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  • I don't think shippuden has told a very good story, admittedly. I tho l Naruto lost its focus a long time ago, personally.

    Haha, I guess you could say that.
    I'm not a fan anymore, persay. Back when I was in middle school I adored it but now I kinda just keep up with it for the sake of following through, you know?

    Thanks! I've been around for a while I giess
    No problem! I'm trying to do more for the community now that I'm admin, so just let me know if you need anything. <3
    Dude, i cant find you by email, just add me on fb i'm lazaro perez.
    So now that i'm back for the first time in months, you are the one who is gone?!
    If you go to the xionxriku fan-club in forum insanity you can find a link to it. As for who exactly did it i'm not all to sure
    HI! :D :D :D

    XD XD XD XD I love my old name, and I intend to change it back after I get bored of this name (which probably won't be for a very long time.) And I didn't change it, persay. Lol.
    It was time for me to move on, been almost 2 years in here now. I'll see u around on fb, bro.
    I know, right? I guess I just got really busy with college and learning how to play guitar. I haven't played any games in months, KHI just doesn't seem that important to me anymore. I'll add u on fb if u have one though.
    He's a cheating critter, that guy.
    I almost always manage to bring him down to half health, I actually learned how to dodge his magnet-rope and the tornado 9 out of 10 times and I lol at his sword combos, ideal for renewal block and counter hammer.
    It's mainly those stupid laser-orbs that bother me...I think Aqua will have no problems with them due to her barrier, but Terra...
    It turns really nasty when he turns invisible, as that's mostly where I then fail.
    He starts throwing out up to three attacks at once, i.e. engulfing himself in fire, laser-orbs and Meteor at once, or shooting out a Mega Flare, creating clones and shooting his x-attack nearly right after one another.

    Indeed, indeed. I'm going to save up for a 3DS, so I can play Days, Re: Coded and 3D.
    Yet still I'm also interested in Dissidia Duodecim...I need money, lol.
    Very well then...and since it's already a bit older it shouldn't cost that much anymore.
    Everything's just going smoothly since new year started, all healthly and I got a job starting in March...;)

    Forum-like I'm quite busy making theories and the like, speculating like crazy, lol.
    Game-wise I started the second playthrough of BBS after beating Final Episode, playing Terra again and going against the secret bosses.
    Vanitas's Remnant is already history, after 7 to 8 tries I memorized how he "functions" and let him kick the bucket.
    Yet Mysterious Figure is another story...still can't beat him and after I lost like 50 times or what I switched BBS out for Dissidia, smashing everyone to bits with Sephiroth *ggg*.
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