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  • Nothing wrong with having some optimism.
    Well I'm going into Senior year so applications for all the major universities I want to attend starts in August (i believe). Plus I'm looking at a couple of out-of-state colleges here and there.
    But what college are you at?
    I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure it'll eventually get better :) You'll see.
    And it's stressing me out a bit. There's so much that I have to do in order to truly be prepared
    I know! I miss those crazy late night skype sessions we used to have with everyone :3 They were so much fun...
    But it's always great to hear from you too. Is everything alright where you are? Last time I checked it wasn't too great I believe.
    Aw...I want one...they look so cool. They actually remind of the FFIII character icons that they showed in the game posters.
    hi thomas!! how are you?

    i think i'm going to send you a letter soon. as in, i'm going to write you a letter right now and send it to you in the morning.

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    Hey dude. I know we haven't ever really talked but I was wondering if I could ask you a weed related question?
    i dont know but it was a clusterfuck of a hangout

    but i'm pretty sure we were all at a sea park at one point, chilling it up with the penguins
    i had a dream that involved my chill irl friends and my khi friends

    you and your girlfriend were there :eek:
    It's been a ridiculous last year and I barely have the time or the access to be online anymore. It's a four mile walk to the library which kind of discourages it. But I am trying to find a way to do it. You guys were good to talk to and I miss it. There's no one around to discuss drugs or books with around here.
    So I'll see if I can stop in sometimes, yeah?
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