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  • Good to hear man. Yeah, the section has been really slow the past year, this is the most active its been in a while.
    The opening hasn't be released in HD yet so:
    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Opening Dream Drop Distance Opening HD Fullscreen KH3D Walkthrough intro - YouTube
    There's not any that have the quality of the gif in my sig....welp, hope this helped anyway n_n
    Do you mean the actual gif? Or the video it's taken from? This gif isn't mine...I took it off Tumblr Dx Sorry~
    Thank you!! You've honestly given me a game, besides Persona 4, to buy for the PSV whenever I get it. :3
    Hey, really random question...
    What are your signature and avatar from? They have such beautiful art.
    I know! lol there are so many characters with there own agendas motivations, and reasoning. And the bad guys are just as flawed as the good guys. EVERYONE has their faults not to mention the plot is intriguing and it only gets better as the show goes on!
    I never got to finish it in its entirety, but yeah, the secret boss is a bitch. You should try and get it, you'll be surprised. ;-)
    I watched it in 3D :DDD It's a nice movie ~~
    How about you? What do you think about this movie :3
    Thank you :3 Just get 57/160 fragments only, still got many to go xD
    I played X before, but never try XII. Is the game nice? I mean the storyline...
    Yeah, i love to play Dissidia but sometimes it's annoying when you have to grinding up your character's level xD
    Who you love to use when playing Dissidia?
    Which is your favorite FF game? xD
    I enjoy FF13-2 but i hate to collect those fragments lol and it need about 160 fragments to unlock a secret ending.. I still got long way to go xD
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