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  • Thank you so so much Sound. I don't know what I'd do without you guys' help. But at least I can focus on my work more. Maybe I ought to quit Chi for a while as I am running out of time... And send my regards to the guys in Chi, please. I don't think this internet problem will light up any moment soon. Still, take care.
    Yeah? Quite an... adventurous day, was it? And how bizarre is bizarre? Haha~
    No problem! Let me know if you ever need anything, and thanks for the friend invite!
    There you go!

    Oh, before I forget! You won't be able to edit the post now otherwise you'll have to return to the 10 image limit. If you want to change something, just make a new post and I'll apply the changes with another merge :)

    Quick question: for your Egg Stealer location thread, would you like all your images compiled into one post? It's not possible for regular members, but we can cheat the system if they're merged together.
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