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Sugar Rush
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  • Wait, so is that working out for ya?

    Have you caught up with all the KH stuff, yet? :D
    Wait, you are still in that military program thingy, eh?

    I been off and on, as per usual. So, perhaps? :eek:
    Blah, you just need to move to California then. It's sunny and you won't ever doubt if it will or not. Most places I think.

    We get more though, I would think. I could be wrong...
    Nah, I know everything. I am all knowing and awesome! jk

    Southern California, the place where weather never changes. Sounds perfect for you. :eek:
    I actually have very good intuition. So I would know sooner than later! :p

    Today is hot so... Meh!
    Haha, so what? It could very well be a ruse! :eek:

    It hasn't even been that hot, honestly. lol
    Lol I gotta see that to believe it! Is doubtful. xD

    Must have stolen it again, cause it wasn't that burning once again! :eek:
    Lol sugary blazes just make you fizzle out faster, I would think.

    Alas, we had a reprieve. Hasn't been so hot after all! >:D
    Lol I am having a hard time believing you are sneaky! Hmm..

    You just need to come over and pry it off me then. :p
    Ah I see. So by saying that... You aren't sneaky? :eek: lol

    Nah you are crazy! xD This heat is not good.
    What? You don't believe the words I say? :eek:

    It was still hot though... How can it be? xP
    Actually I'm pretty sane too! I'm like awesome. xD jk

    It's a mixure of cloudy and hot today. xD
    Yeah! Yes you did go with it. If anything just say I have an old soul, okay? xD

    O_O You don't like that weather?! It's been freaking hot here. Save me please. Wanna trade? ;_;
    Uh lol. Yeah if you want to put it like that, then yes! Go with that. xD

    Trust me. You aren't missing anything. It's just now getting hot... ;_;

    Lag! Erase the other vm. xP
    Haha I see. Well we are kinda the same then! Though it's been more months for me anyways. xD

    It's okay if you usually go outside. It's sometimes too hot for me. :p
    The difference is you would probably fix it in time. xD

    Well California weather is always sunny. Not lately actually though. lol
    Haha yes. Though my comp has been broken since February... :eek:

    We actually been cloudy and not sunny! lol
    Well only cause I make no attempts to fix it that's why!

    Really? Where are you at anyways?
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