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  • Well I got to condor mountain and am confused....i got them up to like 24 000 gil and they won't let me fight...then i clicked "let them handle it" until they ran out of money and am confused. When i click "Okay, ready" he asks me to contribute at least 4000 more, what do I do? And while training in the woods i ran into Yuffie and beat her, where'd she go? Am I supposed to do something with her?
    Pedo-Van, PEDO-VAN! :D

    No. Ven and Van ARE pures, because they're pieces of the whole - again, with how I see it with them still not being really two Hearts. Ven is Vanitas's Light, and Vanitas is Ven's Darkness. Like Sephiroth and Cloud and Tiffa xD;
    And I think Aqua and MX's vision of Ven would be "Pure" enough.
    Otherwise, MX would've had no reason to go after the PoHs. It really did seem like Aqua was "good enough". And he didn't rip the Darkness out of Ven until he saw he failed - meaning he was ready to accept Ven even with that tiny bit of Light he might've kept.
    The pieces of a Heart would seem to work just as well, imo. Unless... Vanitas also got someone "helping" him. Lol if when MX came to DI to leave Ven, Vanitas came in contact with Riku THEN. Seeing how the boy was still young, and filled with Light, Vanitas could use him. Ven would have Sora keeping him whole, but Van wouldn't NEED him any more.

    As for Aqua it was never said MX was planning on purging her Darkness from her. He wasn't planning on doing so with Ven, either. Just that in a similar manner to how MX wanted the Darkness to take over Ven (more like KH1 Riku and end-game Terra though for different reasons), Aqua's Light will be overcome with Light. She'd have Darkness, just like Ven'd still have Light, but the amounts would be minimal to non-existent. MX called it as such in his reports - Eraqus and his Light Absolutes.
    I'm not so sure that Vanitas really had his own Heart, again, especially since the explanation of WHERE that Heart came from would be too messy. And then how Sora and Ven managed to exist in two different places while effectively being a Heart and a half or something. It's just far too icky.
    Way I see it, you need pure Light and pure Darkness of equal strengths. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Riku somehow tried forging the X-Blade on his lonesome, seeing how he holds both Light and Darkness in rather equal amounts. If Ven could do it, perhaps by manipulating his own Heart, Riku could do.
    I'm really not ruling this out.

    As for Van eating Ven... I think it shows more that they were still one and the same Heart. MX just forced the Darkness out. Them wanting to use Aqua as substitute already shows that they didn't really need "Pure"s. So maybe MX was trying to do what I see in my scenario - use one Heart. Just the two sides of it. The point was though that Van was absorbing Ven and thus, would've became a "whole" Heart - but instead, because of Sora, the two balanced with Ven getting "backup" so they could fight again.
    I'm not so sure. He was eating Ven up in a whole new level. The floor in Ven's Station was chewed out. Also, MX said something about Vanitas's Keyblade not being his own, indicating more a sharing of power and being and essence a-la Sora and Roxas (in Heart and Nobody terms) than someone who has his own Heart.
    Say, if Nobodies are senses of Self imprinted on the vessel in the Heart's absence, this IS, in fact, part of Ven's Self - who, much like a Heartless, was given physical form through the Darkness.

    's how I see it.

    Now I really wanna see that possible scene with chibiKu ;w;
    That's basically how I see it, too. Which also reminds me again of Xion, as far as blank-faces go.
    Lol I'm not sure if Van's a replica or a Nobody or what not XD

    Or alternatively, he'd have played on the "Sora from the future" card xD;;; bahaha
    He wouldn't really have to go the distance, really, depending on when he began looking like Sora. The scene at the start of the game in LoD where we see Vanitas has his helmet off but we don't get to see his face implies his face was already a "spoiler". So let's assume for the time being that Vanitas already looked like Sora when we entered BBS.
    A young Riku, after being Wielder-fied by Terra and meeting Aqua who told Sora to take care of Riku, meets an older looking, golden eyed Sora. I can only imagine hilarity would ensue.
    And Riku was a child at the time. Nomura already said that Riku could be keeping quiet about the whole event - even if something DID happen between the two of them, he might just never have mentioned anything. Hell, he might've WANTED to wear the same Darkness suit as Vanitas did in KH1, and that's part of why it materialized in such a fashion.

    So yeah. Vanitas, by definition, would be able to get to him.

    That really depends on whether or not Vanitas CAN change that, mind.
    Yes. Yes, it will certainly mean that.

    I really don't think Ven could mistake Sora for Vanitas. Maybe for a split second but not more.
    What interests me more is Riku-Vanitas interaction. Both what most likely happened, and what will come to pass
    I wouldn't quite say that Vanitas retreated into Riku. I do truly think he merged into Ven. It's just that he somehow formed a bond with Riku - possibly by using what little Darkness the boy did have in him. I'm starting to lean more and more towards Grass's theory that the reason Vanitas was on DI when Terra threw Ven there was to create yet another backup - they kept making sure they'd have Light replacements - maybe it was time to find some Darkness ones too? Or at least some way for Vanitas to continue influencing should something happen to him.
    However, as Vanitas and Riku would be bound and Vanitas would be bound to Ven who'd be bound to Sora (ugh)... you have the long train of bonds leading from Riku to Sora. And as Van and Ven are "gone" and are at least inside Sora if not, truly, inside Riku as well, that tightens the bond. I also wouldn't really be surprised if Xion's black hair really is relating to Vanitas - in which case it once again adds up with her getting a face when Riku reached Castle Oblivion - it shows her relation to him.

    @w@; <3

    I think that it's obvious Nomra'd Nomura us. xD;;;
    I met my friend her in Florida. She moved about a year ago...sings some wonderful German folk songs....

    Yeah, it's my computer but five people want to use it and theyre very illogical, but I get on when i can. I mostly just read theories and greet the new people. Glad to hear you're working hard though and that you're getting a break. Spend that time wisely: I'm gonna try to beat FF VII, games kicking my @$$. Still love Legend of Dragoon though ^_^
    Well, Xion was only able to feed off of Sora's Memories because way I see it, Xemnas sampled Sora's Memories in their fight in the first Final Mix. The novels pretty much confirm this. My theory states that Xemnas was collecting Memories from all around that place, much like the devices Xion used in her final boss fight. That place had Memories of Sora, of Kairi playing an important plot role, and - gasp - of Riku Wielding. I do believe he sampled those Memories as well, and then Sora showed up - giving him a much more convenient source to sample Memories of.
    Then we also actually have Repliku. I wouldn't write it past Vexen to have not only given Repliku the data he snatched away from Riku, though I admit the "how" in this is rather tricky. But again - I'm not ruling it out.

    And as for the Sora-Riku bond... I wouldn't say we should rule out it being the Ven-factor in play here again, depending on the nature of the Riku-Vanitas relation.
    But right now I'm satisfied with saying Xion was a Replica made to wield a Keyblade - whose Memories she used for that end matter little.
    I wrote a really long theory about why she's basically a Sora-Riku hybrid Replica '-' if you'd like to read, I'll dig it up.

    It's a good term xD;
    Ah so you're in Germany? I have a friend from there. Home office? Doesn't sound very fun XD. But I've never been on KH wiki; found any site with "wiki" on it to be a little unreliable lol. As for me, I'm only on KHI from 1-1:45 because I get on in my computer class at school since my family hates to share my computer lol. You've been posting a lot more lately though I thought maybe you'd be getting more time lol
    A "Nomura" XD;;;;

    Some say Repliku did eat up Riku's Memories, and that was why his Memory worlds were so empty. I relate it more to him not having Namine to create the Memory cards, and think Diz used either those cards themselves or replicas of them. As these would essentially be Sora's Memories, Riku wouldn't have much to relate to in them, and the ownership disonance itself would explain the emptiness - aside, of course, from the people the both of them met and related to Riku's Darkness, being the villains.
    Either that, or I'd sooner relate his Memories disappearing to Xion as well. Repliku only had Riku's Memories because Namine copied them into him and she admitted later to not having messed with them when Riku refused to go to sleep. Seeing how Repliku at least seems to work in a slightly different manner from Xion, I think if they really did go missing, Xion ate them up too.
    The day she revealed her face was, after all, the very same day Riku showed up in Castle Oblivion. That's a Nomura if ever I saw one.
    Sora didn't know Namine was never his friend. I intentionally said it like that because that's the order of events as Sora perceived it. It's not until later that he found out the truth, bu that doesn't change the fact his behavior adds up nicely.
    And yes. CoM is basically the plot of the series as we know it. Part of why I like to say that Xion just might be the new Namine with the Memory issue - to show how much plot importance she most likely holds.
    I'd sooner go with this. It's also well established in the game itself.
    3, nah. I give the girl credit when it's due. I just don't think it's due often.
    And it's certainly not 4. I don't like the shipping.

    I personally consider CoM to be a result of it too. Right after locking Riku behind the DtD, he discovers a childhood friend he forgot. Cue paranoia and obsession.
    I'm playing KH mostly for the characters since the plot's ridiculous xD;;;

    :C Hey, I rather happen to enjoy those "pitiful" character warns and hate rants.
    Where do you think my thousands of posts come from, theories? XD;;;

    My point was that Ven seemed to put up with the physical contact until Aqua took part in it xD;;;

    Sora's clingy... as a result of KH1 XD;;; if KH2 is anything to go by, he was pretty damn traumatized owo;;; </3

    Nah, Mickey'd try to understand what was going on. Goofy I agree will be happy and Donald'll die xD;
    I think there's a difference between plot and characters. I mean, is there really any harm in fans speculating about where Sora's crown necklace came from?
    Now, speculating about Xehanort's origins, for instance, would be quite hazardous, though even that's allowed until the games give a clear explanation on which future plot is to be established.

    She actually caressed his cheek. And he was disgruntled all around but let Terra hair put his hand on his shoulder. Cue Aqua and Ven pushed them both away XD;;;
    I find such circumstances to be amusing.

    I never got the FMs either, but I looked the added scenes up.
    Such an adorable SoRiku scene, that one was ;w; <3
    Sora is also clingy, it's just that he's clingy to "closer existences". Riku, despite being a sort of an idol, was his best friend since they were both toddlers. There's a bit less idolization than with Terra and Ven, who also "suffer" from meeting late into their lives. And of course trio-wise there's the fact Terra and Aqua are protective of Ven, while both Sora and Riku have to keep Kairi from getting killed.

    When Sora finds out...
    Sora: I have another life inside of me *holds his lower stomach and looks at it fondly*
    Riku: ...................... *mind breaks*
    Kairi: ...that's... not quite... ho- *mind breaks too*
    The bigger question would be WHY and precisely WHEN Riku gave him the necklace.
    My scenario *Nomura voice* was that they got into an argument, most likely about Kairi and how Sora brought her into their secret place. Then to show he wanted to make up, Riku gave Sora the necklace in some weird display of friendship (lol collar much).

    I liked it when Terra did it to Ven, but when Aqua did, it seemed like Ven disapproved xD;;;

    Sora I think... got a noogie from Riku in the first final mix flashbacks. If that counts.
    But no. He wasn't hair ruffled mostly because he didn't have "older sibling" characters.
    In a sense, he too is an "older sibling" to Ven seeing how much Ven relies on him, ironically.
    DX I wish I hadn't asked now....i just started playing FF VII....though I kinda assumed he's the final boss :/
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