a dark figure jumped into the darkness.

Cora gasped and dropped the knife.

“What! What happen?” Max said, running to Cora.

“I, I seen something outside.” Cora said, her voice shaky.

“Cora, your hand!” Max shouted.

Cora looked down at her hand. The knife sliced her palm when it fell. Blood started spill out. Cora turned on the water and put her hand under it.

“I have a first aid kit at my place.” Max said.

“No, I cant go outside! I can’t go.” Cora said, she slumped to the floor.

“I’ll be back then, don’t worry.” Max ran out the door.

Cora sat on the floor, putting pressure on her palm. Cora started to gasp for air. Around her it felt like it was getting smaller and spinning fast. Cora was panicking now, she fell to the ground with a loud thud.


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Is she prone to excessive bleeding or scared of blood?

ok, besides that, aww....asona is weird ^_^ ha ha i laughed at that.

I'm the youngest? D'aww...
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