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    I can relate T_T;

    I really do believe that's where he got the necklace from, mind o3o it just adds up with the Oathkeeper-Oblivion comparison.
    And I'm a sucker for BFFness and gifts T_T;;; oh and hair ruffles o3o
    Happy b-day O: and have fun~

    Tee hee -^____________________^- people are reading my stuff <3
    Looks like you learned how to travel incognito as well ;3
    Glad you liked my fics :"3
    And here I was innocently stumbling by your page, to see you creating a PM for me ;3
    I just wanted you to know that your fic's open in my home computer, as is the forming reply to it. I just didn't get to finish it before leaving for work this morning and am currently in class. So don't think I'm neglecting you ;A;
    Oh, I think he might've said something to that effect.

    And sure, so long as there aren't Re:Coded spoilers and the likes.
    Refresh my memory?

    x_X Yeah, I used to update like once in a couple of months. I feel bad for the occasional reader who still has hope.

    These are always the funnest XD :D
    That would be a rather interesting development and not something completely unbased. She did seem quite distressed when Saix told her she was being held hostage for them to get at Sora, so we'd get insight (if done properly, of course...) at least about her feelings for Sora, most likely, if not also a mixture of the reality issue, once she realizes she's putting SO MANY people in danger.

    I stopped writing long fics years ago. I just ended up giving up. I guess plot stuff aren't my forte. xD;
    Ironically, I find that to be one of the only paths Kairi may traverse that will be the most "original".
    Give her a Keyblade? Wonderful. You are now officially the second Kairi to get one, third if you count Aqua as a Kairi lookalike which I overall do (and Xion both actually had a Keyblade, albeit a fake one, and chronologically had it before Kairi ever managed to hold Destiny's Embrace).
    Make her be Blinded by the Light? Amazing. You have the Light version of KH1-Riku and an extension of Aqua and Eraqus only going that extra mile and attacking not only your pupils and friends but the entire universe.
    That leaves her to learn how to use the Light (preferably without a Keyblade), or - be the passive DiD again.
    Most everything else was already done; this is the only thing that can be truly traced back to Kairi alone.

    Er... that depends. It's a chaptered thingie, right? It's likely to flesh out as you go along.

    On a side note, I enjoy our conversations ridiculously~ :3
    Judging by KH2, it's setting her up to get kidnapped again. At least this time her reasons for being kidnapped will most likely be better than they were in that horrid installment...

    Roger that. I'm on-and-off too about those times xD;;;
    Mary Sue.

    Yep. Though it's not that hard since I write mostly character-oriented fics so plot isn't something I need to bother with all that much.

    Yet another reason why I enjoy shipping Rion all that much - not only do they have that month they "eloped" together, Riku doesn't remember a thing about it! XD I can do basically whatever the hell I want!

    True. but at this point I'll be satisfied with someone just talking to her and setting her straight since she's far too detached from reality to me.
    True that, but thankfully, the closest to "perfect" I find in the series is Xion, and even then the girl has some odd quirks to her. X3

    And you need to kind of start spoiler marking stuff in your messages o_O xD;

    I do that but in my pet-fics. Nothing I actually post xD;

    I admit that as a fangirl, I tend to abuse such displays of affection. But as I like to put it, part of why I, for instance, ship SoRiku like there's no tomorrow - the FRIENDSHIP is there in abundance. I just say it's not friendship xD;;;

    >3>;;; fics.

    I want Xion slapping Kairi xD;;; sort of like a wake-up call o3o
    True that, though I'm the kind that needs the character to get over their flaws for me to really like them. It's the redemption I'm after. Hence why I'm SUCH a sucker for Sora and Riku @A@ they're both stupid kids who messed up and are doing their darndest hardest to fix it.

    Hence why Terra's is the scenario and story I like best, and he's consequentially my favorite member of TAV. My disappointment stems more from Aqua, which as I said before - failed to convince me she had a good reason to accuse Terra of anything. Now, had she, like, heard Terra threatened Snow White? That would make that two instances along with what Maleficent told her, thus making it from a coincidence into a pattern. But no.

    Mmhm. The part that brought me closest to crying (that didn't involve Sora and Riku) was at the end of Terra's scenario when inside the Lingering Sentiment, he promised Aqua and Ven he'd set things right ;A;
    Terra. I rav you <3 ;A;

    That's Xion xD; and I'm not sure if I'm mainly a Rion shipper. My otp first and foremost is actually Riku/Sora >A> bwaha, they'll never take THAT away from me, unlike Rion and SoNami where Xion and Namine disappeared >A<

    I find that most males don't tend to hate-fests and even less ship-wars. So.
    Though there are exceptions.

    xD;;; may I interest you in- *shot*

    That's a good interpretation. It reminds me of my chemistry teacher who'd give us random examples of displays of homosexuality from animals.
    Take THAT, people who say it isn't natural!

    I find that it gives me many a ranting opportunity. Though it is sad that most of her importance comes from other people running around with her face.
    I don't think it's that negative, just that I don't think most characters are that perfect, flawless people. They break, crash and burn, and that's fine.

    I actually think it was guilt and grief talking. We know what Terra's been through; we KNOW he wasn't in the wrong. What would watching over him have caused when part of the irony of his story is that he didn't need to be watched - until he WAS, in fact, being watched?

    I think we all would've liked that. But alas, poor Terra was too shaken to do so.

    8D;;; I somehow end up being friends with lots of people like you lately. And yet, I'm a complete troll.
    Well... my avatar says it all, I suppose xD;;;

    I'm not so sure. This IS a Kairi scene we're talking about. The most we've had of Kairi so far was Namine and Xion talking about Sora's Memories of Kairi while the boy himself went and contradicted it. So I don't think it's so much KH2's fault as much as it is their treatment of Kairi xD;;;
    No hate; just calling it as I see it and while I do hate Kairi, them neglecting her like they do actually makes me feel sorry for the girl.
    That's actually part of what I see in the other way around. It reached a boiling point.

    We haven't seen the last of Vanitas because of his established ties to Sora and his highly likely ties to Riku. Though to be nitpicky, Xion seems to be overall pretty popular despite the intense hate and Nomura himself is rather fond of her, but he went as far as to say bringing her back will be tricky. So iono how MUCH we'll see of him.

    Evil, Blinded-by-the-Light Kairi for the win. *waves banners and flags*

    No, that was in the regular version too. But that was ALL that we got to see. How about dealing with the fact her childhood friend now looks like the pedo who tried to kill her? What the deuce happened to Namine who disappeared in between here and later? Show us Riku's attitude since the last I've seen of him, his attitude towards Kairi was "she's the girl my best friend seems to like" and little more, yet now she managed to keep him from running away?
    Pfft. Thanks, KH2. Thanks a lot.
    I can't really say Ven was in control of himself. I mean, Braig just fought with Aqua and now Vanitas had her unconscious and about to kill her. I didn't sense much self control out of him.

    xD yes. He's basically a concept at this point. And I can live with this, I just think he was wasted.

    And even then, they went out of their way to have the one scene I wanted to see, being their reunion especially in light of Riku being Rikunort, be off-screen >_>;;;

    I can imagine. As I said before - I never used that feature.
    How it went:
    Bad reunion. Ven called her awful and took off. Cue Vanitas. Cue Ven coming back and wanting to go with Aqua. Cue Aqua getting her period and being all pissy before storming off.

    If she'd have wanted to, but Ven would've actively ran away. That would've been better, not her being stupid and just leaving him there xD;

    But she asociated it with Darkness. I don't mind her trying to stop him, so much as her hypocrisy. Both her and Ven were ready to open both Vanitas and Braig a new one, but noooo, only when Terra feels it, it's Darkness.

    That's true about Kairi either way, Wieldering or not. :\

    Vanitas came and trolled the universe. He's not even an actual character for me. But when Kairi showed up, we got to see a bit of what she felt about both Sora and Riku (she freaking rolled her eyes at Riku. >_>;;; ), the raft comment which despite being of arguable nature, does imply about a certain nature, and other such comments she made. She's not a complete and utter characterless plot device, we do get to see her. And we get to see enough of the same thing over time for me to think there's a pattern there - yes, she's Sora obssessed, no, she doesn't care too much about Riku. Underdeveloped? Unexplained? Yes. But those are things one can understand from what was shown.

    I personally like it better than Hebrew. Though I started learning it at the age of 3 so it's not that amazing I'm somewhat better and more fluent at it than my real "native" tongue.

    Fanfiction.net has a rather extensive beta reading service. I never used it before, but it looks like a good place to start.
    Then again, without CoM we wouldn't have that much plot to work with. BBS would feel even more detached than it does now, seeing how CoM gave it quite a bit to latch onto, as did the games that based off of CoM.

    I actually understand why Aqua was snappy at Ven. It was some really distorted concern, seeing what she just experienced with Vanitas. Though to be nitpicky, telling a kid who just ran away from home to go home and leave him there seems to be pretty damn idiotic of her.
    I also wouldn't have been that disappointed with what she did to Terra but again - I just didn't see why she should doubt him as much as she did.

    I actually disliked that. She was still so blind, so head-strong... every last bit of development or insight she should've gotten were thrown out the window. No, you idiot, Light isn't all good and powerful. The fairy godmother told you that ten worlds ago.

    She sees him once during the MoM and then at the Keyblade Graveyard. But even then she fights more with other people. So no.

    I'm... not so sure I agree. But then again Aqua does have going for her I was disappointed with BBS as a whole so I still give her a tiny bit benefit of the doubt. Unlike, say, Kairi, that while I do have complaints about how she's handled, I find that they fleshed out her character enough - just in a negative way. :\

    Yeah, it'll be backwards compatible. Part of why you can turn off the 3D abilities - to make the older games work. I bought my DS like, what, two years ago? So I don't mind all that much that a newer model's out. Especially seeing how I'm into pokemon - it means I can trade with myself XD;;;

    The only KH game I ever owned is BBS and I intend on selling that one too. I'm a cheap pirate 8D;;; I do buy the console though since, well... no emulator can live up to the consoles nowadays. The PSX was the last one that worked somewhat decently on my pc :c
    It's 21:15 here now.

    I enjoyed them quite a bit in both CoM/Re:CoM, as well as in Days. In CoM it had a foreshadowing and foretelling of Sora and Namine's story basically in its entirety. Oogie Boogie fearing his "True Memories" as a warning? Pinnochio and Geppeto not minding being trapped so long as they're together, displaying Sora's feelings? Peter Pan and Wendy, wanting to stay in the dream despite preferring reality, all the while with their relationship hanging in the balance? And the Beast's desperate attempts to reach Belle, only to have her turn him down for his own good.
    As for Days, I think it really did help Roxas flesh out some as a character as well as grow up, and gave us a nice setting for his interaction with the other Organization members - which is basically what everyone were so hyped up for in this game, only as what seemed natural to me - we got it with noticably less plot impact since lo and behold, KH is Sora's story and the Org has little to do with Sora in the long run like that. So.

    Nomura's also to blame for the Mirage Arena so I'm going with him.

    I'm not that sure. I personally consider Aqua to have played quite a big role in Terra's descent into Darkness, seeing what happened in Radiant Garden. Granted, that gives her importance, but with how things were constructed before it? When all she had was Maleficent's words, making her disregard years of being with Terra? Years that we're told were peaceful and quiet? With Terra questioning where the Darkness even came from to make me think that up to then, no, Terra wasn't really Darkness-infested so why the hell doubt him?
    Blechs. BLECHS. I really don't mind her role in Terra's descent but with how her story and her growth were portrayed I can't help but wanna slap her.

    I'll give you he's underused. He was so underused it was like he didn't play half as important a role in Ven's own scenario as I feel he should've. Instead, he kept popping up a lot more in Aqua's scenario, but even then it felt more like they ran out of excuses for mandatory boss fights since the girl lacked essance to such a degree than to serve any true purpose.

    That's why I said it was retcon, and I'll explain further - Riku wasn't supposed to be playable. So I kind of doubt that his limit technique with Sora was supposed to be something Ven used. But they forced it on Ven to make sense, thus retconning their Limit tech's origin. Same with Riku. It makes sense, sure, but it feels redundant and forced.
    I liked Riku and Sora a lot better when not everything they did or said was done and said by TAV before, and they did it BECAUSE of TAV.


    I didn't mind buying the PS2 because the series alone gave me 3 games for it, and I have a lot others.
    I didn't mind buying the DS because I had whole other series for it.
    Now the PSP... I did mind a bit and I mind even more seeing my disappointment in BBS. But I'm managing.
    I doubt I'll mind the 3DS because 1) OMFG SORA AND RIKU <3 2) got, like, again - a gazzilion other titles to play on it xD
    But the PS3 or any other major console? Thanks, but... nah-uh :x
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