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  • That's fine. Good night! We shall talk another time, I wish that too :(

    Lol what I meant was that I sleep at the same time as the the owls, which is during the day. My typing is so sloppy today I'm not making any sense! Hehe well once it was a Kingdom Hearts but I don't quite remember what I was playing the other times. I know right? That's way too early! But my friends are all sleepers, and there's nothing I can do about it :( they don't even like coffee! It's just shameful.
    XD isn't it? I don't quite understand it but it sounds legit. Lol the night is my excuse for poor typing.
    :( well I'm crossing my fingers for you. There has to be some way to save those drawings!

    Thanks for your support :) I still have plenty of time think this through so I'm not too worried. Lol that's what my friend says, but I think she was exaggerating. The thing is I'm passionate about a lot of things. Too much passion is a bad thing for me, because I love too many things. That sounds like a great career path! Aiming high is a good thing and I think just keeping that as your goal is already gonna help you in the long run. It's not at all crazy :) You should see my bucket list. Now THAT'S crazy XD And those are good life goals in my opinion. I'm sure you'll accomplish them. Wow really? It keeps you cool though^^
    Thank you! I agree pride is a good thing, just not too much of it lol we Americans have a big enough head as it is. Oh that's great! Patriotism makes people seem closer together. Oh my gosh that's so cool!!! In person? Me jealous :O

    Lol I understand your dilemma, it's alright!
    Oh my what an attractive young athlete. That's Tom Daley right? You country always has the good looking people :3
    I'm sure I will! And exactly! :D
    XD Yes I sleep with the owls in the daytime during the summer. I was actually playing video games during that time. Lol my friends all go to bed early so during sleepovers I'm always in bed by 11 at the latest. Same here, summer is for throwing your sleeping times completely out of wack.
    Hehe it's kind of an expression here. "Nothingness is beautiful" or something along those lines :D I guess it means having nothing can be...good? I'm no poet lol. Agreed! And yes that is what I meant. I think my typing is a bit incomprehensible today...:/ sorry for that!
    Oh that's terrible! Do you still have the original drawings with you or are they drawings that you made on the computer? Now I really hope you'll be able to save them! D:

    Lol I doubt it. I really have no idea what I'll do after high school :( My friend and I were actually having a conversation today about our future and she said the reason why I have so much trouble with figuring out what I want to do with my life is because I'm good at too many things so there are too many possibilities XD I don't really think that's true but I do have many interests :) how about you? Do you know what you wanna do in life as a job or have any goals? Ah but every sport is more fun in the rain!
    Aw well as a representative of America (at the moment) I wish you good luck in later competitions! Lol yeah my friends haven't stopped talking about how well we're doing it's getting to the point of annoying, but I suppose our nation's pride is a good thing ^_^ I'm sure people in your country have it too.


    Lol I plan to watch more soon! And yes the invention of the printer is a marvelous thing, it has helped me through so much :')
    Oh okay lol I was afraid that I just wasn't clear. XD Impressive! I think the latest I've stayed up is until 9:00am and it was a blast. Is it your thing too to stay up all night in the summer?
    They are! Some people don't appreciate the beauty of nothing (which is pretty much what the space bar makes, a blank spot between words). I'll have to try that and see if it works. I suppose Life is made up of only lessons! Aw what kind of data is on it? Must be things that can't be replaced, at least not easily replaced.

    Yup I'm on the tennis team at my school it's so much fun! Yes the rain felt very good since it was a hot day :) Haha thanks!^^
    Ooh that sounds exciting! How'd you (England) do? I watched the women's volleyball he other day and we (the U.S.) did pretty well! But since then I haven't had the time to watch much of the Olympics :( Ah buying a new printer is always a special occasion. Have fun! :D
    Lol I actually meant that it was 7:55 at night (I forget my am and pm a lot). Wow that's pretty late but I have no right to send you to bed because I stay up late all the time XD
    Hehe there you go! Oh man that especially stinks if it's the space bar! That's like the most important key on the keyboard (well in my opinion lol) Hmm that might be the reason I'm not really sure what it is! You're right, I never really appreciated the letter T until now. I'm no expert at computers but that sounds like it would work. Hopefully it turns out that way so you don't lose all your data!
    I'm great! Today I played tennis with one of my friends in the rain, which was fun :) And tomorrow I'm going to a big picnic in a park with two of my other friends which I can't wait for! What about you? ^_^
    Right now it is 7:55 according to the clock on my laptop. What about you?
    Ohh I'm sorry! Maybe you'll get used to it? I don't like my laptop because the T key is stuck so I have to jab it to make it work while I type (I never realized how important the letter T is). Aww is there any way to save your hard drive with all your work? D: Ah that's true :3
    Lol that's a shock! We're usually never on at the same time I don't think.
    I understand your pain. It must really stink not having it, do you think you'll get a new one? And that was very thoughtful :)
    Oh my that's awful! D: R.I.P. your computer! I'm sure it had a happy life! And thank you for letting me know, please take your time in responding there's no rush~! :)
    No idea, more fan-disservice?

    I have several high quality ones in my picture folder, that one of Roxas was just the first I found and loaded up to imageshack.
    I think they were part of a bunch of screenshots released on the official KH-Twitter account, so they may be polished directly by Square's Marketing department, lol.

    I'm really anxious for some good shots from that last scene, mostly because it's the only time you see Terra, Aqua and Ven in the whole video.
    Then there's also the issue with what Keyblade Roxas is swinging. Is it the Oathkeeper, Oblivion or the Two Become One? Does he wield one or two Keyblades in that sequence?
    When watching the whole thing on your 3DS in 3D it's breathtaking, but on the other hand for that stunning quality I think the scene runs way too fast to truly catch a good sight of the characters.
    It's really somewhat annoying there isn't a HQ version available, some of the screenshots, like this one:

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Ah, I see.

    Youtube has like a dozen vids of the opening, but despite choosing 720p HD solution none is really superb quality when you stop it and try to go frame by frame.
    (Or I just have the wrong players).

    I don't know if these can really be called "high quality":

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Sorry to interrupt so fast with another VM, but I would really like to know from which video you got that awesome sig you have. I am literally searching myself silly on a high quality version of the opening which I could use to make screenshots from.

    This quality right there in that gif is higher than anything I've seen so far.
    The opening is fine since we've seen it all in officially released media :3
    Huh? Still got so much on the plate?

    Yep, those kind of climaxes and I dare to assume it may blow some readers away from the severity.
    Then it is time, be warned however that several things might become clearer by looking at the first main antagonist, also regarding the spoiler-marked things at the end and why Xion meets him first down in the dark abyss.
    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    lol Baka no Youni & Nov (it's the sequel)

    Sometimes I wish I could forget. ;A; I remember all the useless things that I don't need to remember.
    Yep. ._.

    Haha, idk, I'd rather overfeel than feel nothing at all I guess. o3o Yesss. Me too. ;w; / yup!

    *sugar and rainbowz*

    I'm not really fond of surprises. ;A; Haha, I guess. Anndddd it's done. `3?
    No no I don't get upset easily. c: ~~ And I probably wouldn't get upset about anything you say~ meep. n_n

    Haha. Well. Finnish is even crazier. ([Kokko, kokoo kokoon koko kokko! Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko!] and that actually makes sense HAHA.) Hahaha, the thing is you have to taste the wine, like several seconds before you swallow it. Vodka + cranberry juice, yummy! Vodka without anything, like straight, ugh, horrible stuff. (hahahaha, well, it's normal i guess, lulz)
    Well, he has composed The Firebird suite that's in Fantasia 2000. And The Rite of Spring which is in Fantasia. So at least those, haha. I'm not an expert on classical music by all means.

    Doing good~ *v* Yeah, I like it very much~ DEs are so cute and it's fun to come up with nicknames and stuff for them. And uhh, well, I have played only 9h so far but I've liked all the worlds and ... yeah, it's really nice. c: I'm definitely satisfied with it so far.
    Lol, it's definitely not KH. As if I would join another KH forum. One is enough! Even if some other places think this place isn't the most friendly as other forums... xDD

    It's not a problem. You can always back log my vm's if you want. As you can see, I don't really come on anymore! No one really misses me, so it doesn't matter, really! ;o

    I suppose so. I used to feel like if I didn't reply after awhile that I sucked. Now that I don't come on, it really doesn't affect me very much. haha
    Lol, you never know. You can be here one moment and be gone the next. It's a horrible way to think, but it's true. You just never know... :c
    Almost months later. Are you done testing yet? LOl.
    It's always in the back of my head! I never forger...mostly! >:I

    Some people like that kinda stuff. Sure, it's far fetched. ;o
    Did you get it? You need to add me on your 3DS! >:D

    I've been kinda unsure about what to do next! :<

    You are getting old. Sorry! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Lol well it wasn't just for the internet privileges. I'm aiming to be valedictorian or salutatorian in my senior year of high school, so it's better to start working hard now. Me and one my friends have this goal where we're both valedictorian and salutatorian and can give a speech together on graduation day :) I'll just say this: life without internet is painful and annoying.
    XD Well maybe not forever but at least until the end of the KH series! Which from how it looks now could take many years.
    Now it's just about August so most of this month is me doing nothing a lot. I have a few random band rehearsals and then I have band camp for a week (7 1/2 hours outside in the blazing sun every day, kill me now) and after that I'm going to Canada on vacation for a few days. And of course I also need to go school shopping. What about you? Tell me your summer plans!
    Well it's good you have a reason to stay here :D Life here without you would be very lonely D': (I'm not sure if this comes across as sweet or clingy but I'm going for sweet). Yes it was a lot of work but i think it was worth it in the end ^_^

    :) thank you I hope so too. Yupp that's right it's supposed to be all romantic and stuff but it's usually not XD I don't know what I'll do but I hope whatever you did was nice and fun!
    Lol it's actually just an expression. It's defined as "the relief and nostalgic feeling one has about a time in their life when it is about to end, even if the time was completely miserable." Such as graduation. Kind of like beer goggles but with graduation :) Don't worry my friends will have millions of pictures of me crying during graduation on Facebook when that time comes.

    *waves banners and flags that say 'go Youni!' on them* of course I'll support you! You'll be amazing! Lol friends it is then XD
    Yes, normal is normal^^ Unfortunately the music program ended last week :( I miss it so much because it was so much fun and now I have nothing to do. Do you ever get that feeling? That you don't know what to do with yourself once you've lost something? It really is crazy o_O

    Aw thanks :3 I'm not quite sure what happened there...I just wore what I usually wear to the amusement park (shorts and t-shirt don't really say 'pro-model') I don't know if I'll go for it I never really wanted to become a model :/

    Lol that was fast I didn't even notice that. I wonder what went on but it must have been pretty crazy :O
    Aw I'd lend you mine if I could!! It's aqua blue and it looks so cool! The game comes out tomorrow in America and I'm getting it and I am so excited I can't even think straight ohmygoodness it is so exciting!
    I don't really go on much websites anymore but I used to roam on other forums like anime or video game forums that's all :)

    I think so too <3 love is always good. Wow that's so cool! The actual Olympic torch! :O I can only imagine how crazy it must've been! Lol I won't get much done either, but what kind of things were on your list? Lol well hopefully you'll be able to play it someday! There's actually a demo of KH3D somewhere online but I'm not quite sure where. My brother downloaded it.
    Ah that's nice that you don't have to go far then. One of my friends is doing that now she goes to college for a few hours a week and then she can just go home! Not including the mountains of homework she probably has but it's still a nice thing :) Ooh that sounds exciting you'll do great!
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