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  • There's never a scarce supply of rabbits.

    Very harsh... My limbs are slimming and awfully amazing thank you very much. Lol take all the time you need u_u you were lazy your first year? whyyyy? XD but they are, such a briliant mind. A whole research paper on plants? I guess some people out there would love such a paper. I can see your tears... I don't want to take a trip to chem class thanks lol TYPOS. probably not, I mean it depends on the students xD Being totally honest. No it wouldn't be awks don't worry...when's your 1am!? The letters? I guess so :/ Because I say sooooo. That movie...is not great and okay thanks for stating that. XD Pappi sounds better? Lol A FACE FULL OF CAKE WITH AN OBJECT HIDDEN INSIDE

    The lack of flexibility ain't so bad.

    Shouldn't have fangirled all over the floor. Hmmm, I like that, being analytical seems cool. Really? It just turns off? :/ ANIME IS A BIG PART OF MY LIFE. I would have tried to help too but jeez, that was awful. What attracted to her was her personality, awesome design, and just being so introverted. I had a hunch it had something to do with being mistreated as a child. WATCH THEM. Uhm, I don't know how to describe it, good balance between script and animation.
    I was asking casually because you handled the content of the anime casually. ...I really won't.

    Ugh Youni~chan.. XD but I believe you'll get better if you keep at it. I wasn't thinking its dirty lol but yeah what have you done to sora! jk jk I wanna see though
    Lol yes, punny bunny

    no one wants that ice that killed thousands of people, hence the punishment status of said ice :// They think I was just born dis way lol Because it is the honorable thing to do Youni~chan. It is the honorable thing to do u_u Aw don't say that. Just try your best if you make it you do and if you don't they didn't deserve you! Ecology is plants lol ok, now i know. Wow...it's that bad a scent huh *is curious now* I do understand, you meant SNIFF? ok that makes a little more sense lol No problem, I live to teach. Yeah I'd be up for it, why not? My 1am or your 1am lol Yeah these letters would be a thing of the past xDDD because its not an excuseeeeeee A cheesy high school movie...? You don't mean *looks sick* highschool musical, do you? Lol I guess pap does xD WELL I TAKE ANEW OBJECT AND THROW IT AT YOUR FACE.

    No ladders, no stools, no helping hands...just natural height

    YES. I wanted your confession >:3 I'm quite analytical actually lol jk i just think too much. You don't have to think too much when watching anime if you dont want to. Some people think that one shouldn't take anime too seriously :( I'm not one of said people but there are judgmental peeps out there. That bullying was freakin' terrible.......... How does no one do nothing?! Poor girl...but she's still my favorite character. WATCH THEM BOTH THEY ARE FUNNY. Though Hataraku made me laugh so freakin' hard xD

    Nah its not that awks. Its nothing but...nonsense really xD I will not take a trip to the SnG tag on tumblr that you, Youni~chan.

    You didn't semi fail. You didn't fail at all. You're just learning you know. And its okay :) See? Its getting loved up :3 If this picture will throw our friendship into question I am a bit terrified lol
    Yes, very punny indeed~

    Made from the very iceberg that helped sink the Titanic. <<...>> It's true, I'm hiding my identity from them. They must NEVER know. Aw, forgive Time zone~chan. They didn't know better. Wow...you're aiming high. That's very admirable :) ...The what? I don't think I wanna know lol Not a fan of ecology eh. It's okay to have different scents memorized no matter how unpleasant, that way it doesn't catch by too much of a surprise. What does stiff it mean? No no no, it means that you present yourself well physically lol To speak on skype? It wouldn't be too different I suppose, if we catch each other at a good time where we're both on the messages will move a lot faster but we wouldn't be saying as much at one time, get what i mean. I doubt KHI is going anywhere anytime soon :3 Late night wonderings is not an excuseeee. Paparazzi? lol The judge??? WELL I STILL OBJECT.

    I can get used to such a world.

    You know for a fact that you fangirled all the time. *imagines Youni flailing* I kinda saw it coming with how emphasized she was even though she got no screentime with anyone else besides shoko and no other person fit the description of 'pilot.' idk i guess i'm weird. SHE WAS BULLIED HELLA HARD. That wasn't even normal level bullying that was some advanced bullying. YEAH! Uhm my fav? Hmmmm, it would either be Oreimo, Hataraku Maou, or...Hentai prince LOL but Hatarku Maou made me laugh the most.
    I guess i did, my bad, it was kinda rhetorical lol and yaoi? -shivers- as for me..........meh.

    Just practice practice practice and eventually you will definitely get a hang of it and be able to achieve it in your own way :) yeah i didn't really see it as fighting attire, but belts and zippers would definitely remedy that -nods-
    Why would you be surprised? lol Sure they were punny and made me groan but i enjoyed them lol

    Yes. Yes they are. I AM OCTODAD -flails- Time zone~chan regrets their decisions and deeds. You want a science degree? That's cool When le science is being shoved up WHERE? Biology is cool :3 It has left its mark in your database of scents. I like to be helpful! Lol 'You clean up nice' was a complimentttt. I hope they do :) IF this site were to close I would probably just give you mah email or skype or something. Why u say dis? Yes great pap. OVERRULED. (i'm glad lol)

    Not sure about what I think about this new world...

    Of course you like L-ELFFF. fangirls everywhere! things did get kinda...weird but Akira got in the last valvrave like i predicted and she is like my favorite character so i was happy. I will look it up and watch le first episode :)
    ....no. no it does not. you into dat stuffffffffffffff?

    No problem. It only takes practice, even then they are a bit tricky. I know people who can draw hands perfectly but suck at drawing heads or eyes, while visa versa, ya know? It sorta does look like something Kairi would wear, probably on the islands though?
    Your puns are fine, Youni. They're fine. lol

    Yes. It is. The cold cubes will freeze your face 5ever. STOP. LOOKING. AT. ME. LIKE. DAT -flails- Uh the balls? That's incredibly evil lol Damn. So much hate for the science Youni. So much hate. Maybe someday you will appreciate le science...You hate science and yet you know such things course through my veins....? I am a walking glossary! Enjoy! :3 I've known a few online friends for quite sometime. Though I want to reconnect with them soon... I'd make a great pop. LIFE IS LIKE THAT FOR RELCHAN. (don't be sad, you're only sad if you wanna be)

    ...I feel so accomplished.

    Valvrave was crazy. I'm not upset that they're getting a second season but they kinda need to get it together lol I don't know what that is. I shall google it. See? See? See? It's not that bad a show ya'know.

    I saw the thing you draw. I like the design. It's quite simplistic too but in a good way. Work more on hands though (those are extra tough to nail believe me I know xD) But I really do like it.
    They were not tooooooo crappy xD

    Because only Hope must feel the punishment of sucking on ice cubes! Don't look at me like that! Timezones get a kick in the ribs. You must channel your inner hope and love science. Embrace science. Feel the science coursing through your veins! Well if a flower isn't being very nice then promptly plant it in a far off prairie and let it live out its life there. That's quite the accomplishment Youni~chan. Yes even when I'm married and have children they will watch me get on this site and post all the things./ I CAN ARGUE WHATEVER I WISH lol (uhmmmmmm....)


    It's only gonna get more shippy from here on out Youni. From here on out. And VALVRAVE. It's not exactly what I expected but I enjoy watching it. But so much goes on lol and you should check out the other ones, they're pretty cool. Don't misunderstand! he is just a pervert is all lol
    Yep, by now I have adjusted to the fact though that the version on FF.net will always limp behind the KHInsider-version, also since my RL stuff sometimes even prevents me from working thoroughly on the chapter revisions.
    It even hampered my ability to write on, as I've not written more since April, but there are still enough chapters available yet to go on releasing. I'm actually preparing to post chapter 43 today.
    Yeah, reading reviews or discussions/theories isn't really that exciting if you want to know the story itself foremost. That's also the reason why I sometimes double post in that thread. I don't want my answers to reviews and theories to be cluttered together with the chapters, especially if I have to answer to several people or to a bigger review with questions.
    That's also a huge motivator of course. ^__^

    To be honest I only do that when I play on weekends or when I am on vacation. During the week in the at most two to three hours a day I have free time when I decide to spent them with gaming, I look into walkthroughs faster, lol.
    I guess, although since I am partly an old school gamer I am used to the fact that most games are over when the story is completed, so I tend to try and do extra stuff before the story is finished, although newer games like FF XIII and as I now realized Lego Harry Potter do allow you to play on after all of the story is completed.
    They would know when they found everything when they get a trophy. For example, you'll know that you got all red bricks in Lego Harry Potter Years 1 - 4 when you get the trophy saying exactly this gets unlocked. Thus telling you that there are exactly twenty red bricks in the game.
    Funny thing is I platinumed Lego Harry Potter this weekend (meaning I got 100% completion and therefore the Platinum trophy), so I can go on now with either Force Unleashed 2 or Tekken Tag Tournament 2, lol.
    Yeah, those were the days, and with most FF titles from VII to XIII I can actually help with since I played them.

    Ouch, too bad on that one, but you'll get KH 1.5, don't you?
    Yes. Your puns.

    No. Only Hope is permitted. Thanks everyone except time zones u_u but hope loves science doesn't he? anyway we'll let science chill out with the ice cubes till September. Which flower?~ 2 years this summer. Man, that's quite awhile. The anniversary of our friendship I guess? I am your college friend and no I imagine I'll be here for years to come. What can I say I like arguing against thing that are NOT TRUE! Lol jk (very depressing..)

    Then I am 6ft!!!!!!

    In for a real treat... I'm also watching Majestic Prince, Valvrave, Oreimo, Hataraku Maou, Hentai Prince and Stony Cat and that's about it i think..
    you do. don't you remember you jokes?

    Hope can go suck on a couple ice cubes! I shall never give in! We should thank disney and square for bring all us awesome people together in one spot to be n othing but random and silly with one another lol yes let is not get into any sciences right xD far far away... lol Oh god we've been talking for YEARS xD FINE I SHALL NOT FIGHT YOU NO LONGER ON THE MATTER. I accept your compliment truly I do. (I hope it didn't die either...)

    I'm 6ft...well 1.8288 meters

    don't know, the manga just keeps me coming back, the story is just too good, though the more recent events have me scratching my head and wondering just what the hell is going on and why is this all happening and ugh. that would indeed suck...
    Lol you should be. Own it. You always do.

    ....but he only owns the streets...okay maybe the city...a couple of cities...a country? The world. Okay he owns the world. lol And yeah it is cool, I feel really open and exposed to a lot of ways of thinking and other things like that knowing people in so many places, on the other hand a lot of people i know who live in so many different places are also so similar, like they have the same interests and feel just as passionate about things, ya know? it's a really beautiful thing... And yes we do share the same sky lol Motivation comes from all sorts of places! And be careful not to let any of your friendships die...unless they're unhealthy. Me being myself? Something to enjoy? I sure hope so xD OBJECTION. I REFUTE. xD That's good, Youni. I'm proud :) Uhm uhm, uh, i saw a snail traveling at his own pace and taking his time to achieve his goals :3

    I am tall and I'm proud!

    The manga is flippin' terrifyingly awesome but much more gory. The scene where that girl is trying to revive her boyfriend or something, in the anime you tell he's dead but in the manga they show that his entire bottom half was chopped off and she was still giving him cpr and stuff. It gets even more freaky too. If titans appeared in real life...we would be screwed...unless they decided to nuke someplaces or something but idk.
    Just like I have as well. ^__^
    The story itself exists on FF.net, but there it is only up to chapter 8 since I have a beta reader for FF.net which is very strict (that's a good thing) and it takes time to make adjustments to the chapters.
    Here on KHInsider it is up to chapter 42, but there is a small help at least for keeping track of chapters: In the very first post of the thread right under the logo there is a spoiler-box with direct links to each chapter.
    Yep, and also some wild mass guessing on future story developments, hehehe.

    I do this mostly after I have looked around and found everything I could on my own, which is in most cases around 30% to 40% of extra stuff available. For example, I couldn't figure out for the heck of it why I couldn't destroy the shiny silver locks and objects in Lego Harry Potter, as I know that there are bound to be more extra stuff involved. Then I looked stuff up on the net and realized that I simply wasn't far enough in the story (around the middle of Year 3) as the spell needed to destroy the silver things is learned only in Year 4.
    I doubt that these are done by just one person, there will be several people who gather together what they found out while playing and then one of them probably will write a detailed walkthrough/secret FAQ.
    I'll try, lol, but I can't say just exactly when. After Lego Harry Potter, I'll go probably with "The Force Unleashed II" which I have started but not done much with and then venture on to FF XIII-2.
    And then in September comes KH HD 1.5.

    Exactly. ;)
    ...good one, Youni~chan xD

    No...I mean the streets. You stay there Hope! Yeah it really is rare... And I know how you feel, I connect with people in far away countries. But I like having friends from all corners of the globe. I feel connected somehow. I'm glad she motivates you :) Well let's be sure to take plenty care of these nice flowers so that they don't die. No pressure at all xD be myself? That I can do~ VERY MISTAKEN lol I look forward to hearing good things from you :) Sky blue deodorant led you to believing you can reach the sky. Anything is inspirational!

    *hi5* walk tall and proud!

    Nope. No excuse. Now that I've caught up with the manga I don't really feel pressured to watch the anime. But about nightmares, believe me you're not alone. The manga gave me unpleasant dreams the first night I read it. Really dark, gritty, twisted, and soooo creepy.
    Well my mind is broken to the point of being dysfunctional lol but i don't mind though, i'm still pretty smart if i do say so myself 8D

    I don't care if he runs the streets of FFXIII-2 No HOPE. See? Making friends is an amazing thing especially new ones that you just connect with right away. Hopefully she treats you right and you her :3 friendships need a lot of care. Well if I'm a person you admire I will do my best not to disappoint you and keep to my beliefs and ways. Me? Sweet??? You're mistaken. A BETTER FUTURE INDEED. Anything can motivate any kind of person and quotes like that are awesome examples :3

    Aw a tall-ie! I'm quite tall myself! 8D

    YAOI GLASSES NO. But I recommend the manga. I really do.
    it's a good bad thing... or is it a terrible amazing thing? one of life's many mysteries!

    There is so much HOPE. And no i would not like to be overflowing with Hope Estheim thank you. He's cool doe. Yeah no one really does expect close friends...they just...become close friends. But it's nice when it's really unexpected and out of the blue and something you never would have imagined happening. I don't know. It's just special. LOL Thank you for the admiration but I've done nothing all that great. I'm just a humble Relix. Thanks all the same :3 I must risk in order gain, I must take chances in order to see change! And twitter quotes aren't all that bad lol

    THE MOUTH. okay we will be extra careful and bring honey just in case. i dont trust these bears. lol what are you a shortie? xD

    THANKS. He's one, if not, my favorite character in Attack on Titan. I read the manga and stuff so I can get why they'd think of them that way but it's really just blind shipping at its finest when you get down to it. He's a really cool character.
    Oh believe me, I know for a fact that my mind is screwed lol

    It's good to be hopeful :) I will continue to hope for you as well >:3 Unexpected close friends are always the best :) Well I'm on summer vacation at the moment so I have some free time on my hands so I applied for this internship and I scored big time :) college will pick back up at the end of august. And these questions are legitimate, nothing silly about them. Yeah, sometimes you just gotta suck it up and take the risk, huh? Man... But I can do it :)

    You have to trust me on this one Youni~chan. These bears don't have the heart to try and eat us. They don't have the heart! lol you and your chinese food. somethings never change i guess...
    Sometimes it also helps to just start fresh. ^__^
    Yep, and the introduction of the first main antagonist is just around the corner, so that's another incentive.
    Hehehe, I'm already looking forward to that. ;)
    I'll go and answer the reviews today I think.

    With me it's not so much that I'm bad but again the time factor. Although I admit that this also makes me look at walkthroughs sometimes in order to not waste too much time with searching for leftover things.
    Yeah, like Theatrhym Final Fantasy, or Re: Coded, or Soul Calibur IV, and some more, lol.

    Indeed, sometimes it really becomes annoying, but I am also not irresponsible enough to disregard my RL duties for gaming or other "leisure time" activities.
    I will definitely do my best... To not lose my mind lol

    *prays* I really do hope things go well though. I've been there. Yeah they were friends of friends in another year class but now we're really close. I've yet to graduate. Another yearrrr. Thanks, Youni. That means a lot. I've kinda been afraid to lol a little cowardice on my part.

    They are quite greedy. But we must show them our hospitality, we're not barbarians. They shall not snack on us, Youni. *orders chinese food*
    You know what, I think I will lol it's too intriguing to pass up

    I'm glad, I hope things get even better :) Yeah that happens believe me, I'm barely in contact with people I knew in highschool except for a few who I wasn't even friends with at the time. I suppose you're right. It's never too late. But it gets discouraging to just think about it lol

    Party it is! ...if we offer the bear tasty treats (not us of course) maybe it'll stick around for a dance and then leave :I And that's the idea! As long as you're with a friend and enjoying yourself then what more can you ask for?
    ...he had children...and nobody notices he's an octopus...and someone wants to turn him into sushi.........what is this GAME?

    Things will get better :) Don't worry, I hope things get less stressful i missed talking with you too. In fact I haven't kept up with ANYONE lately and it makes me really sad sometimes but I still love everyone all the same. I really do.

    We can catch fireflies and sit on a porch after a giant cookout or party or something. It'd be cool to do. But it's definitely still an adventure. It's not always about where you go but who you're with
    ....tell me everything. everything.

    Thanks! I hope everything stays great for you too :) We were crazy, silly, and made little to NO SENSE I mean the things we talked about xD Growing up is fun...like watching paint dry

    I'll have so money B) lol probably not, just enough to buy a few nice things. And sure we can go on adventures like da good ol' days lol
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