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  • Uiks. That sounds like a decent bunch. Drawings? Stuff you drew yourself? All this reminds me that I'll have to do a backup again soon, lol.
    Yeah, a very good and calm one. Right now I'm on a steady trip fighting against high level AI opponents in Dissidia Duodecim, some Star Wars: Rebellion, Civilization IV again and also a bit Arsenal of Democracy between. FF XIII-2 is still in its package, lol.

    I've still five more free days left, maybe I can do something more for my story in that remaining time as well. ;)

    The cucumber got suspected because of these strange circumstances, although in the end it doesn't matter what it was, luckily it's over now and everything is fine again.
    it may be the most random but its also the most charming, no?

    dont ya think

    dont ya

    and what is this gif? i dont even lol <3

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to your message in like 5ever

    You needs to totally focus though. I need to do the same. We both need to totally focus. I'm kinda hyper right now. Cake.
    Hmm? So, how much did you lose exactly? A month worth of work?
    Finished work-stuff and now it's preparation for Christmas, lol. Although things got definitely calmer by now. I finally also found some time to play some games again, checking in here once every two days or so.
    I would wish sincerely for that, to have some more time for all the stuf I'd want to do. Of course work is important, yet I sometimes have the impression it takes too much away of a days' time. Some RL-duties you once could do during the week so you had the weekend for your own stuff need now to be relocated to the weekend because of long work times.

    I won't say it was expired. It tasted completely normal and stuff, but I guess there was something wrong with it as it was the only stuff I ate which my mother ate as well (who also got stomach problems) and which my father didn't (who was completely fine). It's about counting 1 and 1 together I'd say.
    Do that fine chinese birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant of course, couldn't do that with a sick stomach around. ^___^
    Egh, didn't you make a backup on DVD, mobile Hard Drive or USB Stick? I back up all my important stuff once every month.
    Guess so, well, whatever, my time also gets a bit tight again until this Friday as we just moved to a new location with our company. Much to do right now to get things running again.
    Yep, this year was over so fast it isn't even funny. <__<

    I don't really know what it was, but if I had to guess I would suspect the cucumber I had the Thursday before wasn't entirely good anymore.
    The weekend after that we did everything we couldn't due to this last weekend, lol.
    But I do Youni lol and yeah Sword Art has been fucking up to. Yeah he really did care for that guy. It was pretty sad when he died though...if the anime had better writing it would have been better though. I don't even think they are father and son anymore..!!
    Awwww, I is so proud!! No Youni~chan you can definitely get through this, I don't know what happened to make you feel all down but it will be better soon. You must study properly as well!! Don't neglect your studies... You won't like the outcome, trust me.

    Yeah, we'll get it replaced eventually but right now it's just crushed and the people are slow about tearing it down. And we didn't panic because...we just didn't think it would hit us THIS hard but it did and even then a lot of people I know we're more annoyed than anything. Other people lost their homes though which is sad but I wasn't one of them.

    We love it but we have to stay focused too Youni~chan. We can't let our academic or social guards down! We must live!
    Ah, I see. Now that's unfortunate. Few things are more displeasing than a broken computer nowadays.
    It certainly seems that way, although I didn't get around to know why.
    That indeed, I think "busy" is a good candidate for word of the year 2012.

    Stressful in job as well here, as for in general, everything was ok until Saturday the 8th.
    Then I got hit with a nasty variant of upset stomach (probably something wrong I ate on Thursday or Friday) which pretty much ruined my entire weekend.
    Yea, Saturday was the day...and I got some nasty present from my own body.:p
    Not even my story and your friends on here were enough for keeping...geez, that makes me sad. ;_;
    I noticed several of our "circle" missing though, like D.D.D. and Kiwi+ and I also cannot deny that my work cut short my time here quite a bunch.

    So how's school and stuff going?
    Sorry you have no time Youni~chan. Soooooooon. It's alright, could use some better writing but the visuals are great. His personality, his powers, his character design and his voice lol everything about the character, even what little they showed of his past with that guy who died. I don't even know what he is to Shiro but that could probably be it.
    YOU JOINED A DANCE GROUP? *ecstatic* I am happy for you lol glad you took that initiative. I hope so too. I may not know for sure but I hope so :) don't let life get you down and out, k?
    the hurricane? yesterday's news! i only lost my garage in the storm. people around my area had no more for a couple of weeks. No one was hurt. No one I know of anyway

    That darn tumblrrrrrr!!!!!1!!!11!!!!1!! very distracting but I love it. Yeah sometimes there are things that you have to focus on and things you just have to buckle down and do :3
    Aw I'm sorry :( Although K isn't that awesome of an anime, I just like this character a lot lol That Sephy character is explained a bit I guess in the new episode too so get on that when you can.
    You had a dance? ooooooooooh somebody got their freak on LOL Aw I'm really sorry to hear that. I really do hope it gets easier...Life's been treating me alright. There are stuff that you gotta deal with but what would life be without some kinks and things to stress about
    It is...I guess. I could be doing better but I'm focused on other things...which shouldn't be the case but I am lol
    Watch the latest episode...he's even cooler *U*
    Dead tired? How is life treatin' ya?
    I'm doing alright as far as stressful students are concerned :)
    Hiiiiiiiii :) and he's like Axel's cooler older brother or something. I love Mikoto ;3

    How've you been?
    Considering how slow I am, it's really no wonder why! :p
    I missed getting to see the corn finish growing. :'c I came to my new school before it was ready. And when I went back to visit home all the corn was gone. No, the branches start too high up for you to climb them, sadly. (They are super rare~) I'm still happier in a place without tourist, though, a bunch of curious and possibly lost strangers wondering around would spook me. o3o Not when there's too much change at once, it has to be handled properly or there will be repercussions. :c You can teach as anything, a parent teaches, a mentor teaches, a person without the specific job of teaches who knows what someone else needs to know can teach.


    I changed from Tomoyo to this cute girl from a source no one should recognize. Tomoyo must have felt so sad beneath it all, huh? Or at least a little tiny bit jealous? (It's not sunny there?)
    T'was beautiful~
    Oh no, you're right! How will I ever talk in front of such kawaii people, I can't do it!

    Haha, I'm on my forth week back now. You?
    Bah, dont have the time to hang around the forums as much, but i think i'll be more active in the next few months hopefully. :3
    awwww, your computer broke? i'm sorry to hear that. :/
    Hey Youniquee, name's Xickin! I know this is random but can I ask how you got that awesome sig???
    That's fine, I just wanted to see how TAV ended up with KH2 Sora. I'm slightly disappointed that it was just an intro, haha. Thanks.
    I mean the video xD
    I haven't been keeping up with all the KH news and stuff so yeah.
    If it's not too much of a bother, could you link it?

    (i can't believe im saying this but im kinda intrigued)
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