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  • Honestly I don't know why people make me out to be such an unfair fight. Yes I'm difficult but I'm hardly unfair. Every single one of my attacks leaves me vulnerable, it's not like I keep up the pressure no matter what. If I keep attacking, that's your fault for not taking advantage of me faltering.
    Please, I'm not that hard. You just gotta know how to win. I beat myself on my first playthrough on Critical Mode, of course, with some difficulty, but nowadays I can defeat myself whenever I please.
    Yes, I am THE Lingering Will, Terra's ability to resist and ability to do something about it. Why would you have a bone to pick with me? What did I ever do to you?
    Man that was awhile ago. The play turned out really good and got some good reviews from it. I really had fun and felt I did well in it. :3
    I've been preparing myself for these last 4 weeks of school, the teachers are stressing us out with the amount of work they're giving us. But everything will soon be done and over with. Then 3 months of summer vacation here I come!
    Good luck man! Sorry I have to leave, my parents are in a not-so good of a mood right now. Ttyl. :/
    Thanks man, I wanted it to match my avatar on my PS4 account.
    Also sorry I hadn't replied to your last message. I just started another semester or what our school calls a "trimester" so I've again been busy.
    Eh, High School just sucks for me mostly because of the DRAMA. There is too much of it for me this year to where I'm about to scream at people, "GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER, GET OVER YOUR EX, I DON'T CARE ABOUT HOW SPOILED YOU ARE, TELL AN ADULT AND NOT ME!" I hate it when people try to get me involved in crap I don't want to be a part of. I never do get involved but I am like everyone's therapist at school (ha ha, I'm playing a therapist in the play, ha ha) and I hear everything and they try to get me involved. But I never let them. I don't spread gossip and I do not want to be a part of something that'll get me in deep trouble or even worse. But back to college, you sound more stressed lately than me right now so I wish you good luck and keep at it, hope everything goes well in the end. :)
    Ey man, you tried and trying is better than never doing anything. It is tough work, but I'm use to memorizing music for marching band so the skill pays off pretty well when memorizing lines. Oh man, college stuff. I've already started learning about college and boy am I pretty frightened of the workload. Not that I don't want ​to go to college, just that I know it will be tough.
    Thanks, I have been stressing out a lot lately like today I failed an exam and was super depressed af. But in the play I have my lines memorized and really have been having fun with my parts. :)
    Thanks for letting me know! Would definitely hate being ripped off lol. Okay I registered you now.

    My friend code is 5241-1938-8301
    Sorry for the wait! I never traded Pokemon online before and I'm bit confused on what to use. Do I use Wonder Trade or GTS?
    Hey man, I actually have two Stakataka and I could use a Blacephalon for my Dex as well. Let me know if you're still looking.
    Hello there, I'm alright and working, getting exams done one after another, this was only the first week of my exam session, two more to go. In the meanwhile I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion when I took breaks, and tried not to starve xD glad to hear things are going rather well on your side too, I wonder what things you have to do in the labs, since I never really worked in a lab before o A o
    I replied there as well, thank you for your patience and knowing you enjoy the result really makes my evening (well, night, since it's past 10 PM here, but I'll work at uni projects till late anyway, but with the satisfaction that the request was a success :'D )
    In the end, this resized Mamoswine really does nothing wrong there, a more suspicious case would have been if you requested these pokemon together with a Wailord xD now that would have been tricky!
    I look forward to offering this kind of gifts/requests in the future, I am sure the days will come when my free time will allow for more drawing for personal enjoyment and friends ~
    It's a wide-spread and very very old tradition in Europe. I, too, remember travelling across frozen village paths covered in thick shiny ice on the Eve, stopping at all houses with open doors, singing as loud as I could without losing my tone too much, and sometimes I got candy or a coin or two... I did it till I was like 12 or something. It's really a thing here, there aren't as many kids going out in these later years, but there's no Christmas without carollers in my country! :] no matter the weather or the freezing dry continental temperatures
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