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  • I logged in (this must happen about twice a year, max) so sending a message for that time you happen to next log in, maybe 2017/2018/never. But anyway, sending good thoughts your way X
    idk if you'll see this soon or not but you can add me on facebook at facebook.com/sundayparis and i would love to catch up! or if you don't have facebook im on skype, my name is elleinwonderland
    pelafina holy shit you're still here, i just signed on for the first time in like 3 years and i saw your message and got very emotional hahah!! hey!!
    I'm bouncing back and forth between places, but I work fulltime at a Staples. I have lost my soul haha. It's good to hear from you though, I totally understand bein' busy.
    Eli, it's been too long haha. I come here when #junes links a good thread. Still reading I hope?
    I must say it does me good to see you are still here :) It's Blue!

    Hope everything is going well :)
    I've been on a hiatus of sorts, but of course I still read books. How about yourself? Hope you've been well.
    It's been alright. I've quit university twice, gone on an international trip to the US, and erm...well, I think that about covers it for anything interesting that happened. Going abroad was pretty swell.
    I think you probably figured this out by now, but just in case you're wondering, we phased the system shortly after your sabbatical.

    Unfortunately it was more trouble than it was worth.
    eli! we need to talk! seriously, ive missed ya! i wish i knew where to begin with myself, but whatever about that anyway, how have you been? i wish i could ask for a more in-depth account of your adventure, but im sure it would be so much for you to write and i'd hate to ask it of you.
    I miss ya bruh <3 I hope you are doing well. I still, to this day, look forward to VMs from you.
    Eli, you'll probably never read this haha, but fuck. I miss having conversations about drugs and books!
    I'm kind of surprised to find myself online and spending more than 3 minutes here. So I felt like dropping you a message for the next time you drop in. Hope you're well, however life is treating you.
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