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  • Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it, I'm a bug type and my third is apparantly still unknown) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better, right? :)
    we bonded over pokemanz and uhvatar

    YEAH that's what i thought. so i'm feeling confident with that choice right now which is good! thank you for your support. ;~;

    holy smokes, how did you grab that up? do you think it's possible to ask them if you can be summer only, because your course load is pretty intensive this year? :C it sounds like a good job to have in your back pocket for monies, but ultimately your school is the most important right now... and not being able to see your lady that much has got to suck. i see mine one a week but he stays over... when i was attempting to do both jobs i could only do the same as you, a few hours. DEFINITELY not fun.
    YOU SHOULD BE SORRY. i thought i had two vm's, but no... just one. :C </333

    yeah the assman job would have paid better but i also have my health to consider and how much i can feasibly do with it. knowing i would have 40 hour work weeks in a store with dead beat part time employees (their dead beatness was justified by the manager by the fact it's just part time work... seriously???) made me realize how much extra effort i would have to put in because it wouldn't be an effective cohesive unit. it would be two people carrying a store. i realized i couldn't do that and school and attempt to maintain my social life, especially with the boyfriend going to school and his schedule being all weird. also the store was a disaster and the organization made no god damn sense. it was so frustrating. the system was ancient but also ridiculous because it would say things were in sections THAT DIDN'T EXIST and wouldn't say how many copies were there

    so tell me about your good paying job~
    i decided to go back last year but because we were only a 5 person staff and it was around the christmas season, i had NO TIME. so i had to leave. this time i'm putting my foot down and school is coming first.
    i quit the assman job for a plethora of reasons that made sense to me. i'm going to stay where i am right now. i'm going to work for my old company again at christmas hopefully and then see if i can also maybe get into a video game store. also going to go back to school in the fall and get the credits i need so i can go to college next year! i'm not one hundred percent on where i'll be living by then but i figured it's good to have a game plan and this is one that makes sense to me.
    There's no urge in my eyes. You are seeing things. Only friendship and innocence. Or was it meant to not be taken that way lol... Yeah lol that happened a year ago.....crazy stuff? Good times indeed. Coooool :D It's quite interesting to see what people come up with n_n haha, it kinda does but okkk, I don't actually consider my clothing/face to be that ugly lol there was xD. So...how do you hunt this vampiries? When did you even start? lol. So you can't hate them completely okay? Will do :) It's the same for me if you ever want to (I'm seriously always here though lol) Unfit LOL? YOU CAN'T 'HEART' ME CONSIDERING YOU ARE HURTING MY SOUL RIGHT NOW

    *mr boombastic plays in the background*

    ;__; why? Ahh, that's cool...it's nice to implement colours in your clothing :)
    I'm preeeeeeeeetty sure you can that's how lame you are. You were meant to catch ittt!

    well~ It's not like I can show you through the screen. How do you think I come up with all these crazy things I say? It's the chocolate.
    *blinks* what's with my eyes? These are eyes of friendship and innocence. I hope you know that sentence can interpreted as you thinking I have a big nose ha. Yay, you seem like that kind of guy anyway :) and I don't know if you remember but last year (?) we had quite the philosophical discussions. Your turn! (If you have any, that is) That's cos you haven't seen me yet xD Whoa?? Ha poor vampires getting hunted by you...you said it so casually too. but they make good christmas dinner? I'm ok now! If anything more goes wrong concerning 'that', I will tell ya :) I guess that's why you shot yourself? C H E A T E R

    *imagine by john lennon plays in background*

    You should. You should wear a lot of yellow. But the colours you've got there are good enough~ :)))
    can't beat my failingggggggggg, didn't mean to hit ya lol

    erm yes, that is where I get my supply of chocolate. I uploaded art yesterday and woke up with chocolate on me. And rabbit fur.
    yeah, i feel bad because we just lost someone who had been with the company for about a year and he was probably going to be promoted to assman there and he was awesome! but i also hate the shitty close shifts there man. like, getting out at 11:30pm to drive to the bank to drive home. wouldn't get in until 12:00am if not later which is blegh. i have like four eleven hour days next week so i will be crying. xD

    i think they expect my "ride" to do it. i usually take the bus and occasionally get drives but that's still a load of crap because someone else shouldn't have to help me do that

    idek man idek i cry i cry
    Gotta keep all those germs away from me somehow. I-I wasn't going to dip you in bleach, it was soap with high aseptic qualities. I'm sure you do. Ok! Another guess. I think you'd be reallly chilled out that you could just sit in a room with a good friend and talk. I always try not to. Live and let live, y'know? what if i'm hurting people's eyes. Damn vampires...ruining things for everyone :( And I think I get a kick out of changing people's phone backgrounds to my face or yaoi...wow. I really am I sadist. oh well n__n! Who would have knew blindness made you blind? Oh...I love the dragons...maybe that's why I didn't obtain the powers :( I did today! must have read my mind. It's also been pretty stressful tbh :( which I may or may not give in and just PM you about it ..if you don't mind.......hehe :)))) but my high school girl voice was lovely...YOU CHEATER

    I think yellow would look great on you! I guess we are, to an extent
    *tries to turn song into something about lame* fails* *throws vid at you*

    *sweats* did you know that if you make a deviant art a rabbit comes to your room at night and gives you chocolate every time you upload something? this is not a lie to convince you or anything because i have seen it.
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