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    Ah, a new avatar, and of Persona 5's Joker! Just finished P5 last night

    Ah, a new avatar, and of Persona 5's Joker! Just finished P5 last night
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    Old KH fan theories that did/didn’t come true

    I remember when I said that maleficent was going to return in KH 3, She did, which technically came true, but we all know how well she was implemented into the story.
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    That's just sad, all of that space could've been used for more important things, like a new pokemon or area. But nope, we've got the priestess of pettiness taking up that space instead, In ALL areas of the game.
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    Well with that in mind why not cut back on flashy animations, because this can honestly tick a lot of people off. looking into it further, pokemon home is honestly a prison for the large amount of pokemon that aren't in sword and shield. Think about it: If you transfer in a pokemon from sun and...
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    Not Dead Yet!

    Are you still a helpful techie/geek? Jokes aside, I'm glad you're alive and back I guess? you've got quite the seniority here with a registration date of 2005.
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    KH Themed Mafia Game - Gauging Interest

    Count me in, I miss playing mafia, I made a thread on here a while back asking if people could host one. Guess I got my wish
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    I'm only angry due to my overall dislike of little dogs. There is great personal bias in me regarding design inspirations. I love early game electric types as much as the next guy, but I honestly can't see it really getting that much love. Who's to say that it won't become this generation's...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    Oh electric type eh? I'd argue that's even worse that the pikachu clone isn't a rodent anymore. at the very least they kept that consistent through the series, Oh and to add further fuel to the fire, Dynamax is confirmed to replace both mega evolution and Z-moves which wont be returning. There's...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    Oh great, a corgi pokemon, no doubt going to be used by the not queen of England. I forsee it becoming a normal type with mediocre or downright terrible stats, learns the fang moves and of course is NU in competitive play. but we've got to have a dog mon each gen! In all seriousness, they...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    So apparently the most recent Nintendo E3 direct announced that the pokemon you transfer into the cloud to sword and shield HAVE to be in the Galar region dex otherwise they won't go through. That sucks. If we're looking at a dex of around 200 pokes, that means we can only have up to 1/4th of...
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    So does anyone else hope that he falls below 1,000 subs? Isn't that the bare minimum you need to earn revenue from Youtube?
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    Lesser known reference to a previous game that I noticed.

    While scouring the misty stream in this game, near monstropolis and the large green vortex that contains the secret gummi boss, I came across these random ship parts floating near some of the debris that litters the lanes between...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    Well that's good, at the very least we've got more pokemon with that ability. I hope it can get psychic fangs through chain breeding with bruxish if it's in the water egg group. I wonder if we'll get any pokemon with a move like flying press that deals damage of two types. Because that was a...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    God dang it, I still hate the Rotom dex (and Rotom in general) It's become the Navi of Pokémon. As I've said before, all you need is for it to fly around you and there you go! its drone form fits that nicely. Anyone else remember when the pokedex WASNT annoying. Oh and also, I hope dreadknaw...
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    Pokemon | Sword & Shield (2019)

    Ooh, that's a good amount honestly, so long as we don't have another Kalos generation with only 3 legendaries programmed into the game I'm happy.