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  • Is something up with the minecraft server? I haven't been able to connect in a few days, don't know if it's a problem on my end or not.
    Oh I see :) Well thanks for taking the time to look!
    I used to doodle a lot in class, but it would mostly be the same thing over and over. I don't know why but eyes always fascinate me and you always learn a lot more by doodling them over and over. I'd sometimes make up my own characters and people in my class would want them drawn in their dayplanner lol. Yeah, doodling is fun and easy :) But I can only do it when I'm not like ''I should draw''.

    Can you show me some of your doodles? :D
    I'm barely barely ever here myself, too much stuff going on in real life to bother with right now. It's excellent to hear from you though! I am absolutely still reading, and even buying books even though I have nowhere to keep them ha. How've you been, sir?
    Oh cool! Do you have a tumblr?

    I used to do a lot of abstract work when I was younger, but not so much anymore. I generally have a hard time putting stuff that comes to mind on paper so that's a big reason why.
    yo, homes, you still come around these parts? It's been a minute here since we've seen what's up.
    nah the fever is gone but now i have cold and a sore throat. but it might just be my allergies acting up
    yo. I took shrooms on sunday and today i woke with like the worst fever ever is this normal or should i go and see a doctor. Only asking because i don't want to have to risk the doctor calling my parents.
    you're enormously important. and thank you! don't be jealous, though, i'm secretly awful. and anyway, i've been taking some ganders at your thread too (sorry i never say anything, i'm just crazy inarticulate and "i like this!!!!!!!!" feels pointless), and i've been really appreciating what you've been sharing! you've got a promising grasp on form, and your style is moving in a really nice direction.
    honestly, i thought i'd already added you lol. i had a lot of similar realizations when i reviewed my friends list today. not that that's terribly important, but i have nothing better to do. ;p
    I've been pretty good. Just doing what I've gotta do to get through Senior year. I'm registering for dance classes again which makes me excite

    And I'm SORRY! It totally slipped my mind. The day when I went to Harvard would've been perfect too! I'm sure it won't be the last time I'll be in Boston though
    Yeah, usually retail sorts of jobs are terrible. But hey, money is money and we need a job to get it
    Well, if its worth anything, you still have me. I'm always willing to talk. And trust me, I may sound charismatic but I'm so self-conscious about my appearances, the way I act, just stupid things. We all have our vices, it's just how we overcome them that matters.
    Is it just hard to keep up with an online class since you don't have to constantly be there physically? I just remember taking an online class for school and it was so hard to focus in because it just wasn't worth my time and my only requirement was to turn in at least 2 assignments per week.
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