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  • Shit's been okay lately, actually. I'm not too much for the weather lately, but other than that, I don't have any real complaints.

    And you? How're things with you these days? Doing anything notable or exciting for Halloween today?
    Thanks for the rep, man. It's my avatar because we are doing a stage musical version of the movie for my high school and it is kick-ass. I'm really excited for it, as you can probably tell haha.
    Oh man that sucks, I live in an apartment with my friends so, provided I have the money I do what I want hah.

    Ive heard of them, but never heard them. Will have to check them out.
    Im seeing Dance Gavin Dance next year! But yeah Mines mostly the same. Im a HUGE At The Drive In | Mars Volta fan.

    My friend got me onto this band last week, La Dispute. So good man.
    It is hey, like Ive always sort of liked it. But now I live for that shit.
    What bands do you like?
    Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test is definitely within my top five favorite books. Even if you have to buy it, I recommend it.
    Hey i always wondered...
    Why did you join KHI but you dont post anything about Kingdom Hearts
    dont get mad or anything...
    Well, I'm more picky. I enjoy Jazz, Rock, Alternative, Instrumentals. I would have to say my favorite anime music is that of Cowboy Bebop.
    So what might you enjoy for music? ^ ^
    That sounds really fun.

    It's cool how you have good enough relations with your family to do something like that too, I'd love to do something like that with mine. I'll certainly try it if I get the opportunity though, one of my friends has been considering picking one up.
    No I haven't.

    It's definitely something that I'd like to try at least once, it seems like an interesting experience. I'm going to guess you've tried it, what do you think of it?
    The aim is to keep it to a minority and not continue the cycle that gives it so much strength. Aiming for all racist/discriminatory people despite of what race they are will help break the cycle and make racism a minority.

    You noticed that you are discriminated for being white so you must have at least some care.
    LOL go ahead then. All you'll be doing is help make a racist cycle that will never end.
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