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  • Why the third degree, my friend. It's hardly a crime!
    The truth of the matter is I simply like to rhyme!
    Well, not planning to get any new games for the PS but World of Final Fantasy is on my list for someday.
    I am a big Digimon fan but I am an even bigger Pokemon fan, aaaaa xD I played all the games except X/Y and Sun/Moon, not counting the Ruby/Sapphire remakes since I played Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald (yes, the three of them, individually. What can I say, Hoenn was incredibly fun. My fav region is Sinnoh tho btw) before and I don't really plan to get the remakes soon. But I want to get Y and Sun, probably next year for sure, at least one of them, if finishing art uni won't cost a shitton of money. Gee, if you get me started on Pokemon, I even remember all my teams from each game and the nicknames I gave them, if not even their nature too. T w T I watched the anime too but only till the end of the Sinnoh setting, after that I lost interest, since my main focus is the games, though the Kanto-anime was a biiiig part of my childhood. So big, that I even had pokemon-themed clothes back then lol
    Well, I got a GBA SP (we can't connect through that tho, obviously), a 3DS (not much we can do with that either, except if we plan to get some common games somehow, or if you got a game that I want to buy sometime anyway, stuff like that, who knows), a PS3 (there's the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Reveletions multiplayer we could try), and a PS4 (I didn't try to connect with anyone on this one before but I would like to see how it works, of course). Wise words there buddy, "when I've finished all the things college throws at me" xD That time for me is gonna be either this winter vacation, or the next spring vacation, or summer vacation. Only at my countryside home I got a TV and I leave all my consoles here, because anyway I don't have time to be gaming around during the semesters (sadly, and this builds up to a huuuuge need to game after a prolonged period of no games!!). I am not much of a PC gamer either, I just sometimes emulate some GBA/DS games or have Undertale and fanmade game from different fandoms, but my laptop is not made for gaming, it'll surely pass out before I enter any player name
    The thing that I'm missing is the thing that you're missing, bud, the thing that differentiates them lol otherwise I know they stand for the same thing. Well then, after hearing ya out, I can only say bare with the boring stuff as best as you can, I know boredom kills me kinda literally. Glad to hear you had a good high school time, gotta say I loved my art high school years as well, they were beautiful, just the places I lived in rent in were ... terrifying sometimes :'D
    Yes, I meant your major. Different terminology becomes frustrating when switching from one language to another, sorry, the Brits use other terms, my people use other terms, Germans use yet other terms and I don't know how the college thing really works in America. I know of the "university" systems, but I have no clue how "college" exactly goes :<
    Biology sounds beautiful! Well, at least to curious me. I hope it will be a good experience to go through it. And welcome to higher education, where you learn things on your own unless you want to get your ass kicked! lol
    There are mixed opinions about which years are better, high school or college. Around my place, people say high school are the best years in life. But I honestly feel like university years are far more beautiful after you get past the new things and get the hang of it. Well, to be honest, university years are the best when you get lucky to meet the right people and have the right atmosphere around you. See, I'm 3rd year Art uni and the atmosphere was rather toxic, but because of my second uni (Philosophy, now 2nd year), my view changed and I got a taste of the sweet experience of student life with nice people who can also use their brains and go out. It all depends on different things, just don't be quick to judge, you never know who you'll run into next! (to quote the KH1 quote, if I remember right)
    Waaa so my nomination was accepted! I'm so glad x3
    You deserve it, buddy~ nice to have ya around, and don't worry about inactivity, telling you this as the person who kinda just disappeared for a year from this place but eventually came back when the times were sunnier ^^;;
    I'm fine, I played so much AC, FFXV, 2.8 and Undertale in the past weeks, this was the best summer I could get in years lol until uni starts and I have to get on the work, but I'm looking forward to that :']
    I assume from your choice of words that you just started college, is that so? What study profile did you choose? :'D and yes, knowing you went through the completionist challenges for the KH games already that sure is a sign of strong determination!
    I posted on--
    Will I ever get it right with the visitor messages?????? seriously two years on the forums isn't enough to ultimately avoid this mistake??? OTL

    That was such a beautiful story to read, to know that stuff like that still happen - rarely but they do happen - in real-life gives me a bit of hope that maybe I'll do the same somehow, somewhere, sometime. Or should I say "it fills me with determination" lol thanks for telling me this, I can only imagine how nice that experience was
    I'm such a lone gamer what the heck T w T
    because of my late reply I didn't get to congratulate you on here first, but I left a reply in the said thread, darn that's sweet !
    You're welcome, I'm sad that I can't play on the PSP anymore, I tried fixing the thing, it was a pseudo-surgery that hoped to bring back to life something deader than dead, I still keep all the parts and the main body and the charger, I don't have the heart to throw it away... and besides, who knows, maybe someday I'll be an expert console doctor of some sort so yeah lol
    Ugh, BBS on the phone? How is that even possible??
    I understand your wish perfectly well and would love to experience this too, I had no friends with the game so I can only guess how that is like. But unfortunately I couln't fix my analog stick back then and my PSP is broken and dead inside T ^ T I want to buy another PSP someday but that day won't come too soon, gotta focus on my studies. If I ever get a new PSP and re-do BBS, then I will message you about it, even if it'll be in two years lol
    Also I am not sure how it works, if me from Europe/Romania could actually access it and connect with you :/ but I see no reason why I wouldn't be able to do so
    Oh you can call me Grey of DGH or whatever, there are some users who know my real name too but in general around here I'm still called DarkGrey or Grey *shrugs*
    I live in Romania, that's in Europe, a kinda central-east position, with little connection to the sea and all surrounded by dry hot hills and fields, with a mountain chain crossing the entire countey surface like a cold snake - from this description alone one would expect a rather dry continental climate, with very hot and generally dry summers and sometimes fiercely cold winters, the nicest times being the rainy springs and autumns. Temperatures right now are uncomfortable as hell, around and over 40°C, which combined with the dry air gives you terrible headaches and discomfort. How come you asked? I like receiving interesting questions nonetheless u v u
    True that the remixes made the battles easier, critical level 1 on the psp took an eternity, especially the Mirage Arena. That was nearly impossible, and I rage quit at the last Iron Imprisoner after an infinite number of tries
    Stay strong, bro! I have a friend that got brothers and he was always the one who took the blame for everything and needed to find a way to smile through all of it and still be a good person. Darn girls need to chill regarding relationships, ugh, I'm surrounded by that type of girls a lot :[
    It's fine, I don't mind people telling me stuff like these, it's a free conversation after all
    Holy shit, you beat Mysterious Figure on second try??? with Terra's terrible dodge and block??? I shed a happy tear hearing this, man that battle is INTENSE
    the irony hits you every time when you spend more time to beat a mini-game than the hardest battles. Ice Cream Beat took me so freakin much on the PSP years ago but in the end it worked out as I was really punching each button on time in despair lol
    I wouldn't know how to relate as I am an only-child. Is she a little sis?
    Oh, I see instead of replying in this conversation you replied on your own profile, I had the same problem when I joined the forums, I forgot to click on a visitor message's View Conversation button to get me to the conversation page and instead kept posting stuff on my own page and the other person didn't receive the reply ; w ; At first it was a bit frustrating, then I got the hang of it. You'll get the hang of it too
    Glad to hear thing are fine, me too, enoying summer vacation, abusing the Photography skill in FFXV, trying to draw a bit every now and then... or should I say every pause xD
    how are your playthroughs going? u3u
    Yeah, I can be pretty fast in responses, either that or I just have impeccable timing. I'm doing pretty good, things are nice and peaceful over here on the east coast, nothing out of the ordinary. And no, I don't have a past account, that and I'm not exactly a social butterfly, but who is these days?
    How are you doing Grey?
    you're fast! jeez lol
    No visitor messages around here, huh? Well mine's gotta start 'em.
    How're ya doing? Things fine around the forums? you indeed are a pretty new member, unless you had a past account
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