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  • I just play FF7 Crisis Core and i love Sephy so much xD
    For Final Fantasy, i just watch Advent Children and play crisis core only.
    You know, sometimes busy in studying. Hardly got a time to play games~ lol
    For Kingdom Hearts, sometimes i was just keep playing but no clue in what the story is about..lol
    I forget KH stuff easily..Maybe i'm old lol
    For Final Fantasy series, i just fancy FF7 xD
    By judging your name , i think you also like FF7 more?
    I'm trying to give you an award but there is some errors >.>
    Maybe i'm not qualified? lol
    I've noticed that it's difficult lol.....and yes. I have three summons now; don't really use them that much though
    It did. But I quit after two rounds and went on to the new land. Just got off of the ship at the beach and talked to Hojo. This game better make sense soon....I'm so confused! >.<
    Btw, thought I should tell you I got Yuffie. Had to battle her twice though.....I followed your instructions to the letter but you didn't tell me what to say the last time! I clicked "ask her name" and she ran off after stealing my money! How was I supposed to know i was supposed to click "Leave" lol
    Is the Zolom that giant snake creature that destroyed me three times in front of the Mines? Idk.....but ok. Just wondered if the Condor place was worth it :/
    Ah......I have Enemy Skill and Steal, theyre on Tifa. She's only learnt "Matra Magic" and thats it. I have found a bird but ok....and I MIGHT have one from Red XIII but idk because I don't bother with him. I don't like his attack patterns. Is Condor Mountain really worth going up and all this trouble?
    That round WAS cakewalk.
    With Sora's stats being 100 all XD;;;

    xD; correct.
    I never really noticed the motif but you're right, Hades does seem to like using FF cameos O: and with both Zack and Cloud being there the chance of the CC cast entering the scene might not be all that farfetched.
    Maybe that's why you'll need a fully party? Sort of like the coliseum battles against lots of FF characters - maybe KH Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal team up or something?
    Gods I need to play CC.

    Well, it IS Dive to the Heart, who knows what might happen there xD;
    And I'm fine. Typing in a fic :X
    I think that if anyone'll do anything, it's Sephiroth. Especially since they basically opened up another story angle for that with Zack in BBS who wanted to become a hero like Sephiroth (Nomura confirmation it's Seph we're talking about). Will also tie in nicely if you get Aqua as a playable character again or hell, he might even try and help or something as a party member himself
    ........................................... -.- That might work....as for the 'all' I have two. One for Tifa and one for Aeris/Aerith. But only one of them is level two. Why is it so hard to level materia up?!
    After he whines, it just sends me back to the menu, I've clicked "Ready" a few times but he just keep whining. As for the 'all' materia, i dont think i can do that.....my 'all' is only level 2 TT_TT
    As for the battle, it gives me "Wait" "Okay, Ready" "Contribute gil" "About funding" "Let them handle it on their own" "Other". I try "Okay Ready" and he says "Were a little short on money, could at least give 4000 when ive given over 5000.
    As for Yuffie, can I find her again? I opened the menu and she ran before, so that explains it, but can I find her again?
    I'm not sure the first Final Mix's Sephiroth was all that canon. Sora didn't seem to know the guy in KH2, after all.
    8D~~~ 's fun!

    And not really. I believe Nomura phrased it that Tiffa's not really a person, as she is the Light in Cloud's Heart - literally.
    It also makes me think back to Lycoris's claim about "Kairi being Sora's Light" - because she's a PoH. Even more complications stem from Aqua's spell and Ven being in Sora.
    Nice twist on it all.
    Oh that was terrible x_X

    THEY TOUCHED H- *shot*

    Let's go with that.
    Though now it partially makes me wonder about Kairi being Sora's "Light".
    I KNEW SHE WASN'T A PERSON *Shakes fist* *coughs*
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