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In the Heart

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the house, the house, the house interests me.

lol at the "thats sounds like something bell would say" and "great minds think alike".

Lovely, Krista.


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Jul 3, 2009
whoo so john, bell, and asona going to see her yay but, now i have a bad feeling about that house

the house gives me the creeps. dont know why, but they do...

the house, the house, the house interests me.

lol at the "thats sounds like something bell would say" and "great minds think alike".

Lovely, Krista.

again with the feelings! lol


“Why do I have to go?”

“Because, you’re the one that has been tracking her.”


“Don’t disobey me! You know what I did for you, and not just for taking you in as my own! So you WILL go, and you WILL bring her to me!”

“Yes sir.”
Asona, Bell and John walked down the hall inside the house. All three trying to be sneaky.

“Okay, we’ll just walk out and no one will know.” John said.

“After we get the key, right?” Asona asked.

“Yes, Mother Matthews always keeps the gate locked.” Bell said.

“And how will we get it?” John asked.

Asona and Bell stopped and turned to John. They looked at him evilly, John started to back away.


“Okay John, just get it and go.” whispered Bell.

“Why me!?”

“Because! It’ll be weird if Bell or I did it.” Asona said.

“Its weird for me too!” John shouted.

“Just do it for Cora.”


Asona and Bell smiled. “We’ll watch from out here.”

John glared at the girls, they would be watching from the outside window. John entered the house, he walked into the kitchen where Mother Matthews stood. She and two children were making a cake. John stood awkwardly, waiting till someone noticed him.

“Hello John,” Mother Matthews greeted.

“Hi, um what are you guys doing?”

“Making a cake!” one kid said.

“Oh, that’s…great.”

“Would you like to join us?” Mother Matthews asked.

“No, no thanks.”

John gritted his teeth. He turned behind him where Asona and Bell watched him. They just smiled. John took a breath and stepped forward.

“Mother Matthews?”


John walked to her and gave her a hug, “I love you. I really do.”

The kids laughed and Mother Matthews felt awkward.

“Um John if you’re trying to get extra desert at dinner time, it wont work.”

John let go, “Oh, well it was worth the try.”

Mother Matthews gave him a ‘you’re lucky I’m not going to smack you’ look. John smiled and backed away. Once no one was looking at him, he ran out.

Asona and Bell waited by the door, John came out.

“You guys owe me BIG TIME!”

Asona and Bell stayed silent, both looked like they were going to burst with laughter.

“Just laugh already!”


“Take your stupid keys!” John shouted, he threw them at the ground.

“Oh John, don’t be mad.” Bell picked up the keys, “I’ll buy you something nice when we get to town.”

“You better! And Asona has to buy me ice cream.”

“Ha, I will.”
Cora stood staring at the small house. She wanted just one memory of it to spark her mind. When nothing did, she reached for the doorknob on the door. It creaked as it open slowly. Everything inside is covered in dust, Cora sneezed a few times.

She scanned the small room she was in. Cora walked forward, she heard a crunch. She looked down, broken glass.

“That’s weird,”

Cora looked around, she noticed the windows on both sides of the room were broken. Cora turned her attention to a table near by, it had a picture frame resting on top.

Cora picked up the dusty frame. She wiped it with her hand, two faces showed up. Cora ran her fingertips on each face.

“Mom, dad.”

Cora’s vision blurred with tears. She blinked to release them, tear drops fell on the frame.

“Is she in there?”


“Okay lets move!”

Dark figures jumped above the two figures that were talking. One was tall and built, while the other a little shorter, with gold eyes.


Cora held the frame tight, she loosened her grip and put it in her backpack. She took one last look at the small room. Cora turned around and gasped.

“Why hello.” a tall figure said.

Cora tried to back away, but she ran into tables and chairs behind her. All she did was stare at the dark figures in front of her.

“No need to be scared. Just come quietly with us, and no one will get hurt.”

“No.” Cora simply said.

“No? NO! Do you know how long it has been to finally track you down!”

Different emotions were going through Cora’s mind, waking the power inside. The earth started to shake, the house’s unstable roof ready to collapse.

As the dark figures got distracted for a moment, Cora ran. She jumped out the broken window, leaving her backpack behind. Cora ran down the same path her parents had long ago. She felt the dark figures presence getting closer.

Cora stopped, she felt her power for the first time. As the figures came closer, Cora remembered the sharp spikes she made before. With eyes open she moved her arms, aiming them at the figures.
The ground lifted forming a large spike. It hit a couple of the dark figures, but most of them jumped it.


Cora ran for it, spiky earth trick was all she knew. As Cora ran she felt something wrap around her ankles, she immediately slammed to the forest floor. Cora quickly turned from her belly to her back. She propped herself up with her arms.

A dark figured jumped on Cora. He put all his wait onto her, making her fall back down. Cora struggled, she trying to get the knife in her back pocket.

“Just give in!” the figured yelled.

“No!” Cora gripped the knife and slashed the figure in his face. Blood seeped through his ripped mask.

Cora tried to escape but the figure head butted her. Cora felt like she was hit with a frying pan. The figure got off her, wiping his face.

In and out of focus Cora saw someone jump onto her attacker. He kicked, punched, maybe even killed.

The figure came closer to Cora, the only thing she noticed was his bright gold eyes.

“Focus your power!” he shouted.

Cora couldn’t focus, her head throbbed and she couldn’t see well.

“Think of a place, somewhere faraway! Where no one will find us!”

Somewhere far. Where no one will find us. Us?



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Jun 9, 2009
Gahhhh who's that guy!???? and lowl with the John/Mother Matthews part xD


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May 9, 2007
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Caught up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epicness, glad to see another krista originalXD Wants more, not patient!


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Jul 3, 2009
Gahhhh who's that guy!???? and lowl with the John/Mother Matthews part xD

haha that was very lowl xP


ah ha ha where will i have to money to get something for john????


Oh u got money, dont worry

omg! whosde mystery guy? and where are they giong? and why do i have to buy chaos ice cream?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Ah so many questions!! lol

yay i can't wait to get ice cream from khfreak lol and the stuff bell going to buy me lol anyway the mother Matthews thing was funny lol

lol everyone loves ice cream, i want some

Caught up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epicness, glad to see another krista originalXD Wants more, not patient!

Yay! Max is here now lol


“Okay John, you got your ice cream and a fancy new limited edition doll. Can we go to see Cora now!?” Bell asked.

“This is not a doll! Its an action figure.” John said.

Asona and Bell crossed their arms.

“Okay lets go see Cora.”

Asona and Bell smiled.

“Alright, and look what I got.” Bell smiled evilly as she swung her backpack around.

“Oh no, what did you get?” Asona asked.

“I got Cora’s file, you know, to see where she lives now. I also got all our files.”


“Let me see mine!” John shouted.

“Okay, here is John’s and Asona’s.” Bell handed the files to them.

Asona and John looked at their files. Inside it told their story of how they ended up with no parents to take care of them. For Asona, Bell and John their parents either abandon them, or wanted their child to have a better life than they did before.

“What!” Asona screamed.

Bell and John jumped. “What?”

“Mother Matthews wrote in my file that I have an attitude problem!”

“Well you don’t like her.” Bell said.

“Oh, well that’s true then.”
“Is this it?” John asked.

Asona and Bell looked at the address in Cora’s file. The three stood under the arch that led into the apartments.

“Yup, we better hurry. The sun will be going down and its getting cloudy.” Bell said.
Max sat on the ground in front of his apartment, waiting. Cora still hasn’t came back, what was taking so long?

Max sighed, “Where is she?”

Max stared across the way at Cora’s apartment, then something caught his eye.

“Gah! don’t push me!” Bell shouted.

“No way! I’m gonna win!” John shouted, running to Cora’s apartment door.

Asona and Bell raced behind. They skidded to a stop as they approached the door.

“Okay, you guys ready?” Bell asked.

“Yup.” Asona and John said.

“Here we go!”

Bell knocked on the door. The three stood anxiously.





“You think she’s home?”

“What if she forgot about us!?

“I bet she’s hiding so she doesn’t have to answer the door!”

“Um excuse me.”

Asona, Bell and John jumped, they quickly turned around.

“Who are you?” Bell asked.

“I’m Max, I know Cora.”

“Oh so your Max, she told us about you.” John said.

“So then you guys must be Asona, Bell and John. Cora told me about you three.” Max said.

“Its like we know each other, but we never met.” Asona said.


“Anyway, where’s Cora?” Bell asked.

“She went to visit her parents, but she hasn’t come back yet.” Max said.

“Oh yeah, she said that in the letter she sent us.” Asona said.

“Should we go look for her?” John asked.

“Nah, she’s probably still at the cemetery.” Max said.

“Didn’t she say she was going to visit her parents house?” Bell asked.

“Yeah, she said that in the letter.” Asona said.

Bell got out Cora’s file, she skimmed pages to find any information about Cora’s parents.

“Hey Max, do you know this address?” Bell asked.

Max walked to Bell, he looked down at Cora’s file.

“That’s an address in the forest, no one even goes in there anymore.”


“Dark figures.”

“Cora, wake up!”

Cora lay on a cold, damp surface, she could hear a voice calling her. It wasn’t clear, but she had to reach for it.

“Uh,” Cora started to wake up.

“Cora! Open your eyes!”

Cora fluttered her eyes open. The first thing that came into view was a dark figure with a pair of golden eyes staring at her.

“Ah!” Cora sat up and quickly, she tried to scoot away.

“Wait! Its okay”

The dark figure took off his mask, revealing black hair falling over his smooth face.

“You’re one of them.” Cora said.

“Yes, but I saved you.”


“I guess I’m tired of being the bad guy.”

Cora still sat on the ground, she was in shock and couldn’t move.

“Here let me help you.”

Cora shook her head, she got up herself.

“My name is Rain if you’re wondering.”


“It’s a long story.”

Cora turned away from him.

“You’re going to have to trust me, I’m trying to help you.”

Cora turned to Rain, “Well its going to take some time, I don’t even know what’s going on!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything,” Rain said.


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Jul 3, 2009
i smell love between cora and rain lol

*no comment* lol

Your very talented ^-^
keep it up! C:

Thanks :)

I like Rain so far :3 lowl.

haha thats good, he made a first good impression

Epic chapter once again. C:

Wooooo! more to come!


“Surya what happen to your face?” Negandro asked.

A deep cut scarred Surya’s face. Starting from his right cheek bone, ending at the bottom of his chin on the left side of his face.

Surya cleared his throat, “She did it.”

Negandro lifted an eyebrow, “And where is Rain?”

“He betrayed us, to he helped her.”

Negandro stood from his stone seat, he pounded his fist.

“He WHAT!? After everything we done for him!” Negandro shouted.

Surya flinched, but remained still. “What would you like us to do?”

Negandro started to pace in one spot, then Hhe stopped. Negandro’s red eye stared into Surya’s soul.

“Find them, bring the girl back unharmed. Rain, you can do what you want with him, he won’t see it coming.”
The sun cast long shadows, night would soon swallow the forest. Asona, Bell, John and Max walked quietly on the forest floor. Silence made them tense and scared. They walked on the trail where Cora was last seen, before she disappeared.

“What is that?” Max asked, pointing at a giant spike, lifting from the ground.

Asona, Bell and John gasped. “Cora did that!”


“Well, lets just say Cora is special.” Bell said.

Max let everything sink in, that could explain a little bit.

“John watch out!” Asona shouted.

“Ah what!?” John screamed, stopping his foot in midair.

“You almost stepped in something.”

John looked down, his shoe an inch away from blood.

“Its blood!” Bell said.

“There must of been a fight.” Max said.

“I hope Cora is okay.” John said.

“Come on, she might be at the house.”
The small house stood silent. The roof looked as if it were about to collapse. The group split and looked inside the windows of the house. Dust and glass, no sign of Cora.

“Hey guys!” Asona yelled.

Max and John ran to the girls. “What?”

“Cora’s backpack.” Bell said.

The four stayed silent.

“They took her.”
Cora sat, looking at the sunset. Beyond the horizon rain clouds filled the sky. Cora thought of the sky as a giant canvas and the artist smeared the clouds down. It was raining, soon to make its way to her.

“We better find a place to stay before I come.” Rain said.

Cora titled her head, “What?”

“You know rain,” Rain shrugged, “It sound more funny in my mind.”

Cora let out a laugh, she couldn’t help it.

“Can you tell me know, what is going on?” Cora asked.

Rain sat down next to Cora, both stared at the sun setting, and the rain clouds smearing across the sky.

“His name is Negandro.” Rain said, breaking the silence.

“Is he, after me?” Cora asked.

“Yes, and me too. Now that I betrayed him.”

“Why me?” Cora asked.

Rain turned to Cora, “The power that’s inside your heart.”

Cora stayed silent, then she busted.

“Well he can have it! I don’t want it!” Cora shouted, she stood up.

“Cora! Its not that easy, he’ll have to kill you for it.”

“I don’t care, everything would have been better if I weren’t here. Its my fault that my parents are dead! I didn’t choose this!”

Rain stood up, “I didn’t choose this neither! Do you think I wanted to be like this, be part of something evil? But I’m changing my way, just to help you.”

Cora felt like a tree fell on her, what a jerk she was. Cora and Rain didn’t say anything.

“Well we have one thing in common Cora,”

Cora looked up at Rain. “What?”

“He killed my parents too.”


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anyway, very lovely. But rain....susPIcious....

and ha ha, i jacked the files? sweet.


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I hope things will be better for them soon.
Rain and Cora = LOVE.


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aw rain and cora. i hope things will be alright

it will......maybe



anyway, very lovely. But rain....susPIcious....

and ha ha, i jacked the files? sweet.

haha yes, one of ur many skills


RainxCora? ;)


I hope things will be better for them soon.
Rain and Cora = LOVE.

and no lol

i have an attitude problem????????????????????? XD well, i guess thats the truth in a way

haha i knew it!


“What do we do!?” Asona screamed.

“Don’t panic!” Bell shouted.

“I’m started to panic!” John said.

“Guys! We’ll think of something.” Max said.

The four stood, looking down at Cora’s backpack.

“Should we look inside her backpack?” Asona asked.

“I don’t know, what if she has private stuff inside.” Bell said.

“Or something that’ll help us find her.” John said.

“Come on, we got to tell the police about this.” Max said.

“They’ll get clobbered by the dark figures.” John said.

“We got no other choice. Let’s go to Amber’s house, she’ll help us.”
“Hello brother.”

Rain stopped and looked around. Cora stood, looking with concern.

“Are you okay?” Cora asked.

“Cora, you need to practice your powers.” Rain replied.

Cora looked down.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Rain said.

Rain walked into the darkness inside of the forest.

“Where are you!?”

“Home base, about to leave looking for you.”

Rain stood quietly.

“Why did you leave? Why did you betray your only family?”

“I’m tired of this way. I want a new life, one I can control.”

“You do know I’m ordered to kill you.”

“I know.”

“I’m not going to hold anything back, even though you are my best friend.”

“Why can’t you join me, we’ll get out together.”



“I can’t Rain, I’m not strong like you.”
Rain sighed. He turned back to Cora. Her hands were glowing a light blue color.

“Look what I can do!” Cora shouted. She shot the blue light at a tree. It busted the tree in half.

“Wow, but no more practice we got to run.” Rain said.

“Are they coming?” Cora asked.

“Yes and we better hurry!”

Just as the to were going to run off, Rain got a sharp pain in his head.

“Ah!” he yelled.

“Rain! What’s wrong!?”

Rain held the sides of his head. His eyes closed tight. The sharp pain pulsed through his head, more severe in his temples. Rain opened his eyes. Cora’s image was blurry.


“Cora, I cant see!”


“My vision is going away!”

Cora looked confused. “How?”

Rain let go of his head, he looked at Cora. She looked like she was in front of a water stained window.


“He? How?”

Rain fell to the ground, he held his left hand on his head.

“Rain! What did he do to you!?”

“Cora, my name isn’t really Rain.”

“What is it then?”

“I don’t know.”

They stayed silent.

“When I was three years old, my parents and I were running in the dark. My father held me because I was too slow to run. And I was blind. All I remember is the cold rain hitting me. My parents were running from someone. Someone who was looking for a small child. The next thing I knew I'm on the ground. I’m still in my father’s arms. I then feel a sticky liquid, I knew it wasn’t the rain. I climb out and start to cry, I couldn’t see and my parents wouldn't wake up.”

Cora knelt down to Rain, he stared into space.

“What happen?” Cora asked.

“I heard a voice, it said that I was weak. I cried more, but even though I was so young, I charged at the voice. He laughed, a blind child cannot fight. It was Nagandro, he took me in that night. He gave me my name, he helped me, he gave me my vision back.”

“But now that you betrayed him-”

“He’s taking it back” Rain said.
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