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  • >.< Ah, Thank you, yup when i first found one appear on the map, i had a look on my face telling me, i had to get this picture with me with it. lol
    Ah thank you lol, i have my avatar in the picture as well to show the duo's compatibility, it's my little gift bag buddy and we give presents to all the good children and eat their cookies, hehe. :)
    You're welcome! And just to make sure, can I participate via Facebook and Twitter as well in addition to the forums?
    Thank you so very, very much! This will slightly even the playing field for those outside NA. :D
    Is the use of proxy allowed? Let's say I have a relative in NA, can I also participate and, if my entry is selected, have the poster delivered to him or her instead?
    Nooo~ for NA only? I really covet that poster! This could have been my only chance of getting it. T_T

    I understand though, haha. Shipping overseas can be quite complicated and dang expensive.
    Okay! Thanks Sign.

    I was wondering if, it'd be easier on both of you, if I made the article myself? Since you're both busy. I don't want to give anyone more work to do. C: I gotta go eat dinner, but I'll ask Ethy, when I get done. Or if you're okay with me doing it and showing the results later?
    More players added! It'd be great if you could help update the table. :D

    - Taochan / Katie / 3866-9177-4115 / Electric / Pikachu / Pachirisu / ???
    - Ulti / Ulti / 4811-7490-4699 / Steel / Mawile / Skarmory / ???
    - Kingroxas / Runican / 1676-4471-9973 / Normal / Aipom / Audino / ???

    Oh, and could you please change Flanix and Gram in the table into Solosis and Anagram, respectively? Thanks!
    That's alright, really, haha. If anything, it saves me the trouble of having to trade a Phantump and back to have Trevenant registered in the Pokedex. :D
    That's alright. Thanks for your help! And the Phantump evolved into Trevenant. XD
    Hey Sign, looks like either my Internet or 3DS has stopped being a jerk and I can go online now, thank goodness. You up for a trade?
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