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Sugar Rush
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  • Well I haven't been. You already know the situation. lol

    Well, it's summer. I guess. Yay?
    Ohh thanks for the link. Even so I would probably go on it if and when I fix my computer! xD
    Sugar! *hugs* Heyo, Hiyo! I still remember you and all the randomness that rp entailed. >w< I also remember you joining the military.

    I've been pretty good. Gotten a lot better with my writing and I'm joining an art show to sell some art.

    How've you been?
    Thanks!! I don't really have a working comp so that's my excuse. xD

    What's the place called??
    Haha don't worry. I haven't been on for months... Just coming on because it was my birthday and all. lol
    I had a paper fan but it broke when I hit someone with it ^^'.

    I think it would have ended it if we hadn't restarted it, the new one just sorta died fast ^^.

    I think it was because back then RPing was really more about posting and creating goofy stories while now it seems like all it is is adhering to a set story.

    Eh? Really? I actually didn't know that, so goggles are out of the question then Rush? I guess so but I'm also afraid of opening my eyes while submerged in water, even though I like swimming ^^.
    Yes, until I call the cable people then I'm stuck here... :p

    Well I get bored on here quickly so maybe it's different. xD

    Well that's good, I'd like to talk to you more if that's possible. :)
    *hits you with a paper fan* Yes, silly you ^^.

    King's Request was odd, shame it never really ended huh. It would've been nice to see it conclude.

    Though RPing back then was a lot more fun than it is now, I wonder why ^^.

    If you look at it that way then yes it is Rush ^^, though you can be productive on forums as well. *looks at the General Discussion*.

    I might consider contacts but I have a fear of putting things in my eyes ^^'
    Oh yeah, that seems intense dude! I hope you are okay though. :)

    Ehh it's the same I guess, same I think. xD

    I don't know when I will respond again, comp not working... Ugh...
    ☆☆◇◇◎◎□□ Typing from my Wii. xD
    The old RPs part Rush-kun ^^.

    I reread The King's Request and I couldn't help but laughing at the posts there, RPs like that need to more prominent you know the type that allow freedom and room to let your creativity thrive.

    I asked a couple more people though I'm not sure if they'll join ^^ *needs to be active in that forum as well*

    I don't really like the idea of advanced courses but I'll stomach through it, oh and my new glasses scratched my nose a lot so I reverted back to my old ones ^^.

    I've actually been reading really old RPs and I became very nostalgic ^^.

    I could ask some of my friends if they could join if you'd like Rush? ^^

    I had to write some essay for the high school as well, and the school counselor told me I'm going to be in like advanced courses when I get into high school since I took accelerated classes this year, so that'll be fun.. I actually got used to my glasses really fast oddly enough, though I am sorta squinting a lot since it is difficult concentrating on one point since everything looks magnified.
    Really?? Like what have you been doing??

    I've been bored, and well need something to do with my life. lol
    ^^', yes, yes you have nii-san :D.

    I know how you feel, I kinda miss some of my old friends; I was looking through some very old RPs - from '05 - and I recognized some old names, and I remembered an old friend; though it is a shame she doesn't go here anymore.

    Eh? Really? What site if you don't mind me asking? ^^

    Well good luck, though people may think you're insane for randomly asking though ^^'.

    I've been good, oddly enough though I have been incredibly busy with school and stuff. I have to write some application for high school which baffles me since I thought I would just be dropped in any old high school. Ah, and I'm using my new glasses which are much too strong and is giving me a headache at the moment ^^'.

    What about you?
    Ah, nothing much Nii-san, just a few new RPs here and there nothing really groundbreaking yet ^^.
    I'm positive most of the times...I really don't like being moody or anything like that.

    Well it would work for a little bit probably. I hate to admit it but I am probably a little over obsecced with cleanliness. Just a tad...Though not overly. Just a bit... xD

    I think you have. Why want to be taller?? You giant... ;)

    Oh I would tell you if you were! Nah probably not...

    Oh okay! No problem I just like knowing peoples names!

    Sorry if i don't respond too often...Uh I been having problems with my computer again...and well I haven't been coming on... =(
    Oh you sound like a positive person...Haha I try to be like that most of the time, but well uh...

    Even so, I think I should maybe try it at least once??

    Yeah basically I need to live in a bubble...Though then it would get hot and cold...Ugh can't have it how I want it. Lol. That's cause Cali is the most populous state in the U.S! Some people just have their guards up which is fine too.

    Not even I bet. Probably like midsection I bet. That's for sure I think your done growing! xD

    No no, you haven't been rude. You been pretty cool so far as I see. =)

    Haha oh so you just want me to call you Sugar Rush??
    I don't know...It seems some people rather like posting than talking to random people. Nothing wrong with that but...uh...

    Maybe in the future. If I still come on here. Hmmm...

    Haha well I live in California. So it's mostly okay here, I live like right by the beach too. I can't stand the cold either! Guess I'm just a picky little SOB. Lol...Oh sounds like you had a plan to do it huh?? May I ask how old you are?? Don't answer if you don't want to. Some people get iffed about that... :p

    Lol wow! I'm 5'8 so that's what?? Shoulder length?? xD

    I never like shutting people up. Some people talk more than others so it's fine. Plus that's very uh rude if you say it like that anyways. xD

    Anyways you seem pretty cool from what I can see. Oh if you want you can call me Kiwi or Angel. *Yes that's my real name. The second one, not the first one... Hahaha
    Well since I'm not that much of a poster, I like talking to people instead. I been bored of late on here so when that happens, I decide to try and find new people to talk to! Is that weird??

    No I haven't. A few people have told me to join one before but, I never really looked into it. Maybe some other day. I come on here sporadically sometimes so, the whatever I contribute part will probably die and fade away anyways. =/

    Haha well I been dying of heat recently and it sucks!! You see I am a wimp when it comes to heat. I really can't stand it...Lol what's new in your life?? Your in the military?? How does that work out for you?? Oh and a side note...Are you really that tall?? xD

    I ramble sometimes...So shut me up if you wish. lol
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