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  • Any other games


    Before I got into Kingdom Hearts I was a big Epic Mickey fan. In fact, it was being into Epic Mickey that lead me into Kingdom Hearts. I also mainly just play other Square games like Final Fantasy or The World Ends With You, every now and then I’ll play multiplayer Call of Duty with a sibling. I really only get a game or two per year. I’m probably going to skip getting a game this year as I am waiting for KH3 and still have Final Fantasy X and X-2 to beat. I’ve been stuck on the same boss in FFX since February. If I have time I might borrow the new God of War game from a family member to play.


    Yeah, with the carrier stuff, that's why I'm trying things that interest me; so then I can further narrow down what I want to do.
    I would talk about the ever changing graduation requirements but that would not only give away what class I'm in but also where I live, and I have those things private for a reason. So all I'm going to say is that they're dumb and will screw over more students than help. Because they're less credit based and more grade based and colleges are still credit based. I've already said too much.

    Dunno what to say beyond that. What should be the next topic of discussion?
    For hobbies: I mainly just spend my free time on the internet, drawing, or playing video games(of course). Every now and then I will practice on my flute, especially since marching season is coming up.

    Picking stuff up with your feet is pretty fun and useful, although I don't do it often because I don't drop things much and my dog doesn't play at all.

    For a potential career.....I'm still in High School so I still have time to think, but computer science has always fascinated me. More specifically game design. So I'm going to take courses on game design and other computer science classes to see if it is for me.

    If you're interested in rocks and fossils than moving near mountains (if you aren't already) might be a good bet for digging. Sometimes you can score big with rocks you can find, fossils are a different story; as a lot, if not all of the fossil beds are government property. You could still have that as a hobby tho
    Oof. Sounds horrible.

    Gosh these wildfires are getting out of hand. About 9 are currently burning in my state right now. Thankfully I live in an area where I won't get hit but how much the fires are growing is ridiculous. One of them grew by 250% overnight. Then again there is nothing to keep them under control because of the dryness.

    Change of subject
    So what's your hobbies and such? Anything you wanna do for a potential career?
    Aah. It's more like the entire western half of the country is always on fire somewhere. Colorado and California seem get the worst of it tho. If California isn't on fire, than Colorado is. Then with the fires you have to deal with fire bans, so that means no 4th of July celebrations. On top of that you will get water restrictions.
    It really sucks.

    Yeah that is kinda ironic being a summer baby and not liking summer. I'm a fall baby and love the fall, there's always the beautiful colors and the crisp cool air that I love.
    Hi Soldier, how'dew you do?

    To answer your questions:
    I'm doing fine.
    I can't say I have a favorite all time boss in KH
    And my summer has been fine. I went on a short Holocaust related tour in Europe, and am going to chill for the rest of summer. It's wildfire season so everything is very smokey, not to mention on fire. It's very allergy provoking.

    How 'bout you?
    Indeed. Joker has always been not so good.
    I do respect actors who portray Joker the best like Heath Ledger or Mark Hamill. But I do see that with how sinister Joker is shown nowadays and not many people seem to favor how it's shown. At least it isn't Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal series so there's kinda an upside to that. I mean, Sweet Tooth just likes to slaughter like in the PS3 version of the game and Joker isn't always into slaughter but more of having fun and toying around sometimes and tries to humor. But I'm not saying Joker is the better person here, their characters can both be terrible and do awful things. The only more innocent Joker is the one in Lego games I guess, there he is not as sinister and more goofy and mischievous. Or the Joker in the original Batman TV show. But Joker is not really a favorite character of mine so.
    Yeah, the DC universe is very dark compared to Marvel. Though Marvel can have dark moments here and there, Marvel still is more light-hearted. I like the Dark Knight series to an extent, but then I lost interest by how dark it was. Like, the Dark Knight movie there was a guy that was hanged off a building by a rope dead (JUMPSCARE) and not only was I disturbed by this but it always gets me whenever I watch it. I mean, Heath Ledger did an awesome Joker which is pretty much why I ever watch the movie.
    But that's my opinion.
    And yes, I usually prefer Marvel too. Marvel seems to do movies fairly better than DC movies (no offense DC). Marvel not only makes one movie at a time over different superheroes, but then they connect the superheroes movies together like the Avengers and having other superheroes show up in other Marvel movies. It's what makes it enjoyable to watch, to see how the universe connects and know the characters well and enjoy them and their appearances. DC doesn't ever have any movies basing individually on different superheroes much only except Superman and Batman, but they usually are always portrayed by different actors and don't connect like the 4 Batman movies and the Dark Knight series. It gets kind of old to me. And then they made the Justice League movie yet had never made separate movies before hand of every superhero and their backstories. This was an important aspect in order to make all of them be brought into one movie altogether and for the audience to want to know the characters already and see their importance in the movie, as well as enjoy their appearance in the film. It was almost rushed for DC, but we all know they're kinda in competition with Marvel.
    But I do watch DC shows, those are where I can get hooked. The movies are, meh.
    Sounds cool!
    You're busy? Well I'll leave you till your done, then we can discuss about the Winter Soldier idea.
    Get it? Because he has ice... and snowflake.... winter... Winter Soldier in Marvel...
    No anime in particular from what I've seen. Thanks! I'm planning not to change it again anytime soon, I kinda like this. :3
    As for Soldier fan art, there is quite a lot. Your decision whether ya want to keep the one you have or change whenever, but I can see your reasoning for not wanting to change it. :)
    * I just started playing something else once I reached the Invisibles in End of the World, lol.

    * I haven't unlocked the Mysterious Figure boss fight yet, but I've read in a lot of places that taking it with Terra is the easiest.

    * Yeah, I ALMOST defeated Xemnas' Absent Silhouette, but since I wasn't taking it very seriously, I only managed to leave him with three to five bars of health left. Same goes for Marluxia.

    Just for kicks to replay the series, and I always wanted to replay KH2. I pretty much left KH1 at End of the World, the last world has been more brutal than I remember it to be on Standard Mode; I left Re: CoM at Agrabah; and I "finished" KH2 (have stuff left to do). Otherwise, I finished both movies, and Terra's scenario on BBS. I burned myself so much with Terra that I decided to take a break from BBS and give Ven's scenario a tackle another time.
    Almost, school ends on Wednesday this week. Super excited, just finished my first exam! :D
    Welp, I'm severely ticked about it. But if this delay has good intentions for the game then I'm okay with it. I'm at $60 right now and saving another $20 so I can afford deluxe edition of Kingdom Hearts 3, this is my goal. Won't be able to cough up around $300 for the play arts with it unfortunately, but I'm still spending my money for the deluxe edition. I've never made a pre-order before so this'll be a cool experience, especially with the products included with the pre-order.
    I remember characters with different weapons being a thing in the 3DS version, but I haven't gotten that far in the Switch version yet. I wouldn't be surprised if that's a thing still going on though.
    I doubt I am, lol, but I see where you're coming from. I guess I just keep my mind on the mission that I have to be doing and less on the actual map. Granted, it's been a while since i last played Legends before the Switch version, so there might be an annoying level or two that I've forgotten about.
    I've actually played all three, and still working through the definitive edition right now. For the most part I enjoy all the stages, even repetitive missions on each of the adventure mode maps.
    Hey there~! Yes, I haven't been around KHI for a while now, I've been busy with uni stuff, and this and the next months will be ON FIRE, so I don't think my activity will increase xD
    Glad to hear you got this semester behind you, does vacation really start for you now?? I can't imagine xD summer vacation here for me will start only mid-July or something. Either way this summer will be full of finishing one uni/applying for Master degree stuff
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