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  • Retyping can be so annoying >_< so no problemo :)

    You are lucky it continues. Going back is slowly killing my will to live other than thats its been alright, tomorrow is off so YAY :D I found out I did alright on this Economics test I did before half term.

    Its about two brothers hunting supernatural creatures its a really great show <3 The first few seasons are creepy, but the later ones aren't and there is usally humour in the episodes just look at some ;D I hate scary movies >_< I was forced to watch them when I was like 8 or something and that has sacrred my mind forever :C I heard Thunder!!!

    I don't remeber but I know it dies because of something. :C
    I just exploded from the cuteness of that video, it just makes me wanna get a puppy more X3
    Lovely, car wheels covered in excretions... trailing it all the way down the road XD
    WHAT!!! You should watch Doctor Who its great >_< Thats it the rest of my time is going to be getting you to watch Doctor Who!!!! and its a family show ;P and you can't call yourself English and not watch the show XD WATCH IT!!! YouTube - Doctor Who: Series One Cinema Trailer YouTube - BBC Doctor Who Series 2 Coming Soon Trailer 1080P HD YouTube - Doctor Who Series 3 Trailer YouTube - Doctor Who Season 4 Trailer YouTube - NEW Doctor Who Coming Soon Series 5 Trailer Doesn't any of tht make you want to watch it just a tiny little bit ;__;
    Oh, well I have a TV in my room so I have both the computer and the tv on at the same time ;D

    Yes... I did every mission T_T Halloween Town Boss is the most annoying boss of all >:C
    PSN I am waiting for you to work again ;_; but yeah make an account ok ;D

    Well, Assassin's Creed is in no way a challenge XD gameplay wise at least, nither is Dragon Age if you set down the difficulty I'm mostly in there for the story. ^^ I have a few Pokemon games but have not finished one XD I always just get to near the end and then I just can't be botherd to level up more of my Pokemon.

    Aww well thats good :3
    Hate ze facebook >:C and that makes you sound like a creepy stalker XD I can understand I hate anyone looking at my work also its so bad I don't want teachers to see my work either so when they come near I kinda lean forward trying to shield it from their eyes. XD Too much junk spewing out of the music industry, but even then I still don't like rap any good recommendations? YES by breaking the sterotype you are the reason the Earth is gonna implode I hope you're happy >:D Check it out if you have the time https://www.animenfo.com/radio/ ^_^ I've heard some really great new ones from listening.... and some awful ones as well XD

    Can you at least tell me what your story is about, pretty please *Puppy Face*
    Yes you should watch watch both of those they are really great! Aww If you want I could send you the How to Train Your Dragon movie through e-mail I could do that. I ripped it onto my computer a little while ago :3
    Glad you like them ^^
    AH the Pokemon music... that only problem is when you get stuck in an area and all you hear is that music for ages you just wanna smash your console against the wall XD
    WTF 15 minutes now that really is evil....

    Run like the wind just leave your cares behind (Let's go now) Take us around the world and back again (Oh, Chocobo) Promise together we will chase the sun (Forever) Endless adventures surely lie in store for you and me Let's go find gil and fame Dig a little, stake our claim Take a chance, trust in me You will see We will find them x4
    Love Vanilles theme :3
    @!!@ TTTTTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats where Clu comes walking in ll slow motionany and then sits down like a badass!!! @F&%&^%%$ *EXPLODES* I have a little obsession with Tron right now XD
    Last one was really pretty :3
    .... oh so thats how its gonna be.... well then....
    YouTube - Star Trek Soundtrack #3: Labor of Love
    YouTube - Star Trek Soundtrack #5: Enterprising Young Men
    YouTube - Owen's Theme
    YouTube - Death of Toshiko
    YouTube - Davy Jones & Tia Dalma/Calypso - Locket Theme
    YouTube - Aeris's (Aerith's) Theme - Final Fantasy 7 (Advent Children)
    YouTube - Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Music - "Tifa's Theme ~Arrange~" from Final Fantasy VII Extended - this version really grew on me somehow
    YouTube - Ilan Eshkeri - Coronation Music Video (Stardust OST)
    YouTube - Sakura's theme
    YouTube - saiyuki for real piano.wmv
    YouTube - Rinoa's Theme
    YouTube - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Soundtrack - 06. Buckbeak's Flight
    YouTube - Doctor Who: Rose's Theme (Live, Cardiff)
    YouTube - Doctor Who Proms 2010 - Amy's Theme
    YouTube - Doctor Who - Martha's Theme
    YouTube - Final Fantasy XIII OST: Disc 2 - Sustained by Hate
    YouTube - Pokemon - Lugia's song

    There we go more torture >:3
    Man I type slow ;w;
    TOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGG D: D: D: Gonna have to try shorten this down a bit...

    I've been great. Been watching aload of SuperNatural over the half term. :3 Although I started to get really freaked out at night because of it and Doctor Who has started up again X3 You?
    Hmm the college can't be that bad, can it? I go to Crossways and that pretty bad. XD

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    hey there how u been i like kingdom hearts and sorahas nice dick XD on avatar but i have cover it with Ramia from pretty sammy series lol :(
    ...Terranort was the most annoying thing ever >_< Why can't Terra dodge like everyone else in the world rather than sliding foward.
    Trust me once you are there you will be thankful to have left your old school, but yes I do miss some of my old friends I haven't been able to keep in contact with :C There are still new friends to meet out there. ;D Growing up truly does stink and I don't know if this has started for you but I am fed up with people asking what I study what I plan to do in the future and how I'm finding college...

    So wearing bright colours is something you can't help? XD Theres only one colour I hate and that is red >:C I don't know why but I really hate the colour.

    Batman is the dark knight >:3
    I love so many breeds of dogs <3 No police horses at all? I usually see them going in pairs along different streets every once in a while, just the other day I saw the most beautiful white horses going down the street. They are usually brown so seeing two white ones was really nice :3
    Yes, there was and they were incredibly annoying... YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 2 Commercial I think this was the advert........wtf...... 15 year old..... doesn't watch TV...... wtf.......... does not compute....... *Blows up*
    I would never really have a chance to get into something like that, I don't have a brother, but I have an older sister who doesn't play games so I must find greatness myself. XD I think I gave up at some point then came back to it ages later. XD
    I'm not gonna beat you for liking Days *Hiding beating stick behind back* but the game had too much repetition for me and the DS hurts my hands(not a down point for the game but still it caused pain ;_;) plus I didn't really feel anything for Xion so I would get nothing emotional from the story other than Roxas and Axel parts. I thought you were disappoint because BBS XD KH1 all the way for me <3
    You should play western games as well there are quite a few really great ones. ^^ For example my favourite games are western(as in come from western areas not western themed XD) Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age and Batman Arkham. Doesn't this make you wanna play AC for a bit YouTube - S H A T T E R E D {Altair & Ezio Tribute} yeah I'm totally gonna try to get you to play a load of other games. XD

    In my spare time I usually play games, watch movies or TV, do something on the computer or maybe read or draw depends how I feel. You?
    Intrumental music mostly, but I like most other kinds however I'm not a fan of Rap, R&B and Jazz just can't really stand the first and last of those three. :/
    Just listen to some of these instrumental songs <3
    YouTube - Disney's Tangled Soundtrack TRACK 14 "Kingdom Dance" (Score)
    YouTube - Sailor moon Sailor Stars Memorial soundtrack OST(CD1)09
    YouTube - Tavern Music - Dragon Age 2 Soundtrack (Dunno why but this one is just kinda addictive XD)
    YouTube - Captain Jack's Theme
    YouTube - Naruto Shippuden OST - Companions
    YouTube - How to train your dragon Score: Forbidden friendship
    YouTube - How to train your dragon soundtrack: 11 - Test drive
    I like soundtracks alot <3
    English lessons are evil... never forget that, but take what you need from posting to improve XD Although because this was so long I bet there are so many gramma mistakes going on here. XD
    ...Kinda long post XD
    Well, my Aqua was so underleveled 3 hits would kill her so I had a tiny bit of difficulty fighting against him, but I didn't die once at least.
    Do you have any on the computer? I wanna see your drawings! Your drawing of yourself is disturbing? XD

    I felt the same way back then, but its still way better now. I get to sleep in and leave early on certain days. Monday - 10:30, Tuesday - 12:05, Wednesday - 8:45, Thursday - 1:00, Friday - 2:30 are the times I start during the week so its great like this. :D It will be fine when you get there even if it seems scary at the moment ^^

    I am physically challenged..... so therefore any sport other than Badminton... so yeah I hate all sports, but we did rounders every lesson every summer since year 5 T_T I hate it! I can't hit the ball, I can't run fast and you get the idea. Although I question how you scarred that year 7 kid for life. XD
    Yellow is the greatest colour out there I like bright happy colours and yellow is the best of those ;P, whats your least favourite colour?
    Ooo I liked Spirited Away too, no face when normal I love him. <3 As for my favourite movie umm Lord of the Rings Trilogy I guess or The Dark Knight or maybe something I cant think of right now. XD !!!HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!

    Its quite cute. <3 Mine would be White Tiger, Dogs or Horses <3 I've seen alot of police horses lately for some reason.
    A few years ago when the KH2 adverts get coming on... that advert annoyed me so much I determined not to get the game but after weeks of Sancutary coming on out of no where I was like "FINE I'LL GET THE DAMN GAME ALREADY" and thus is when I got into Kingdom Hearts... didn't have a clue what was going on, but I had fun with it. You?
    Favourite game?
    Paragraphs are easier to work with ;D
    It was still pretty easy on proud XD Although I don't really mind easy games as long theres a story and characters I like then I'm good. <3
    !!!! So I'm somewhere south from you XD
    Exams are coming >_< so annoying. I guess my secondary school was ok we got a new building 1 year before I left, but I hated Art with a passion mostly because of the teacher. You would think an Art teacher would be more free and nice, but all the ones I've had have been strict and mean.
    I am so happy to be out of secondary school though. I will tell you this college is way better. XD

    No, I'm not a vampire... although me being cold blooded and nocturnal kinda points that way. XD I just don't like getting all hot and sweaty with the sun blinding me when I have to wait for the bus, but if theres a breeze then its a little better I suppose. :/ It only snows like 2 times in a year though and my schools are usually evil so they stay open everyday except one. >:C
    Laziness is good. <3
    Science = alright with a good teacher like the one I have now... not so much secondary school XD
    Art = Evil
    Media = no idea XD
    !!!!!! Yes Someone else who loves yellow <3 <3 <3 <3 *HUGS* Everyone seems to hate it and I don't understand why. >_< Its so bright and happy I just love it and blue and green. <3

    Computing (Coding and such), Economics and Human Biology. :3
    I have no idea what I wanna be, you?
    Favourite movie?
    Favourite animal?
    I think Donald had some... its been a while since I played KH2.
    Aww well its only 1 week, besides I go to college now so maybe thats why I have my half term now. You're 15 right then that means year 10... maybe? XD
    Friday at least, I remember I hated Wednesdays back in secondary school... and I still hate them now. XD

    I'm not a big fan of hot weather... I'm cold blooded and I only had to go in to college for an exam today so no lunch on the fields for me.

    I'm great now half term is here!!!!!!!!!! I'm very happy about this. ^^
    London also ;D Being more specific South-East London.
    Um I have no idea XD
    I have questions for you:
    How are you?
    Favourite subject?
    Favourite colour?
    Ha, but he does in the manga. XD

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    *Hugs* ^_^
    Um, he's eating it in the menu is he not? So then he does technically eat it in the game. XD Besides he lives on an island so they must have frozen treats somewhere...
    I've always wanted to eat sea salt ice cream. I've got the stuff to make it, but I'm just too lazy to actually make it and my parents won't do it for me... maybe if I beg a lot to them they will. XD
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