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  • Ah, least you are hanging in there! So no home for the holidays then? :(

    Oh, wow. Isn't that like pure desserts and stuff?

    Thought so... xD
    next time is now.

    What I have so far..

    Name: Sasha Mythrose

    Age: (Minimum of twelve, thank you.)16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Sasha can be petty sassy at times and mellow at others. Her curiosity gets to her, since she’s getting in trouble more then often because of it. Sasha’s hyper and na?ve at times. She finds it hard to give up when things get rough, she’ll be by your side when you need her. She’s strong, emotionally and physically. Other then that, she’s kind-hearted and loyal to her friends. I guess you could call her spunky.

    Appearance: (Pictures are fine, but I encourage written descriptions.)

    Keyblade: (I don’t expect anyone to be able to write a great Keyblade description, not many people can, so I encourage pictures on this.)http://i40.tinypic.com/160zatv.jpg

    Magic: (List your spells, four at a maximum, try and get an attribute for your character
    through their magic if you can. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy only.)

    Ability: (Any ability throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. Only one, mind you.)

    Biography: (Life before the Apocalypse and up to now, if you will.)

    I can to the Magic and the Ability...
    1.No...Maybe..I'ma not gonna tell you. *Runs away with candy.*
    2.I'm already insane..
    3.I need to basecally make tech for Sasha to use in Faith..
    4.I fail at making tech, so I gave myself a fail whale that failed.
    Happy late turkey day!

    And sure, I give in! I need help with the tech..

    ██████████████_ ▐█____▌
    _____██████████████▀ Whale!
    How long are you guys down there? Like at a time?

    Ah, well I hope everything is alright then. Where at? Are you allowed to say? :O
    ??? i never knew u lived in canada... o_O and now i will be sure to remember that for future reference...
    how many times do I have to say it gah! I LIVE IN CANADA! WE CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING IN OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!
    XD One's for Rpa, another one I just need the tech, and another...Haven't done anything...And Dream's helping me, but thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    lol you remember the crazy conversations we had in al bhed? we should do that again sometime...
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