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  • Driving Directions from Tyngsboro, Massachusetts to Lynn, Massachusetts

    come visit me. <3
    Thank you a lot, I appreciate it.

    A bunch of friends went and made a memorial at the forest preserve/park where it happened just a few hours ago, it was nice.
    Oh and i will say sorry for having to leave. my mom had enough of me talking on it, she hates it when i talk to people online who she "thinks" are all pedos. Your a great guy, nice meeting you
    hey buddy whats your facebook page, i typed in your name and three people cam up and 1 is not you for sure and the other 2 i dont know
    but we still cool like best friends or just buddies or friends or non friends or pals lol I can keep going haha. But yes its cool hey look our b-day is both coming up in march can't wait! :p
    Well I hate work, because they want me to work from 7 in the morning tommorow until 3, which totally sucks, but otherwise I'm doing pretty good.

    YOu still have aim or msn? or facebook?
    Things are going alright, actually, thank you. How are they with you?

    And no, I never did end up shrooming. :( It was one of those deals where I've always got a supply until I have money, and then it dries up, and then reappears nearly as soon as I spend the money. I should definitely (fingers crossed) end up with either shrooms or LSD sometime during Christmas Break though, so I'm excited for that.

    I heard that you're picking up a dime soon too, that ought to be great, eh? I'm thinking about going on a tolerance break until the day before Christmas Eve though, as kind of a tribute to the fuckwin Christmas Break I had last year.
    I'm jealous, I've always wanted to see a New England autumn. Autumn might be my favorite season as well, so I'm enjoying it, especially now that it's above winter temperatures here again. Today is a gorgeous day out here, it's what you'd think of when you think of autumn.

    I didn't do much for Halloween though, besides passing out candy and smoking a hookah later that night. It was fun, but not super exciting or anything.
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