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  • Sorry I'm so incredibly late, band camp was stressful and in the process I got sick too. I've gotten some, okay a lot, of rain since I last talked to ya. It's been actually wonderful.
    Also got my prizes in the mail finally, took 2 weeks but finally came. And it rarely ever gets that bad in weather here as well.
    With the Riku topic: yep that's me. ;D
    So how're you? Been awhile since I last talked or had much activity here.
    Well I wouldn't constantly talk about the difficulty, especially since I found the game to be perfectly fine in this aspect, but there is always a certain feeling of fear when you play through this game, like you are constantly afraid that even a wall could attack you and ohko you xD in the later half of the game, this feeling of fear transforms into self-discipline and wonderful stress management skills, you notice when your hands don't tremble after a boss fight anymore lol honestly the Dark Souls experience is one of the most unique ones I've had so far, it's simply enchanting and yea I would recommend this game to anyone who likes challenging games that test your observation and learning skills, as well as your patience and self-control in general. Dive in if you want anytime, only some douchey elitists would intimidate you bragging about the difficulty, ignoring the rest of this beautiful game. I can tell you, around mid-story I was talking with a DS-fan friend and I asked him "Is it normal to find this game relaxing????????" and he answered yes, that's one of the feels included in the DS experience package. And there I thought I was insane to find Dark Souls relaxing xD
    oh hello~ weeeeeeell I've been a tough chick over this break if completing Dark Souls makes me one (I love this game, it's not that hard on NG, it will be on NG+ onwards tho... I mean, what am I saying, you die in like 2 hits on NG, and in 1 hit in NG+ probably *shivers*), also vacation for me here is till october, a blessing indeed
    how about ya?
    I'll keep that in mind, probably when I start taking my college class this coming school year. Tomorrow starts the great journey of band camp, wish me luck.
    I've seen northeastern parts of the U.S getting storms galore, I would like the rain but not the tornadoes (or is that more south?). We did get some rain here and there, but the grass outside is still begging.
    Thanks, I'm still waiting for the prizes to show up in the mail. Yep, you can never have enough. And yes, I did see your post about that Riku figure. I'm glad I was acknowledged somewhere in a talk about Riku, Because no matter what, I will find the Riku threads.
    Sorry for late reply.
    I don't understand too much about college seeing as I've only taken one class focusing on college and never fully understood everything, but I'm taking a class for my Junior and Senior years to find out. Glad you get to pass your classes, hard work definitely pays off!
    8 hours is a pain, already go through it with school while having to wake up at 5:30am every morning, but this time I can wake up a bit later because I don't need to chase a bus. The weather is usually (always) hot, and this summer we haven't gotten rain very much. It would be nice to get rain, but then we need all the time to practice outside as much as possible for band camp.
    Hey, I also won a contest recently! I'm getting a Paopu fruit plushie and a KH postcard, super excited to get it. :D
    I can only do "Dearly Beloved" with the higher keys on my keyboard, still trying to do the lower keys. I'm better with the higher ones for some reason.
    I wish I knew how to help around in a farm, all my family has their own farms and my household doesn't and my grandparents. As for band camp, it's a tiring 8 hour day worth of standing outside and memorizing music and when to play it at a certain area where you're suppose to march while marching in-step with everyone and getting to your location on time. Basically, multitasking to the extreme.
    Glad college won't be too bad knowing one class is online out of them all. You don't have a 5th one? I guess 4 makes you feel relieved, huh?
    Oh man, have fun before college! I know a friend who's also into KH that's going to college again soon. I still need to have fun before band camp comes along.
    We're done polishing off almost everything except pop, we eat food pretty fast so no worries about it stocking in the fridge soon haha.
    Yep, and the fact that band camp starts in 2 weeks for me will also have me busy from gaming as well. Party turned out pretty great, have a lot of leftovers but I'm loving the food so yay!
    I just feel bad having to make you wait till I get a Steam card, my brother said the next time we go to Walmart we'll get one. I'd hate for him to spend his own money for me though, so Idk.
    Hey there~ yes I finished art uni, so now I am only at the wonderful place and community that is the philosophy uni, ans as of now I am already a Master programme student (I applied for grad school or how you call it there in the States). Gee, have I been a good girl, he says - nah dude, I've been a GODDESS, after all the things I had to endure, I have otherwordly nerves of steel #truestory
    sorry that I didn't reply to your last message, to be honest, I didn't reply to... way too many people over the last few months OTL glas to hear YOU have been a good boi! >:']
    That's alright, I'm glad you told me. I've been a good girl, been helping out prepare for my brother's graduation party so been busy like usual.
    Nooo I still haven't got a card. I've been finding people who are willing to befriend me on Steam and play games with me but I keep having to tell them I can't. We are trying to put our money towards the party still, needing to pay a couple hundreds for renting the area for the party (we live in a tiny apartment so we can't do it at our home) and still need to get foods and supplies.
    That's depressing, the thing's you're always told as a kid (you don't need money to have friends) apparently doesn't apply on steam. If i could give you the five dollars to purchase a game I'd do it, but that would of course require me to be able to find you on there, which defeats the purpose. Well, how long do you think it'll be before you can get the cheapest steam card?
    There's an issue: I can't add you because I can only if I have at least paid $5. I haven't paid for anything yet so I can't...
    Alright, but there is one thing. I'm going to make a new account only because my account right now has my real name, and I prefer using a name like my user on here. I will soon do so. :D
    Thanks, my tummy has been better lately. Nope, no friends. I'll add ya! I'll do it as soon as I have time because today is babysitting day for me. I haven't really found any multiplayer, I know there's Garry's Mod or Dead Realm but I don't have any money to get them. :/
    I was hoping I wasn't too busy but lately I have been a bit. I've been doing alright other than having frequent stomach aches. Yep, I in fact just got the account last month. I only have 3 games: Friday the 13th Puzzle game, Fallout Shelter and Doki Doki Literature Club. Haven't had the money lately to get a Steam card seeing as I spent all of my saved money for KH3 deluxe edition.
    So with Dark Beauty Castle, have you ever noticed how the music changes? The music gets more intense and out of time the more enemies show up. And the more you paint or thin an area the music changes. If you need links for the different tracks I can send a few (they're all on YouTube)
    It's also one of my favorite OSTs in the game.
    I've never played Bendy and the Ink Machine either, horror games really aren't my thing.

    So I may have potentially provoked a politically charged argument in a thread.
    Let's hope the person who started the thread doesn't read it with the wrong tone... otherwise it can turn ugly, fast.
    Well, I heard that Epic Mickey 2 only had a year or so to develop.

    Or why couldn't the gremlins just pull the two mean streets together? They have the technology, don't they? Or how about how Mean Street split down the center down the street. Or based on how the Quake went down Mean street shouldn't even exist anymore. Or how Dark Beauty Casle collapsed but you can see it perfectly on Mean Street north

    Don't worry, if I go into game design I will strive for the best of my abilities.

    Granted there was a lot of drama between Junction Point and Disney which ultimately killed Epic Mickey. Then it's fandom died slowly......until Bendy and the Ink Machine invaded the fandom.
    Oh god i forgot about the two mean streets. I hated that SOO MUCH. Granted, every time you visit the underground after repairing gremlin structures it gets a bit easier. but until then, you have to either get your way across the chasm or pay that british gremlin 25 E-tickets. Speaking of that accursed creature i hate how none of the things you do in the post game never matter, think about it.
    -after you use up your one free ride, the gremlin will say "ill have to charge you next time, fuels a bit scarce after the quake" (surprising how he had SO MUCH FUEL to keep doing it) and then when you stop the quakes from happening, he still charges you.
    -Mean street north and south never merge, seriously, can't the gremlins just build a ramshackle bridge out of disney junk.
    -The epilogue is ultimately pointless. By the time you get everything (including the upgrades and costumes) there is NOTHING to do in the wasteland. Then i think about the first game where you get to go down a different path, with every sketch you unlocked ready from the get-go on later playthroughs.
    -then there's the fact that in the end, the game wants you to play through the thinner ending to speedrun, because redeeming the mad doctor tacks on another horrible song for him to sing.

    Ugh, why was this game so broken, he had so much time and so many resources and he blew it all away for this! If you ever do go into game design Meow Wow, promise me this, don't make a game like epic mickey 2.
    If 3 was going to be a full on musical, than 4 probably would have been nothung but singing.

    More pet peeves:
    The projector screens are one way only. Yes EM1 had them too but those were for one way areas.
    Speaking of projectors, I hated it when I would use the cinema to get one thing but by the time I got back the projector reset
    The soundtrack isn't as good as the first
    Gus was a 2D texture
    The Mad Doctor wasnt in post game if you redeemed him
    Too many new things and redesigns of areas
    Mean street North and South. My god I hated that with a passion.
    You can actually see the Mad Doctors ride in the distance early in the game (when you are standing on top of either the fire station or the store)
    I have a bug or glitch where I can't get the good ending. When I'm in Fort Wasteland during the fight with the slobber and spatters, as soon as I would finish redeeming them they all just thin out. Forcing me to have to do that DEC to the Floatyard.
    Because a lot of the textures were shiney and unfinished I often got motion sickness playing the game

    I wouldn't really consider time as a big concern tho. I actually ran through Epic Mickey 1 a few years ago and beat it in 6 hours. Granted I wasn't exploring much at all but the games are generally short.
    Yeah the first Epic Mickey was definitely superior. Especially in the story, platforming and graphics(come to think of it that's pretty much all it had going for it)I never liked how everything was very shiny and nearly all of the areas in Epic Mickey 2 were new. I also had a pet peeve of every character having some sort of different accent. I never found out that it discontinued until 2014ish. Which is a little disappointing, especially with that cliffhanger at the end of the second game
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