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In the Heart

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Jul 3, 2009
Ooh another good chappy, it wil be really EPIC when he goes inside the castle!

It will be epic, just not yet...well maybe a little bit

I hope Rain makes it on time!!!

and lowl he was BA again in this chapter xD

Edit: dangit ninja'd by Amber

haha u got ninja'd! xP

Damm Rain one BA. He took those guys out super ninja style loll

Another good one ^^;; Rain kicking some arse fo sho!

haha glad u guys like his BA arse kicking skillz lol


Rain turn toward the castle swiftly, his vision still a blur, he could still see how large and dark it is. He inhaled and step forward to what could be his last visit here. Or his last visit anywhere.

The door creaked and echoed the dark hall of the castle. Rain’s dim shadow stretched along the brick floor. He stood, and listened. A huffing sound greeted Rain, instantly he raised his weapons.

“You should go.”

Rain’s eyebrow lifted, it was Surya. He knew what had happen to his close friend. Surya’s very body had been taken over by Negandro. Every breath, every move, every word.

“Surya take control!” Rain shouted. His face sadden, as the truth of his friend sunk in.

Surya turned to Rain, his face tried to show emotion, but Negandro’s grip on him did not allow it.

“I…I’m trying!” Surya groaned in pain. Rain dashed to his friend. Surya dropped to his knees and held his head. With Rain’s special heat censor vision he could see how red Surya’s head is. Not from blood, from the heat that’s being transferred and the concentration he's been doing.

Rain dropped his swords and knelt by Surya. His hot breath huffed and his veins popped out dangerously.

“Surya listen to me! You can take control, free yourself.”

“H-how? Every word I say…stings.”

For Surya to talk or even think on his own would cost him. Every word is like a sting or stab. A thousand needles pressing against his body on the inside. A stab to his muscles, his lungs, his heart. Once in this state, it's hard to return to normal.

Rain touched Surya’s face, he could feel the heat radiating from Surya’s face. The dry blood and fresh blood streaming down his face. Rain rested his palm on Surya’s forehead. Surya’s heavy breathing calmed, his veins slowly resting back under his skin.

“Surya we can make it, both of us. We weren’t meant to do this, we can find better. We can live for ourselves instead for him.”

Surya’s breathing stopped completely. His eyes were closed and his body didn’t seem to be under control. Rain put down his hand, shock to hear Surya’s breathing become nothing. Rain eye wide lifted his hand again to see if Surya was alive.

“AHHHHHH!” Surya screamed and pushed Rain back. His face demonic and ready to kill.

“It’s too late.” Surya replied in a dark voice.

Surya charged at Rain. Rain quickly rolled out of his direction, Surya snarled as he missed. Rain could see the outline of Surya, a bright red.

“Come on! Use your swords, lets get this done!” Surya shouted.

“No, I will not fight you!”

Surya let out a laugh as if he heard a joke. “You don’t have a choice.”

Surya ran and struck Rain in the face. Rain flew back, landing on the cold brick floor. Surya casually walked across the floor and picked up Rain’s two swords.

“Such a waste you were. Such talent that has to go.”

Rain could see Surya’s figure approach him. The swishing of his own swords clashing with each other as they aimed for his own body. Surya slashed a sword at Rain, it caught his face and left a wound across his left cheek.

Rain kicked Surya and jumped up. Rain grabbed one sword, while Surya had the other. Surya quickly got up and charged at Rain. They collided, both bodies being ripped with metal and punches. Rain didn’t want to fight Surya.

“Surya! Listen to me!”

Rain dropped his sword and punched Surya. Surya flew back against the wall with a thud. Rain pressed his arm over Surya’s neck to hold him back. He fought back , but Rain pressed tighter to contain him.

Rain closed his eyes as Surya struggled. As each breath became slower, Rain’s eyes shut tighter.

“Please forgive.”

With his last breath Surya fell to the ground, along with a single tear.


Apr 11, 2009
OMGOSH. OMGOSH. OMGOSH!!!!! He killed Surya!!!! It was so sad T.T although still very good, and you wrote again :3


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Jun 9, 2009
Oh my gosh Surya!!! :(

But wait was it Surya or Rain that said "please forgive"?
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