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  • As much as I would love to, considering all he ever does is troll and regurgitate shitty propaganda, I don't actually have the power to ban him. Super mods and Admins only, I'm afraid.

    Oh alright. Well, I can look up those two I mentioned that did have dual audio if you still want them.
    Alright, I'll add it to my ever growing list of media to check out. Right now I'm in the middle of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, but I'll try to get to this next week, or so.

    Thanks for the recommendation.
    If that torrent isn't dual audio, I did come across two others that are for both the first and second stages.
    Well, I wasn't able to find the same Vandread torrent I downloaded before, but try this one. I'm not sure if it is dual audio or not though.
    I'm glad that story had a happy ending, surgery is never something that you like hearing about. At least you can drink coffee again though, I think I can empathize somewhat with your excitement at being able to drink it again, it'd be like drinking Mountain Dew again after a six-month hiatus. Congratulations.

    I'm afraid I haven't been doing anything quite so interesting, although I just got back from a large Thanksgiving dinner, which was rather satisfying.
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