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  • It’s fine, I can totally understand being busy. School’s been keeping me insanely busy too. Okay, noted.
    Lol okay. One RP suggestion is the Miracles, like I said posting style is pretty lowkey. Another option would be to do a one on one rp if you wanted.
    I can understand what you’re saying, although it seems like the posting patterns are pretty relaxed (I swear one of them goes for weeks or months without anyone posting but it works for the RP). That’s if you’re okay with it, if you’d rather not because of your schedule I understand.
    I can understand that one. No reason in particular, I was just curious that's all.

    Would you be interested in joining any?
    I was making a joke about it being my cup of tea saying that said cup belonged to someone else. And I just picked Lunarmaster out of the names that were online.
    Using canon characters in a RP isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I don't mind helping out.
    Tbh, I don't really recall. Are you talking about the ones set in a sort of Keyblade Academy? Do you have a link?
    I don't ship it but that's only because I don't care about shipping in general, lol.
    It's your right to refuse this, but I wanted to ask you to hop on Skype whenever you had the chance. I'd like to discuss exorcism. I have a new mode for a character, an entire identity centered around destroying evil, not by signs or sigils, but by being a walking tool, embodiment of good, full of hate for evil.

    First it was Henry, now it's his little sister. If you'd rather not, let me know. Think you'd like her though.
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