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  • oh my, you actually remembered! xD thank you very much, it's an enjoyable Christmas Eve indeed, full of young carollers' singing uwu
    It's strange to pass through everyone else's Christmas season without celebrating anything myself too xD there are many different holidays around Christmas, it's not shared everywhere the same way, at the same time, or for the same reason.
    I personally am one of those fans who loved playing Days and really, really cried buckets full of tears because of its story. It was idk in what year, but I remember I played it through December and finished it on December 30th of that year, I remember clearly how much I cried listening to Xion's theme for like 3 days straight and was hiding myself from houseguests when I felt emotional "because of a video game smh!" lol then the manga for Days, man, it's a brilliant read.
    About my dog, I'm afraid I am simply the worst at canine species and I don't think his previous owner knows either. My dad "bought" the dog this summer, when he was at the bar with someone from the countryside (cuz on the countryside, everybody knows everybody, no exception, except those who have zzero interest in gossip. You figure I barely know all my neighbors on our village "street"). My dad told him he was interested in getting a dog, knowing me and mom were also ok with that. So, the man told him "I'll give you the dog if you give me a beer" and it was settled. My dog cost a beer, my dude xD yep, he is smaller than a pitbull, and still very young, I think he was born end-July or August this year, and my dad brought him home mid-August.
    Golden retrievers are so adorable and loveable, oh my gosh ; w ; give her a heartfelt pet from me!!

    oh and good news, my mother said your request looks adorable~ heheh, though 'll be able to scan it only when I go back to my uni's city, in something more than a week
    Happy holidays to ya too, my friend! My cold is finally gone too, yep xD
    It's nice to hear you had a great family time, my family celebrates Christmas on January 6th (because Eastern European orthodox stuff and different calendars), so I'll wait for that ocassion a bit longer.
    You got some sweet manga and AC Origins, I'd shed tears of joy omg. The Days manga is just so perfect, it was an amazing read and added so much "natural" feel to all characters ; w ; and AC Origins is one game I want to get so badly in the next year, but I'll see if that's possible, I'll have to plan my purchases once again, and two things are on the list already, KH3 and an eventual FFXV Episode Ardyn DLC <3
    You saw my funny awkward pics with my dog, haha, oh well I felt like I might just share some funny things there too xD
    Hello there ~ I was really sick all this week (and the last week), it seems I am healed but only a bit, but despite that I had some great time working at the philosophy uni, a wonderful wonderful time ; w ;
    Maybe you could really just send me links to images of just the right pokemon, only because I didn't play X/Y/Sun/Moon and obviously not the new Ultra stuff yet, so I might confuse the newest Gen pokemanzz ; ^ ;
    Heyooooooooooo! :)

    To be honest, it's been a looooooooooooooong time since I last played the game, haha. I primarily used the character warlord.
    This all sounds like a beautiful image, it'll take a while but I'll do it :'D thank you~ I like your choice of pokemon, the colors seem to match which is nice
    alright then, I'll post it when it'll be ready, just please be patient with me, my uni schedules are still haunting me (my exam session starts on January 22nd, so till then I got almost no vacation, basically... especially since I got one final year to handle on one hand..)
    All you answers - I fully agree xD now that these things are clear, let yourself choose what you'd like to see (or even use, I mean, this will be YOUR request after all)
    All the KH references in your reply remind me just how much I can't simply (one does not simply......) let go of the series. I made so many Undertale jokes lately and yet there's no denying the urge of telling KH references to those around me pff
    hey there, glad to hear you finally are close to the free time of your dreams, get that last exam done and enjoy some good vacation !
    1. it can be anything, well, um, except nsfw stuff but I doubt you'll ask that of me xD and I am not that great at drawing animals so if you like furries (ughh...) then I'm not the best artist to ask for furry art either. That's all xD
    2. no limits, I think, it's not like you'll ask 20 characters in a group drawing right? ....riiight? lol that would be a lot to draw for a request o 7 o """
    3. of course :'D you can even tell me a color palette if you prefer one or are curious or something
    .........dude... that doesn't happen. What kind of bad movie did the guide watch lol
    what does happen sometimes is people offering you flowers for free at first but then they give you more and tell you a price, y'know, that kind of thing. But believe me, those "sellers" are usually of foreign origin, not Italian, most are gypsies and here we return to the bad fame Romania, the "country of gypsies", has, circle closed again xD
    I really do believe that it's always worse to be considered in any way inferior, and yes I do agree that an honest warning or just an open talk about the cultural differences or possible stereotypes could have been the simple solution to most bad impressions and experiences, or at least to the intesity of them.
    Being called a vampire is in no way offensive to me, heck, I enjoy it - put some red lipstick on, an all-black&red outfit, some fingerless gloves and there we go, ready to sexily bite people's necks. Absolutely nothing wrong with this scenario lol
    seriously though I enjoy that thing, it's a rather silly if not even convenient stereotype
    No mere mortal can visit all of Rome in one day. Yes. And when made right, Italian gelato is the ice cream of the gods, I could never forget it ; v ; too bad your strawberry one didn't turn out right.
    I see you visited the Vatican! It's a lot to handle, with an ocean of people there and everything. I visited quite many places in Roma so I know what you describe. Too bad you don't remember the place that well, but hey, I also wouldn't remember if I was pushed from one place to the other in a poorly-organized trip. As far as I see, you all weren't taken care of properly at all, given that you all became ill in one way or another, which is just unacceptable. And well, I think all of Europe is expensive from your point of view. If Italy seemed expensive to you, then you don't even know London, mate! Italy is actually a pretty cheap place! Excluding those certain tourist-shops in highly popular places. London is very, VERY expensive pretty much everywhere...
    Too bad that this made you have a bad impression of Italy... if you would have visited Italian cities and the sea with me, it would have been like in a dream. Thanks for telling me your story tho, I really appreciate the time you put in writing all this out. Man, cultural differences and different continents colliding, these two together didn't make a good combo in this story...
    I'll reply with what I have till now, but ya may continue of course

    Don't be envious of me being of Romanian citizenship (and Ukrainian nationality). Romania is a black sheep that is 99% of cases considered the country of gypsies, thieves and alcoholics, sharlatans, so everywhere a Romanian steps, they are called a gypsy and looked down upon. Or at least that's if you meet people who base their impressions on stereotypes. Since I am pale-skinned, blonde and have blue eyes, nobody can call me a gypsy by stereotype, so instead eventually they call me a vampire (since I'm from Transylvania). A sexy vampire, that's fine with me. Of course ALL Europe, not only Italy, has stereotypical views about Americans, it's mainly because of how your nation exposed themselves and the country of freedom, infinite possibilities, everlasting happiness and richness, and your media import that we get from you continue to express this fake image. Only people who read selected articles or communicate with actual Americans, or have been in the States themselves, know that this blissful mask America puts on itself is in so, so many cases painfully fake and a large number of people there struggle in life, maybe even much worse than any European country in fact. I guess this is the punishment that comes in time, for America should have really focused on their people and not their power or image in the last century, though I'm sorry it affects nice people like you as well.

    Milan is ironically the least Italian place you can go to, the people there are really cold compared to other provinces of Italy, many of my Italian friends (who are not from Milan but went/lived there so they know their stuff) told me to avoid Milan, for I'll go insane, angry and hurt (yes Italians within their own country can't stand each other, depends on regions!).
    Venice is a wonderful, wonderful place, if only you take your time (which you sadly didn't have, rushing a travel trip is hell itself, I know too well) and know quite a bit about it beforehand, so that you know where to look and when to be careful. However, Venice also has many places in which gifts or food are astronomically expensive, I am MAD that your guide did such a bad move and made you go to THOSE places. As you know, in this apparently deadly-expensive Venice, there are indeed Venetian residents, living there, paying their taxes, living their life, which means that of course there are enough places which serve good food at decent prices and also shops which won't cost you a kidney. A dear friend of mine lives there (she moved there a year ago though she spend years there before too) and is in love with the city. What you experienced is what shouldn't have happened, bad organization. (I myself want to be a guide as a side-job sometimes, since I have experience with art history, museums, exhibitions and travelling plans and this is why I am angry to hear about this bad experience of a trip. Not angry at you, but angry at the people who should have made your trip a pleasant one. When I was in Florence, I myself made the plan and everything was perfect for all 4 people of different ages and interest levels, schedule full, and my speeches kept their interest through the whole trip.)

    Italians are not really fans of rock music, generally speaking. Depends on the person of course, but from the people I know and what they also told me, rock, hard rock, metal, it's just nah, noise, kinda.
    Romanians on the other hand can fit in two large categories: commercial pop/club music OR rockers-metalheads. I go with the second one xD

    I am surprised to hear positive points of the trip though, I imagined something much, much worse (but well I won't speak too soon)
    Hmmm, well, I'll keep it in mind and still would like to read the story if that doesn't bring too many negative emotions from the past to you ;;;;
    Actually, lemme encourage you (maybe a bit) by telling you that I chose to do the second uni (philosophy) only after I finished the 1st year in arts, so I received the tutorial there, if you could call it that xD this way, it was less scary to start doing two of them simultaneously, because arts had simply the worst program and organisation possible, and I thought it can't get worse than this, and I was right, the rest was way easier than the ridiculous "survival training" at the arts uni
    oh, that sadly wasn't Venice, I wasn't there yet. Those were Rome, Florence and Naples, wonderful and very different cities
    Where exactly was this trip of yours in Italy? why was it so disastruous, may I ask..? o_o
    Finally got to read through your reply, and man, these kinds of situations happen pretty often, I had a ton of those in the past 3 years and I really, really hope I won't have similar situations in the future. Things regarding the 2nd language, sports, the original high school diploma being in one place or the other (cuz yea this matters in a lot of ways) etc. multiplying most such situations by 2 since I study at two different unis, and that means different institutions, which in turn means different rules and double the infernal bureaucracy... Yes, I can tell, even like this, it all gets easier to deal with the more you advance, but that's really just because you learn a lot in how to handle these things and there's also less to deal with in time.

    Good that you don't hate on the language, though, it wouldn't be a smart move since the reason for your hate would rather be shitty educational programs and learning based on poorly-justified grammar-memorizing (a thing I utterly hate no matter the language, it's the teaching method's fault on a larger plan). I adore languages, I know pretty many already but I want to learn more and more, but not in the robotic high school way. I'd also like to admit, I love Italian culture and Italian language, might say I am an italophile, without losing touch of reality of course, so I secretly smile calmly at this xD

    Be strong, and may your bullshit tolerance be even stronger. I know I too need this in this period of time, this week was 99% horrible, it seems... I don't know if I want to shout in anger or cry at this point ahahahahahhhhhh..............ha....... yea
    Sorry for not responding, it was midnight back then in my timezone and I was exhausted
    Today I returned home, after I had uni courses till from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. and as of now (11p.m. here) I dont think I'm able to even think straight... I shall reply tomorrow if I get the time, I am very sorry, I wanted to leave at least this message for you so that you know and I explain the awkward silence... :'(
    Greetings, good Soldier~ !
    here's a hello from one uni student to another

    Things with philosophy uni are just great - organized, clear, a lot to study and read but working with wonderful people -, aaaaand as usual things with art uni are rather discouraging - what is the concept of organized even, nobody knows what courses and workshops we have, everybody wants you somewhere you don't know the place of, how is this thing even working. Briefly, I am sick of this shit, may the heavens help me finish this 3rd and final year of art....................
    Yes, I already chose my courses for the second semester, given that this kind of thing is done here in October, so by now all annual study contracts have been signed and delivered. But we complete them online, since every student has personal page with their data within the university's online system-something. It's really, really useful and you get things done in no time. By your description I assume that you had to go to complete the courses lists at the uni, being literally present there and quick before others fill the spots - I only saw this kind of thing in animes! Boy, how is America even doing their stuff...
    The optional language thing can be annoying indeed, it's not like in a year you'll learn some serious skills, and mostly only 1 year is mandatory so ???... in my case, I chose to do English at the art uni (which was ridiculous, given that I had the Cambridge Proficiency in English certificate at the highest level, C2, at that time already.....) and I chose German at the other uni (again ridiculous because I got ANOTHER certificate, the Test DaF, which qualifies me internationally at C1 level, which is the highest possible for non-native German-speakers...). So you see, this ironic scene happened to me too, in my first years respectively. Sigh..
    Heya buddy, everything's running smoothly, except for my body which sucks at running now - I ran through the city from one place to the other constantly these last 3 days and my muscles are trash lol This is the direct result of ONLY playing video games this summer, no walking, no sports at all x 7 x heh
    But I like it here, I love meeting my philosophy classmates again cuz we're a great group and it feels really good to have them around, we're either in the"respectable intellectuals" mode or the "sickest jokes walking shitposters" mode, if not both simultaneously lol
    Today I also had my first course of Simbolic Logic and Propositional Logic........................... imagine the intellectual equivalent of battling 5 Phantom Aquas simultaneously. Dynamics and speed included. I was never so frightened by logic before lol I mean, I studied it last year too, General Logic and theories of argumentation (if these are the English names), and it was scary enough already, but THIS YEAR. BOI. The teacher is simply amazing though
    I love the dynamics of university, at least at the philosophy uni... as I told you, I'm 3rd year in Arts and this means I'll do my license. But the organization overall is almost nonexistant... it all just makes me sigh for now

    I'm worn out after 3 days! It's totally fine to feel like this, after you get through more and more stuff, I am sure you'll be so much stronger, in many ways, that everything will seem like a fluffy cloud when you'll be remembering the past struggles. Or at least I have this feeling of "I am you but stronger" lol
    so anyway, whatcha been doing? ~
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