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    Oh! Wow....this is a change. It'll defiantly take some adjustments to get used to.
    I'm not going to lie, I really liked the aesthetic of vBulletin forums.

    I'm a mixture of awe and confusion for the new forums. It'll pass. Now if I could actually log on when it's not some ungodly hour of the night, I would probably be less confuzled on how everything works.

    But overall, the new look is neat!
    Hey there~ this is random, but you DID mention the selfie thing in one of the new threads and I wanted to tell you
    it's already happening
    I was suppose to be at a football game last night, technically it was Friday but for "unseen circumstances" it was yesterday at 11am, which I thought it was 6pm like usual. So I missed it. Glad you had fun though. Yeah, still sick. And it sucks. Kinda getting better though.
    You're good, I've been busy myself. It was alright, never got to practicing playing and marching. We still can't play and march to our last drill, the 3rd one is pretty iffy, but the 1st and 2nd ones are good. Been sick for a whole week so far, kinda sucks. How have you been?
    Oof, I understand with having people quit here and there and new rearranges of the drill. Luckily it was just a few major changes for every song. I wish you luck on your struggles.
    Yeah I've been not so active due to band camp and getting ill, sorry for that. I saw your new art piece! It looks awesome! :3
    Sorry for the late reply, I did post in our battle and officially start it!
    Band camp is going both great and meh.
    The newbies aren't even attempting to learn anything, they aren't putting any of what they have learned in the past 5 days into their work. They say they know this and know that, yet they don't show it and don't even put a single breath of air out of their instrument unless the teacher is there. For 4 hours every day we go through the fundamentals of marching with everyone, mostly the newbies, but they don't do zip. Talking to them apparently sends them to space, and they show attitude when given tips on what could help them to improve. We've actually have gotten rain too which has been a miracle in the hot days. I found out next week is our last week as of right now, I still haven't gotten a full schedule. One of my friends constantly wants to talk, as in every second and continuously follows me everywhere. I'm going through both stress and anxiety, and the only good thing that's happened is both jokes being made and getting a PSN $50 gift card.
    We've made it through the beginning of our 3rd movement.Oof, I haven't gotten bites but I have gotten an extreme case of sunburn. You don't have any other shoes to use? I always wait to start wearing new shoes till after doing band camp. I wore new shoes one year and the shoes got ruined after practice and I regretted it so much. -_-'
    I have school next month, I'm not looking forward to it.
    Tomorrow marks my first day of band camp, here comes the fun stuff. I've been trying to use different programs to draw online instead of on paper, it's different than what I normally do but I've been trying to improve. Good luck with the final boss (if you haven't beaten it by now). I hope so too, I never had that problem with frame rate. But I've had the game not even for a year now so it could be your save file. I think with how much time KH3 has been worked on that it hopefully won't be too bad frame-wise. Speaking of games, I still have a lot to beat. I want to beat Terra's story and beat Re:CoM and DDD before I play KH3, but it will be a struggle for me.
    At my school I don't get credits from marching band which is absolute bull. Other than traveling in and out of cities, pretty good. Haven't gotten to drawing lately, trying out new programs and new techniques which can be a pain but it's becoming fun for me.
    How bout' you?
    I gave you one too. Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been traveling a lot lately.
    I hope you can get it changed so you can get those credits, I still haven't gotten my schedule because I'll be getting it next month. I found out one of my PE classes I'll be taking as a Senior next year doesn't provide enough credits to graduate, so I need another PE class. I've been told to do my PE classes at my Senior year, but I don't want both of them the same year. I'm too much of a weakling to do two PE classes. xD
    *shiver* Yep. xD
    I saw that, I followed you too and commented on one of your pics as well. Early 2015? That pic would have made me jealous back then, I wasn't as good then haha. As for apps, I've never use much art apps unless it was my older photoshop pics. I now usually use a program called GIMP on my laptop, but it doesn't have much of a "color wheel". I'll probably consider using those because GIMP can be hard to understand sometimes and don't provide a whole lot.
    I guess I made a DA too, and made a new pic. It took me 3-4 hours of frustration but did it.
    And yep, KH got me into anime as well as a few friends.
    I saw your pics, and they look wonderful! I don't have anything like that to make mine look so good. My pic was based off a horrible quality pic from my laptop and spent so long editing it. And yeah, I found a horrible anime pic I did during the school year and shrieked. xD
    I've been drawing since I can remember. My parents are artists as well as my both my grandmothers. My sister got me into drawing anime back when I was... 8? But I've always needed to improve, I'm still struggling to draw anime just right. But my grandma from my dad's side got me into painting, I haven't done painting lately only because her paints are old and I need newer paints. But yep, I even looked through my old belongings a week ago and even from pre-school did I draw so much haha.
    I make my signatures not really so easy to read, or I mean I try.
    Thanks for the link! I'll check it out. As for naming pieces, I can understand. Just think of something that pops into your mind when you look at it, and if you can't think of anything then I can try to help. xD
    You're welcome, I'm glad that could be of help.
    I'll think about doing some new drawings and then posting them. Will have to see. :)
    Ey, nice you got a DA! I can't wait to see more of your art. I think Fudge may have a DA, Idk but you could ask her or DarkGrey if you have questions.
    Yours don't last as long? I think you're pretty lucky on that. ;_;
    I need to print out my music sheets soon, and probably practice before camp starts because we have to memorize them. Heh, "Got it memorized?".
    When I first joined here I started an art thread, but it's been a long time since I posted and I'd rather do a better thread where my skills have improved. Idk, it all depends on if I'm willing to share the latest. You could make an Deviantart, I haven't made one but I'm still thinking about sharing these kinds of things. Maybe soon I'll do something. I usually use the website postimage to reference pics. Idk if it ruins the quality or not, but you can try it if you want.
    8 years is definitely an accomplishment! :D
    Ouch, sorry about your foot. It'll hopefully feel better soon.
    And you have not a clue of what kind of people are in our marching band. It's going to be crazy and whilw practice is the whole month next month then comes school so it's a lot on my mind and it gets overwhelming.
    I know that, we practice our marching out in the parking lot next to the PAC of our school and the ground gets so hot and there's always fresh tar put there and gets stuck on our shoes. Our flutes always have bad angles sadly, so they put pencils in them. My friend Liz got so mad last year because she didn't want to feel as though she needed a pencil in hers, but my friend Katie instructed everyone needed one for fairness and mostly for training. They've both been kinda distant with one another since then, I just hope Liz doesn't complain about it this year because it could be a lot worse.
    Funny thing, I was suppose to be flute because my brother left his old one for me but I couldn't play a single note out of it, so I was given clarinet and have been with it for 6 years. This is my 4th year of marching band and have seen a lot of changes, but it's still as fun for me as my first year. But there's new people needing to be taught this year and seeing as this year will be harder than the last with a 4th drill instead of 3, it's going to be rough.
    Found out today band camp starts on August 6th, so I'm already stressing out. I was suppose to get my clarinet fixed up and working better at a local music place (it's an old clarinet) but seeing as my brother's graduation party took most of our time and money that opportunity went out the window.
    But anyway, it's great to meet another musician here! I don't talk to many here, it's kinda nice.
    I start school in September, so I got all next month worth of camp.
    I feel ya, we haven't had rain in weeks and almost everything outside is fried up and dead, with one of our weeks had had 90-100 degree heat the whole week. I'm kinda looking forward to it and then not so much, we also have an extra song this year so yay another drill to learn than usual. We're playing some classic songs too so it'll be fun.
    So what instrument do you play? I play clarinet. :)
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